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Why Radha Krsna? Why not Rukmini Krsna?

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, Sri Gurudeva and Sri Gauranga.


Hare Krishna


Lord Krishna was married to Sri Rukmini Devi. Why do we always worship Sri Sri Radha Govinda instead of Sri Sri Rukmini Govinda?


Please forgive me for asking this question because I do not wish to offend Mother Radharani or Rukmini Devi.


And another question is, when did worship of Radha and Krishna start? Wasnt it always just Lord Krishna alone like in the form of Sri Nathji?


Your Servant,

Bhakta David

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  • Srimate Ramanujaya Namah 

    Jaya Sriman Narayana 

    As per the theology of Sri Visitadvaita and the philosophy propounded by Sri Ramanuja and as the adherent follower of the same, adiyen would highlight some of the distinguishing features mentioned here in regard to worship of Sri Krishna. 

    1) According to Purvacharyas, the lord is to be worshiped with his pleasure potency i.e All forms of Lord like rAma, nrisimha, hayagrIva, keshava, etc are worshiped with Lakshmi. 

    2) Reg Krishna, it's again in two

    a) Little Krishna can be worshiped alone

    b) He [older] is worshiped with Rukimi, Satyabhama, Nila, Andal, Radha etc. 

    According to Gaudiya vaishnavas, the one who acts as mediatrix for bestowing eternal service to Sri Krishna is Radha. So its natural to worship him with her. One who knows the secret of 18 syllable mantra of Sri Krishna will clearly know that mantra indicates divine eternal service to Sri Krishna who is loving husband or lover of gopis (gopIjanavallabha) with crest jewel Sri Radha and this is clearly stated by Sri Visvanath Cakravarthi Svami in his commentary to 18 syllable mantra. And Gaudiya Purvacharyas have worshiped the Lord with Radha. So as followers of the same tradition, kindly follow the same.

    Reg : Worship of SriNathji - 

    Srinathji is worshiped in small krishna form [Laddu Gopal - Bal Svarup]. So it's natural that he is worshiped alone and which is according to theology of Sri Ramanuja and his predecessors and successors. This is the same which is still continued by Vallabha followers now also.

    Reg : Radha and Krishna worship : 

    Seems like it came into existence in svakiya bhAva and was propounded by Sri Hamsa avatar bhagavan and later cultivated by Nimbarkacharya. Later on, Visvanath Chakravarti Svami's strong emphasis of, parakiya mood of worship came into picture which is the crust of devotion.

  • Thanks for the reply Dean, i've resolved this issue through doing more research. I'll leave my conclusions below for anyone who is interested. 

    Radha is none other than Krishna, but in his pleasure potency. So in a simple equation: Krishna -> (Krishna's Pleasure Potency) -> Radha. By approaching Radha first, we are essentially approaching Krishna's Pleasure Aspect. Approaching him through his pleasure aspect is a lot more easier than approaching him directly, which is why we pray to Radha. Just wanted to state, Radha is older than Krishna and often this girlfriend - boyfriend image that is put out in wider society is just plain misleading. 

    Now in answer to the original poster, the topic of Rukmini. Krishna had 16, 108 wives, let's break this down.

    16, 100 Wives -> Rescued from Narakasura -> No one would accept these woman, not even their fathers -> Krishna married them in name -> Wasn't the traditional husband wife relationship.

    8 Main (Actual) Wives -> Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Lakshmana. These eight represent the 8 aspects of Lakshmi, so in a sense Krishna was in monogamous relationship. His favourite was however Rukmini (Lakshmi). I guess this resolves any problems in relation to Sri Vaishnav's and Ramanujan's followers.

    Why we don't worship Rukmini? Simple, Radha is Krishna himself in the aspect of Pleasure Potency. Obviously you want to worship krishna don't you? So what better way than to get to him through his pleasure potency?

    Hope this helps. I'm entirely satisfied now and my inner doubt is gone. Hare Krishna lads.   

