Worshipping Deities on unwanted(unpure) Days?

We have heared and know very well that if we are going through unpure days then we are not allowed to worship or offer bhog. But what should one do if there is nobody else in the house to offer and worship deities in those days? Should we close the altar for those 5 days?


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  • Volunteer

    From what I have known and heard from devotees, it is advisable not to do any direct service to Lord other than our daily japa during such period. Try to get help of some one to cook and offer during such period if possible. if its not possible to arrange for some one to come and cook, then you can at least request some one to offer some fruits and do some minimal deity worship. If that is also not possible, then please beg forgiveness from Lord for not being able to serve him better and close the alter for 5 days.

    I read somewhere that we can even cook during such period and ask some one to offer it to Lord. But i have not personally not seen this in my home or any others.

    • Ok... Thanks you so much for the information...

      Can we read and touch "Gita" on those days?

      • Volunteer

        I know we do not read Srimad Bhagavatam on ausuda period. My mom is not a devotee but still she does not touch Srimad Bhagavatam when she has not taken bath. She says that when Lord departed to his eternal abode, Srimad Bhagavatam descended to earth. So there is no difference between Krishna and Bhagavatam. BG is no less than SB as it is what has been spoken by Lord himself.

        However, modern technology has given us so many ways and means to overcome such difficulty. You can read it online from veda base site or you can read a soft copy from your computer if you have veda base installed and hear to lectures too.

        • Volunteer

          dear Sudheendra Prabhu, please do not be soooooooooooooo so, beg You!

          To close Altar for 5 days???????????????????????????? :O only to chant and that is allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll???????????

          Death can reach us in any second!

          Deities are not ordinary dolllllllllllssssssssssssss in order to not feed Them for 5 DAYS.

          Your posts make me very angry, but i beg forgiveness from You.

          Even Srila Prabhupada TOLD that if at home there is no one to help then worship should not stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I am so angry for this point of Devotees with Hindu background. I was in the home of such like Devotees and they told that it is our rule. Then saw her daughter sitting in the side of the room, just sitting and do not moving here and there. One day, two days, three days ...SHE JUST SAT THERE AND MOVED ONLY FOR BASIC NEEDS. :O

          What it is? What if in those days one would left the body? She lost all 3 days.

          On the other hand she would be actively serving maybe menial services , chant, read.


          We think that one gets impure in those days then what to speak of our dirts in our mind? How many dirty things we have there? Do You think those dirts are better than this gross dirt???????????

          We watch TV and see all none sense do You think that it is better dirt than that gross dirt?

          We read newspapers and collect dirt do You think it is better than that?????????

          We criticize others mostly on our mind , do You think is purer than that?

          If girls do not engage themselves as usual service, (maybe some restrictions only concerning Temple Deities)  then they will be engaged with sense gratification and do You think it is better????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          Krishna says abandon all religions and just surrender to Me.

          He will protect from all the reactions.

          If our purpose is high which is please Krishna then we should not worry about the small reactions.




          it is very painful to loose 3 minutes what to speak of 3 days :( :( :(

          Your servant, :(((((( 

          • Hare Krishna Mataji! Pamho!! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

            I totally agree with u on this. I can not think of not serving my Deity even for 1 time what 2 say of 5 days. I may sound emotional but this rule i can not follow even if i hav to go to hell.

            Please forgive me for my offences.


            • Hare Krishna Bhkatin Mataji

              I can understand your feelings and love towards GOD.

              But the way many traditional Hindu girls are brought up, they are taught from childhood that we are not allowed to touch deities during impure days.

              It's just out of respect to GOD that we are not suppose to touch(do pooja) them.

              It's the same way mataji's and prabhuji's take bath for purity after going to daily stomach motions in bathrooms.

              I myself do not know if this rule is really valid but as of now I am following it. However I do cook and serve it mentally without touching deities.

              Any kind of scriptural evidences might help me to change my thoughts.

              If you know/have any scriptural evidences please upload , as that will help.

              Hare Krishna

              • Volunteer

                my humble obeisances dear Devotees,

                Dear Alka Mataji,  about rules of cleanliness we learn from Vaishnava etiquette. And we also know that after fulfilling nature's call one has to take full bath. After sleeping more than 2 hours one again to take bath....http://vaishnavaetiquette.com/

                or You can find Vaishnava etiquette e-book in the e-book section of this web site.

                And it is true that one should not touch Deities on those days. But if at home there is no one to serve to Them then we should act according to time, place and circumstances.

                Service is more important than our going to hell and committing some offenses. As Priya Mataji mentioned. And we choose the way which is pleasing to Krishna.

                He will be hungry and we have to feed Him.


                As fr example Lord Gouranga had a personal servant named Govinda das. He used to do massage to the Lord. Once after big Kirtan Lord became tired and fall asleep right in the door step.

                Govinda das's duty was to do his service but He could not over cross his Master. He did not know what to do.

                Over crossing a Devotee or any one else is great offense what to speak of over crossing Lord Himself.

                But he did that and started doing massage. After 2-3 hours Lord woke up and asked His servant of he took Prasadam since it was very late and he seemed very hungry.

                Govinda das told that no, because in order to take Prasadam i have to cross You over so i did not do that.

                Then Lord thought for a while and said then for doing massage for me You also crossed over me then why you did not do it for taking Prasadam also?

                Govinda das told that when i first time crossed You the intention was to serve to You and please You but if i would cross You for taking Prasadam myself then it would be not good.


                In this way Lord became very happy. And doing His this lila He wanted to show the glories of Govinda das.


                We have to use our intelligence and act accordingly.

                In this Kali yuga nothing is pure. For example, it says that if we touch something impure our whole body get impure. Then we touch people who eat meat on the way to home , to job, we touch money even at home, who knows how many people touched those money coupons....

                Because disease is terrible these days accordingly the medicine is also super powerful.


                It is good if Indian girls are thought to be clean....but let them also to be though to be really clean from within. Let them do not watch dirty movies, and fulfill their minds with dirt.

                It is far more better than just looking to the external dirt.

                Your servant,  

  • Haribol Bhaktin Maral mataji,


    I also have the same doubt .Can you please clarify for me also.

    Thanks  in advance .




    • Hari Bol


      I am also searching the answer of this qs .. Plz anyone answer this discussions.


      This is an earnest request from all our elderly devoteed mataji's.

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