• Dear Bhakta Sagar

    lord has not made animals to be killed mercilessly and be eaten with taste. this is called slavery of taste sense.
    we are supposed to eat vegetable which are provided by lord after offering him first then only we should eat that food as prasad.
    you may also go thru garuda purana where lord says that eating animal flesh will invite your long stay in hell after you die.

    hope you got the point dear.

    hari bol!!!!! hari bol!!!!
  • Volunteer

    yes.. I have seen many who tel such thing. But the problem is... little alcohol does not remain there for ever. It only takes a few days for them to get addicted to it and become slaves of alcohol. Materialists are shortsighted people. The maximum they can think of is up to the level of the body and this life time alone. But we can learn from scriptures like Guruda purana as what horrible hellish punishments are waiting for us after we leave this body.

    One of my friend, whom I was trying to preach for a while and failed always says this - "Who has seen the next life... let me enjoy in present". This is called Foolishness to the core. There are many who are like this. But even after hearing about what is the future going to be, they really dont care and just want to be in Maya. So, Krishna keeps them happy there and away from Him.

    • Radhe Krishna

      Sudheendra prabhuji, kindly point me to the correct link for the bhoog details you mentioned above in your message

      "If you read the vishnava song book there is a song called Bhoogaarthi in which there is a LONG list of preparations that are fed to Krishna."

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        Mataji you can get a book titled 'Songs of Viashnav aacharyas' from any of the ISKCON temple and you will find it in that book the list of items offered to Lord. Also, when we read scriptures like Chaitnya Charitamrita, we come accross many such recipies too where devotees offer it to Mahaprabhu. One such sceen I remember is that of panihatti chida dhai utsav where Nityananda prabhu orders to Raghunaath to feed chipped rice and yogurt to all devotees. And there comes the description of verities of chiprice preprations!!!! literally mouth watering...

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    Hare Krishna Siddhartha Pr,


    This is very nice question. The answer for this is rather very simple. All the living beings in the creation except for humans are following the laws of nature. The body of a tiger is designed in such way that it can not eat and digest grass. Srila Prabhupada writes in his books that if we are attached to eat meat in the human form of life, then in our next life the laws of nature will award us the body of a tiger/lion or a dog/cat according to our karma. The living entities in these bodies are allowed to eat meat and when they kill other living entities and eat they do not get sinful reactions for that.

    Krishna is the loving father of all living entities. if we desire something that a human body is not supposed to be used for, he mercifully gives us different bodies in which we can do that activity. There was a report which i watched long back on internet about human body meant for eating veg or non veg. In that there were lot of proof why human body is not fit for non veg diet. One of the point that i remember from that is that the carnivorous animals do not drink the liquid but lick it while a herbivorous animal drinks the liquid and not lick it. for example cow, buffalo, horse, humans do not lick water from a cup... they drink, while dog, cat, tiger etc will lick the water and not drink.

    I hope that answers ur question

    Hari bol!!!!!!!

  • HK Prabhu


    Krishna has said "If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it." (BG 9.26)

    Krishna has not recommended meat or egg. There are 3 modes of material nature in this world, Mode of Ignorance, Mode of Passion and Mode of Goodness. As Vaisnavas we follow the rules according to the mode of goodness as recommended by Krishna. Meat eaters are in the mode of ignorance category, when one is in mode of ignorance and eat ignorant food, they cannot understand god.

    Krishna has arranged for everyone, for us he has made trees to give us wonderful fruits and animals for other species of life.

    "For example, the meat-eaters are recommended to worship the goddess Käli, the ghastly form of material nature, and before the goddess the sacrifice of animals is recommended. But for those who are in the mode of goodness, the transcendental worship of Vishnu is recommended." (BG 3.13 Page 216)

    So that is why we do not eat meat because it is for lower types of men and to understand Krishna and become free from cycle of birth and death, we follow Krishnas rules. 

    After so many years, yugas and tapasya we have gotten this human body so we have to make use of this and understand krishna and return to our original position which is back to god head.

    Please forgive me If I've offended anyone,

    In your service,


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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     If so then we have to stop our breathing also, because there are so many organisms in the air also.

    The law of this world is one keeps life by taking away other's life. In this way the evolution is available.  For example, rat is eaten by eagle, at the time of death rat thinks of an eagle and will have chance to take birth in an eagle body...

    Our duty is to keep soul in this body. Because the body is not our property. For example, for a Brahman  it is not advised to travel to dangerous places. why? because someone may kill him. and that Brahman will have a sin of killing Brahman even though it was he himself. 

     As Sudheendra Prabhu told we are not vegetarians. even eating vegetables we get sin, but it is lesser sin. Because when we kill vegetables they do not feel too much pain. 

    In His lectures HH Bhakti Vigyana Maharja says that we are Krishnaterians :-)

    Your servant, 

    • thank you very much Mataji...

      I agree that we should only eat Krishna Prasad..... How can we justify that Meat can not be offered to lord !!

      Pls be mercyfull to this child !!

      Your servant.

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna Sagar Jadav Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

         Eloquent person is that who with few words can explain whole philosophy. But in order to understand that one should have good intelligence or otherwise to read the purports of that person who has that understanding.

        And in the purports Srila Prabhupada explains that by saying leaves we may include here leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach... by saying fruits we can include vegetables also like potato, tomato...etc.

        Then later Krishna tells about the types of foods which people in the different modes eat. He says that food which gives health, nice looking, in the mode of goodness.

        Too sour, too the mode of passion.

        Then food which has bad smell (fish, egg etc), destroys the in the mode of ignorance.

        In Bhagavad Gita Krishna told the essence of all Vedic knowledge. But details we can find in Ayurveda which is the part of Vedas, what is what.


        Krishna does not like foods in the mode of ignorance and passion. So think Yourself Prabhu. If He does not like that He won't accept that.

        Your servant, 

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