    For anyone who might be confused with Krishna's relationships with Radha, Rukmini, 16 108 wives etc. I found the following links really helpful:

    Who is that Girl with Krishna
    "Who is that girl with Krishna?" The answer is that She is Srimati Radharani, Krishna's pleasure potency.
  • Hi guys, sorry to post on a dead thread. Have been pondering over this question for a while and none of the responses have dealt with a core problem here. From what i understand, Rukmini is none other than Lakshmi. So for the people who are stating that Radha is more beautiful than Lakshmi aka Vishnu's consort. (This is very offensive to any follower of Ramanuja, so as bhaktas i think we should chillax and respect everyone). Anyway. 

    Radha is married. And so is krishna. I know that their relationship was not the normal 'Girlfriend Relationship' that we have nowadays. It was spiritual in nature, yet i don't understand this completely. Many devotees tell me of how Krishna used to 'escape away into the woods and spend time together with Radha, because the love they had for eachother was devine' & 'surrounded by gopis'. This is very confusing to me.  

    a) What does love mean in this context. Is it physical, mental, longing, .... anything please help!!! And if anyone answers spiritual, care to explain what that means. (It is thrown around a lot, and no one seems to know what it means)

    b) This might sound rude. But i can't imagine why krsna discriminated against guys, why was he always hanging out with girls....

    c) I see Ram, his monogamy and his dealings in general a lot more simpler to follow. Krsna and his pastimes confusing at best. 

    From the explanation i have right now. Radha is nothing but Krishna himself. He transgressed the 'Love Portion' of himself in the world to give us an examplar of how to love him. By approaching Radha, we are in fact approaching Krishna (But just his loving portion, which we might have renamed to Radha to simplify things). Lakshmi is the example of the perfect wife, as would be the case with Sita & Ram. 

    I do not wish to offend anyone, this is a problem in my head. The quicker it is resolved, the more stronger my faith will  be. Thankyou all, harekrishna!

    PS I know i am fallen, to equate relationships down to this. But there must be a logical explanation, that everyone can understand. No Airy fairy responses please, and please give quotes from Scripture, yes Scripture. 

  • No meu entender, Radha e   Rukmini são a mesma pessoa.

    2540162233?profile=originalHari Bol!

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  • Hari bol!

    Thank you for your replies!

    What is the difference between chanting to Sri Krishna alone as compared to worship of the Divine couple?
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      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      There are different types of Devotees with different moods and relationship with Krishna.

      For example, 8 Gopis - the best friends of Srimati Radharani, Gopis - the friends of those 8 Gopis...Manjaris who are direct servants of Srimati Radharani.

      It says that sometimes Shirmati Radharani leaves even Her close 8 Gopi Friends in order to be with Krishna. But She lets Manjaris to be with Her because of that bhava which Manjaris feel is the top most thing.

      And in Kali Age Lord Gouranga - Mad God (Mad for Himself in love) gave the top most service - the Manjari bhava.

      Why Manjaris are so fortunate? Because of humility. They represent top most humility - selfless service to Shrimati Radharani not even to Krishna.

       please correct me if i did mistake!


       to serve directly to Krishna do His Wives in Vaikuntha Planets and as was explained by Devotees here Vrindavan is the top most Planet.

      Your servant, 

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    Hare Krishna!!! The word, 'Radha' comes from the word Aradhana meaning Supreme worship. The word 'ra' comes from the word Pa'ra'bhakti meaning supreme love for God or Mahabhav. This mahabhava springs from Hladini shakti and Radharani is the embodiment of Hladini Shakti. So being the expansion of Krishna's pleasure giving potency, She is Krishna's chief consort. Rukmini devi and the rest 16,107 queens and all the other gopis in Vrindavan are expansions of Radharani. Being Krishna's chief consort, Radharani is worshipped along with Krishna. Also Radharani excels Rukmini devi in Her beauty and Her love for Krishna. Being Krishna's supreme devotee, Her place is always before Krishna. Radhe radhe!!

  • Excellent question!!

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