Hare krishna to all devoteesAll glories to Srila PrabhupadPlease accept my humble obeisancesIts been almost 2years now that I became a devotee of krishna. Just two month before I joined Iskcon youth forum(Juhu). Im regularly attending Sunday fest but from fews days i'm noticing that my mom started getting disturbed because of my devotion. I'm 20years old and I'm a dropout student, So that's y my mom so worried about me and my career, due to motherly affection towards me, last Sunday I had quarrel with her because she was taunting me for going to iskcon, she said to me if this much focus i would have give to studies than i wont be a dropout student anymore. I got little angry at this and told her Do not stop me from going to iskcon. The knowledge I getting from devotees is far best than this so called material educational books, which can't makes a student life peacefull but only entangle him in nescience. And what to say about nowadays competition among students to become a topper?.My some relatives also started taunting me that what's wrong with me, why I getting so much into iskconJust few days before my aunty ask me that I don't feel ashame by seeing many of my relatives started taunting me?I said I'm not going to iskcon for any material benefits or I'm not thinking like if I worship the Supreme personality of Godhead, than he reward me with material opulence. I'm just trying to be a devotee of lord through mercy of his pure devotees, I'm just goin there to provide my devotional service.She couldn't question me back.I want to ask one thing why nowaday's parents became so much concerned about kid's career instead of makin their kids spiritually developed from their young age. I think mostly parent says this, that how much struggle or inconvinences they had or seen in their life. they don't want their childrens to be suffer from the same situation that they've been through in their past.Well, obviously its nice thoughts but doesn't it make a kid more materialistic. In case in the future if that kid bears failure in his life than he will directly blames his parent for that, because of expectations and pressure from them.It happens in India, Indians still prefer to have joint family instead of nuclear family like western countries. So later Parents don't get good treatment from their kids in old age.So is it ryt decisions of parent to ignore their kids spiritual development,???? surely not.So now I'm trying to contemplate what should I Do?My mom said to me, she want me to get settled down in life(materially) and she said its not my age to practice Krishna consciousness now at this age. thus I joined some typing courses. because I don't want any hindrance in my devotion.But I fear if later when i will started working, than I won't be able to think about krishna, because I would be spending more time there. I really fear of this, its not because I fear to work.So please guide me how to convince my mom that Krishna is my ultimate goal of life.Srila Prabhupad said a true vaishnav will take pain to himself but he will never hurt others.So please tell me what should I Do?But I want to give my more and more time to develop my krishna consciousness. becuz I'm the most fallen soul.hare krishna

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  • hare krishna prabhu

    The same thing i too have faced in my life i am also 20 and  i too  had droped out before and that to for two years am now in final year of engineering diploma  and yet to enter in degree course i also have suffered from the harsh words of my parents ......my droppingout was not because of iskcon  as i was devotee of lord krishna before comming to iskcon it was just because of my careless actions ...but now i have accepted the reality that we have to take material education for earning money and for our survival as it is one of the rule of material nature and the rules of material nature are so cruel that we are unable to get free from its clutches the only remedy is the krishna but you cannot expect him to come to  you and relive you from the difficulties we are here because of our karmas otherwise we would have not here in the lowest planet to suffer the conciqences of material nature rather we would be in some higher planets and would have been enjoying there  because we are here in this lower planet so we should accept the reality and our position and should act acccordingly to it the only thing is that lord krishna will instruct you and will give you the hints how to get out of such material conditions... we cannot bear fruits from the tree until we nourish it properly with water and neccessary minerals we are like a tree and the degree,material education ,spiritual education , money this things are like water and minerals for us which will help us grow ...what happens when we dont water the tree it gets driedup similary we will also get dried up by the rules of nature if neglect necessary things from  our life....

     hare krishna

  • Hare krishna Prabhu
    my actual question was, how to convince my mom thats m nt any wrg path, becuz weneva i try to make her understand, it turn out into arguement, i mean how to awaken spiritual signs her, she can be a nice devotee, bt she cnt take interest in it, So how to awaken her interest in krishna consciousness?
  • Any guru that claims he will show I god is false. Gurus only job is to awaken your inner guide. Then u can discard the outer guru. You are not fallen. You just do not remember who u r. Fine to be humble don't put yourself down tho. You'll figure it all out friend. Good guru always guides you to find your own answers. :)
  • Thnx u so much Prabhu
    amazin explanation
    im the most fallen soul, Im really nt interested in this material lyf, i dnt knw why, dats y i lookin for my spiritual guru, becuz its only guru who cn give answers of our questions, regarding krishna consciousness and our duties 2.
    Our scriptures have all answers becuz it is said by krishna to understand him,
    Our decision cud be ryt at sum extended bt nt fully ryt,
    So i want a genuine guru
    Becuz i cnt go far alone on myself
  • For the note. I am not some senior.devotee.or.amything. I will not ever quote scriptures other then a tool for someone who is guided by them. I only offer advice from experience. And my only guide is god. I believe everyone's faith and diversity is beautiful and should be kept. But there is a level of discernment that is to be had for each unique being. If you ever want purely scriptural answers there are those here far more knowledgeable then I. Do not belive anything I say until u test it for yourself. :)
  • Times change. Needs change. Everything changes. Even there are classes. ..which I don't buy at face value. Who's telling you what class your in? Until the Lord himself says u are something you can be certain it is the opinion of another person. You must find your place. Yes change jobs. If u r new one works.better for you then it was meant to be. But that doesn't mean the old one was worthless. Maybe you learned from it. Everything is an opportunity to learn. Be totally open minded. Because in that way you can be guided. Learn foe yourself. If every runner in a marathon was prescribed the same shoe and size...how many would leap ahead. Scripture is like that. Life is like that. It isn't one size fits all. One thing fits all. It is in fact your life that will be your true teacher. Everything else will guide you until your inner guru awakens. Your path is your lesson. Your poison is your cure. Your tribulations are the only thing to transcend. Be open minded and not fearful. Lord will not punish you for experimenting yourself. Keeping note that he guides you everything you do will teach you. Just don't get trapped in one way of thinking. Remember he already knows what will happen. If u make a mistske....of which there are none..only opportunities. Then it is he that brought u to that mistake to learn from it. Love yourself. Love everyone like yourself. Love god and trust in whatever you decide. With this you can not fail.
  • Hare krishna Prabhu
    Yeah Exactly
    Just for knowledge,
    Suppose if sum1 is nt gud at sum work, cn he changed his Prescribed duties into other?, for eg, if sum1 is a gud Racer bt he's workin in any co-operate company, and hes continously failin again and again to perform his duties, so does he have change his prescribed karma in Racing, becuz there he wont failed,
    In bhagavad gita lord says he has divide society in four classes, according to their nature, nt by their birth.
    So is that correct to do karma which v cud comfortably perform,
    If that person is krishna conscious then, he cud nicely do his devotion 2.
  • Wasn't sure if u were responding to me or the one above?
    • You can be the richest person in the world and have more depth to your spirituality then sayasa. It is not one or the other. Find your personal balance and where you fit in. Sometimes more money means can Co tribute more to helping others. Sometimes not. Materialism is simply the mindset. The prioritization of certain things. And your journey is your own. In fact the journey itself will be what teaches you. You can't really make a mistake. But do not simply follow blindly.
    • Sorry for my phones spell check.
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