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I love to be with the devotees.

I want to know,

If Krishna wipes out our past sins upon chanting HIS Holy Names, then why it is not there that everyday we commit sin and chant the Holy Names of Krishna (Hare Krishna Mahamantra) for knowing that Krishna will remove my today's Sins.

Please forgive me if I am rude..


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  • Sevak

    HK Pr

    Krishna being merciful he removes our sins depending on the level of our devotion so that we can practice Bhakti in a better way. If one takes undue advantage of this mercy then the purpose of chanting is lost.

    The purpose of chanting is not to merely get rid of sins. It is to free ourselves from all material desires, purify ourselves, and be situated in our natural position as servants of Krishna. If one wants to go on committing sins which is basically due to over attachment to cheap things of the material world then one is bound to remain in the material world. And he HAS to face the consequences of all the sins. Holy name is not a facility to erase ones sinful reactions despite irresponsibly engaging in sins. Holy name is a person - Krishna who loves us and wants us to rectify our ways and be situated in our natural position, giving up our enjoying mentality. Every time we commit sins Krishna is pained more than us when we get its reactions. 

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