Hare Krishna,

There are many verses in Bhagavatham 3rd Canto, which says woman is the form of Maya (SB 3.31.38). Doesn't these words kind of hurt a woman? How can they take it in the right perspective?

Also men have a very strong attraction for a woman. Even the great yogis will fall down if they do not practice sense control, what to speak of ordinary men. At the same time I feel women have greater chances of getting attracted to Krishna and developing bhakti towards Krishna, as it is natural for a woman to get attracted towards a handsome, powerful man. Whereas it is bit difficult for men to stop getting attracted towards women and get attracted to Krishna. Though a man knows all the truth. Isn't it true?

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  • In the Bhagavatham, certain verses may use symbolic language that can be challenging for some, but it's important to interpret them in a broader context. The verse you mentioned refers to the transient nature of material existence and not to devalue women. Both men and women have equal potential for devotion to Krishna. Attraction and sense control are important for everyone on the spiritual path. Developing a relationship with Krishna is a personal journey, open to all genders, and can be achieved through sincere devotion and practice.

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    Hare Krishna,

    It is important to understand that the statements about women in the Bhagavatam should not be taken as a criticism of women as a class. Just as woman is often the symbol of maya for a man, so attachment to men is also the main entanglement for a woman. The point being made is that attachment to anything other than Krishna can be a distraction from the spiritual path. Therefore, both men and women should strive to put Krishna in the center of their lives.

    Regarding your second question, it is true that men have a strong attraction towards women, and it can be difficult for them to control their senses. However, it is not impossible. By practicing Krishna consciousness, one can gradually develop detachment from material sense gratification and become attracted to Krishna. Similarly, women can also become attracted to Krishna by cultivating a mood of devotion and service to Him. In fact, there are many examples of great female devotees in the scriptures, such as the gopis of Vrindavan and Queen Kunti.

    Ultimately, the goal of Krishna consciousness is to develop a loving relationship with Krishna, regardless of one's gender or background. By following the teachings of the scriptures and the guidance of spiritual authorities, one can gradually purify their heart and develop a deep attraction for Krishna.


    "The infatuation and bondage that accrue to a man from attachment to any other object is not as complete as that resulting from an attachment to a woman or to the fellowship of men who are fond of women" (SB 3.31.35).

    "A woman, therefore, should consider her husband, her house, and her children to be the arrangement of the external energy of the Lord for her death, just as the sweet singing of the hunter is death for the deer" (SB 3.31.42).

    "In these instructions of Lord Kapiladeva, it is explained that not only is a woman the gateway to hell for a man, but a man is also the gateway to hell for a woman. It is a question of attachment" (SB 3.31.42, purport).

    "The women of Vrndavana who are on the level of superior guardians are attracted to Lord Krsna maternally. The men of Vrndavana are attracted as servants, friends, and fathers" (CC Madhya 24.57).

    "The qualities of Krsna captivate and attract everything, living and nonliving. Even birds, animals, and trees are attracted to Krsna's qualities" (CC Madhya 24.58).

    "When the devotee somehow or other always remembers the Supreme Personality of Godhead anywhere and everywhere, Lord Hari takes away life's four miserable conditions" (CC Madhya 24.60).

    "This development of conjugal love for Krsna is not manifested in women only. The material body has nothing to do with spiritual loving affairs. A woman may develop an attitude for becoming a friend of Krsna, and, similarly, a man may develop the feature of becoming a gopi in Vrndavana" (SB 3.25.38, purport).

    "The beauty of the Lord is so enchanting that it attracts not only the minds of the gopis and the goddesses of fortune but the minds of all the young girls in the three worlds as well" (CC Madhya 24.55).

    "My dear Lord Krsna, where is that woman within the three worlds who would not be captivated by the rhythms of the sweet songs coming from Your wonderful flute?" (CC Madhya 24.56).

    "Although the word 'hari' has many different meanings, two of them are foremost. One meaning is that the Lord takes away all inauspicious things from His devotee, and the second meaning is that He attracts the mind by ecstatic love for God" (CC Madhya 24.59).

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    Hare Krsna 

    Woman is the form of Maya (SB 3.31.38). Doesn't these words kind of hurt a woman? How can they take it in the right perspective?

    This is the translation of the Shloka - from SB 3.31.38

    Just try to understand the mighty strength of My māyā in the shape of woman, who by the mere movement of her eyebrows can keep even the greatest conquerors of the world under her grip.

    I am not sure if the above translation can hurt a woman. Infact it maybe seen as appreciation of woman. Keeping greatest conquerers under her grip by mere movement of eyebrows is a great power. I do not see how a woman would be hurt by it. 

    We have to  first understand what maya is. Maya is that force/energy that prevents self realization and keeps us covered in false identity of body. Sex pleasure increases bodily conception of life and keeps us caught in material conditioning. Woman is form of maya for man and man is form of maya for woman from this perspective. I am not able to see anything offensive particularly about woman in this. 

    Hare Krsna 

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