Hare Krushna,

I want to know why only Lord Nrusimha Deva's deity is present inside Tirupati Balaji temple and no other deity is there. Usually in big Vishnu temples we have so many parshwa devatas but in Tirupati we have only Lord Nrusimha deva near the Hundi in his Yoga Narsimha form. Even in temples like Puri Jagnnatha, and Padmanava Swamy temple there are parshwa devatas.

Will request if some one having knowledge to share their insight on this.

Hari Bola.


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  • shrImathe rAmAnujAya namah 

    adiyen too was puzzled with the question and its quite worthy to note that you have noted why only Nrsimha Deity is present. If devarer were even more keen, he would have observed shrIbhAshyakArar's sannidhi too ( shrIrAmAnujAchArya ). Though adiyen didn't find any evidence or reason for Nrsimha to be present , but it can be understood this way that he is protecting his devotees ( as mentioned by bhakta prahlad in his prayers to NrsimhaDeva and many stotras which mentions that he is bhaktha vathsala, sadarthigjnYAya, sharaNAthavathasalAya - nrisimha ashtotharam etc ) by offering his darshan.

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