why srila prabhupada was against Osho

srila prabhupada and Osho were contemporary . They both had a philosophy as opposed to each other .

what were the core difference between these two . Why osho's school of thought was unacceptable to srila prabhupada !!!!!

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            •  As quoted by you : It is Love and purity which attracts God and not your knowledge.If this is the case , then why did Srila Prabhupada also wrote so many books . Kabir was totally against books , Sufis also don't have any literature(read about Jammaludin Rumi ).Now the paradox , Osho was also against books . He was of the view :- All the written stuff can be tempered with . His focus was on living life because we have earned this life and human body ; enjoy  but under certain parameters . I wonder you people only quote Osho with regard to sense gratification . He was a learned being who also talked about sex or he didn't shy away from sex .See, it is very difficult to read osho . He is the only person you cannot measure his intellect . He was the person who told his disciples to through away the books authored by him . You have to experience the truth first hand , it is of no use whatever is written in books about truth . Example ;- morning sunshine experience it , it is of no use whatever is written in books about sun shine . Fall in love , it is of no use whatever is written in books about love . Books are just like maps , but the journey one must walk . The moment truth is transformed into words , the message is lost now it is mere speculation .Real message is wordless , speechless  between a master and his disciple .  All  the books are a kind of fingers pointing to the moon ; focus on moon . The mistake committed by all the religions is that  they  only focus on the fingers ; the fingers that are pointing to the moon . Some fools even chew and eat that fingers !!!!. All in all , the top most priority is earning a chapati for a poor boy like me !!!  ARGUMENTS AND COUNTER-ARGUMENTS WILL CONTINUE TILL ETERNITY , IT IS OF NOT MUCH RELEVANCE!!!!!

  • E-Counselor

    Dear Atul ji, 

    Nice that you are here to ask very relevant questions which would clear doubts in many minds. I personally thank you very much. Now to answer your questions from what I've understood by reading about Osho and your perceptions discussed here on the forum.

    1. Asking a question with a preconceived answer will not take u anywhere. Pls try to be open to take anything as an answer, be it seemingly wierd or relevant. Just leaving the discussion because you are not getting an answer which you like to hear, is not the solution at all.

    I agree that the words used by other member might have hurt you, sorry to say that even Osho's comparison with Srila Prabhupada is also not to be taken in a good taste.

    2. From what I've read about Osho and his works, is far from the actual spirituality. There has to be a basis of a discussion which lacks in his philosophy. We can't just follow anyone's hyperactive mind especially in the case of dissussions relating to Spirit (Soul & Supersoul). He started his own philosophy which appealed to many and attaracted many like minded people but can't be passed off as philosophy on spirituality per se.

    3. No one can't be just passed off as bhagwan just because they have good oratorial skills, attract good no. of people and think out of the box. Bhagwan is much more than that. 

    So when you say that Rajneesh/ Osho as bhagwan it is a demeaning statement and people will react. You may not have used any harsh or bad words but when you compare Bhagwan or pure devotee of Bhagwan then its as good as any bad word.

    Your Freedom of expression was not attacked or restricted anywhere in the discussion. You have your views others have theirs. And its purely on your discretion that you compare on the basis of Logic, Intelligence,  Experiment & Scriptural Knowledge being followed by millions of seekers for millions of ages.

    You can expect people to react badly when their dearmost parents or relative is compared to a not so good or dirty animal. 

    After reading about Osho my personal view is that he can be a good person but can't be aprreciated for his philosophy as it doesn't have any foundations. He was blasted by Srila Prabhupada because he was entangling people more and more into the cycle of birth and death thus drifting the children away from The Supreme Father Sri Krishna.

    • Thanks !!!!

      A very restrained and moderate answer !!!!!

      Hare -krishna !!!

  • Both Prabhupada's and Osho's  American venture   got into difficulties . In the broader sense , they both are true and pure souls .

    • In scriptures, there are symptoms of Mahtama (Great Souls), just read about them in Bhagvad Gita.

      You will understand.

      Osho Philosophy was purely speculated and nothing has to doe with Soul.

      Do not write anything good about him will not help you grow spiritually.

      In scriptures , Lord Shiva says to Paravathi, the best person to worship in any situation is worshiping Lord Vishnu or Krishna. And better than worshipping Lord Krishna are the Vaishnavas.

      Srila Prabhupada was a Great Vaishnava that whole world acknowledges.

      • Thanks !!!!

        You people - all are nice !!! At least you all are listening to me !!!!!
        Again i reiterate , earning chapati is the top most priority !!!!!

        Hari bol !!! Hari Bol !!!!

  • Osho had no idea of god. He was using bhagwan as a title. If he had been truly a bhgawan,  he would not have been sick and admitted to hospital.

    In the last years of life, he was so much experiencing the pain and was totally unconscious. He himself did not know what was going around?

    Therefore, he was not any authentic spiritual master.

    • Osho was poisoned , given  radiations in prison in  USA . One more thing , if you know something about spiritual beings , the process they went through ; inner body -outer body configuration , you wouldn't have asked such childish question . I have written in my reply ," both Osho and Srila Prabhupada are enlightened beings '" , we must respect both .If he was a fraud , he would have fixed a deal with the authorities and lived happily thereafter . Before criticizing him , read about him .

      • Osho, or as we used to call him, Rajneesh, sold promotion through his ranks of so called disciples, the more money one had the more senior one was in the over indulgence of the unsatisfiable/ insatiable senses. Maya/illusion is there to distract from the narrow path, and some do fall down but an Atheist does not fall down because he sets his own limits. He was just another "fool on the hill".

        jai Srila prabhupada, appearance day tomorrow!

        • I have said if he was a fraud , he would have struck a deal with USA authorities and lived a life of  extreme and ultimate comforts . Some babas  of the current age are doing the same  but OSHO didn't .

          Osho said/ or was of the opinion :-

          ^Consider both day and nite , so as to complete a date !!!!

          ^All the written stuffs can be tempered with !!!!

           ^If you start worshiping Osho , I will attack Osho-ities !!!!

          ^ You  begin the journey from the point  where you are standing !!!!

          I have not used wrong words /harsh words / or derogatory  language  in my replies .kindly ,maintain the purity of ISKCON (otherwise , i will stop visiting this website!!! ) by not using the comments like  -"He was just another "fool on the hill".

          You people are bearing such a childish attitude ; I am discussing both Srila Prabhupada  and Osho  but you people are calling bad name to Osho . You people are not religious people !!!

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