Why world is so cruel?

Hare Krsna Prabhuji/ Mataji,

I have tried to not ask this question but I am finally asking because this thoughts disturb me much. Somehow I have been hearing many people sufferings even animals, I try to avoid to hear such things but now it is becoming so common that I am hearing it very often. I don't watch news because I can't see what people suffer, I feel very sad that I don't want to be here(it feels like such a cruel place). I sometimes hear how some people are even making negative comments about my lord(This hurts me like a bow has hit me). I pray krishna that I don't hear such things somehow please but somehow I get to hear such things. I don't understand why people do such activities. Why does maya devi attack them in such a bad way that they do such cruel activities? Now even hearing something material be good or bad feels like pain for me and hence I am just hearing and engaging most of my time in my lord. But I think this is limited due to my holidays, how will I manage after? Spending time without lord rememberance has become difficult for me because I only see negativity everywhere. How will I be able to deal with this, is there something which can provide me relief from this? Something which can assure me that you no need to worry?

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    There is a perfect answer given by Srila Shukadev Goswami

    kaler doṣa-nidhe rājann
    asti hy eko mahān guṇaḥ
    kīrtanād eva kṛṣṇasya
    mukta-saṅgaḥ paraṁ vrajet

    My dear King, although Kali-yuga is an ocean of faults, there is still one good quality about this age: Simply by chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the transcendental kingdom. ( SB 12.3.51)

    Please meditate on each word of the above shloka and translation. The Shloka is prefect because 

    1.It doesn't paint an illusory/happy picture of life like comedy shows do. 

    2. It accepts/describes the harsh reality/truth of life accuraely 

    3. It doesn't leave us hopeless

    4. it gives us the only, ultimate, easy and practcal solution

    5. It makes us accountable when we do not accept the practical solution and forget the reality and want to enjoy unlimitedly. 

    Hare Krsna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna,


    Its like saying why is water wet? The world has been designed by the lord to be dukhalayam ashashwatam - temporary house of miseries. This is true for all yonis in this wrold, whether plant, acquatic, animal or human. 

    Mayadevi puts us in illusion. We thne fulfill our desires - whatever they are. We should not blame mayadevi for our actions. We have to take responsibility.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Thank you for your answer. Yes it's our responsibility.


      Hare Krsna.



  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!


    Punkech prabhu's reply is actually all you need to remember I'm just here because I want to tell you how great of a devotee you are! I mean I find it really hard to detach my mind from materialistic stuff but you have actually developed distaste yourself! I'm pretty sure you only hear these things because krishna wants to deliver you first and through this you are getting detached from this world!

    Hare Krishna!

    • Hare krsna Mataji, 


      No, no, Mataji please don't say like this. I am not even a devotee. A devotee engages himself fully in lord he always thinks of serving lord, I have to try to remember krishna, I don't serve him in any means, rather I keep saying him about my bad qualities ( I have only bad nothing good) and ask him to help me. A devotee serves lord but I am asking my Prabhu to help me, its like reverse. A devotee never gets disturbed rather it be good or bad but I get easily disturbed. I am almost in maya, its my Prabhu who sometimes reminds me and hence I remember him. I easily get distracted by my surroundings. Today I was distracted in playing chess with my cousion brother for almost half an hour (I forgot completely about krishna, I was only thinking about how can I win). I don't have any knowledge. I am also selfish ( I just keep thinking about myself). I am attracted towards chess, playing cricket ( not watching, I have not played from months but if my cousin brother would ask then I don't think I will be able to say no) and many more materialistic things. Even a simple math problem will be enough to distract me. Today I was doing permutations and combinations on cyclic order of shankh, chakra, gada, padma of maha vishnu (see maths is not even leaving me after my exams). And I only chant 2 rounds. I have chanted only one time 16 rounds. But I was unable to repeat it again. Mataji I am not good, actually you are a good devotee, because a devotee always sees good in others. I have heard somewhere that a devotee sees always good in others. You are seeing a good devotee in me which is quite opposite from true as I am not at all a devotee. I am seeing this world as cruel, this indicates that I have a bad vision. And hence I am not at all a devotee even. Please don't say like this it will just boost my false ego and I will be more and more in maya.

      Hare Krsna.


      • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji


        Don't worry prabhu ji... It's fine if sometimes you get distracted just keep having devotee association and this shortcoming would go away. Even I sometimes ask Lord Krishna for help but after sometime I just start feeling guilty and take it back! You can just remember this "tumhe seva deni hai ki leni hai". Prabhu ji, considering maths and exams and how you couldn't play cricket for a long time, you're probably in 10th, 11th, 12th (one of these) so for now just chant 2 rounds for right now your studies are very important. In fact, make your studies as a seva, before studying think that you are only studying because then your knowledge might help in some service.

        Hare Krishna!

        • Hare Krsna Mataji, 


          Thank you mataji. I will try my best to serve krishna if I get an oppurtunity. Just I request you and Krishna to bless me.

          Hare krsna.


  • Let God worry about it.

    • Hare Krsna Prabhuji,

      Thank you for your reply. Now I feel good, let he think about that but let he not be worried.

      Hare Krsna.

    • Super reply. I really appreaciate this single liner reply @Punkech Patel Prabhu.

      Hare Krishna,

      Yes detach yourself from mind. Mind is the cause of all troubles. You keep mind fixed on Krishna. Krishna is the one who is maintaining the whole Universe. He is only capable for solving all problems in this world. You can max is think about the problem or at the max solve some 2-3 families problems but we cannot solve problems of all universes at once. If Lord wants to remove all troubles and solve all problems of the world. He can do it even less than the time even required for blinking ur eyes. Lord is that much capable. But why He is not doing anything right now even when so much disasterous conditions are going on? 

      Well, Lord doesn't interfere in our karma which we do. Whatever you sow you shall reap it , as per the law of nature. Then why is there any need for Him to interfere? Except when true selfless devotees of Lord are being tortured by demons and those surrendered souls call out for HIS help sincerely., He comes down to solve the issues. Otherwise its all auto- set process. 

      So, just why worry. See and praise Lord. If you cannot see sufferings, just avoid watching news. If you watch then just pray to Lord to reduce suffering of all people.

      Vasudeva Dutta is a name of a staunch devotee who appears in Chaitanya Leela, he was the expansion of Prahlada Maharaja. Vasudeva Datta – brother of Mukunda Datta.

      ''Vasudeva Datta was so kind to living entities that once he desired to take for himself all of their sins and requested Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to give to them liberation. “Dear Lord, when I see how living entities are suffering my heart breaks. Please,I beg ,You give to me their karma and liberate them all! I am ready to suffer for them.”

      Hearing these words the heart of the Lord melted, tears flowed from His eyes, and His body trembled. With breaking words Lord answered:

      “Whatever requests pure Devotee makes from his Master, Krishna definitely fulfills his wish. For you there is no need to suffer for their sins – they will be liberated just by your request…”

      Srila Prabhupada used to tell: “No one can compete with Vasudeva Datta. He was a Vaishnava – para duhka dukhi – very sensitive to the sufferings of others. Such a Devotee by just his existence purifies whole world. Such a person is the real representative of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, because his heart is always filled with compassion to conditioned souls.” (Chaitanya Charitamrita”, Madhya, 15.163, purport.)

      We can pray to Vasudeva Datta in order to cultivate this similar compassion.

      Hare Krishna.


      Vasudeva Datta’s Sripata
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