Why Krishna is NOT appearing today?

Hare Krishna..


Krishna descends on earth to save the devotees and protect Dharma..
but we see today we can see there are so many ADHARMA-unrightousness here and there and there so many people who are disturbing devotees...
So Why Krishna is not appearing today..why after 400k years later??

Please forgive me if I hurt anyone by my question..

Thanks..waiting for reply..

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  • Hare krishna,PAMHO

                     Todays corrupt (Adharma) situation in the world is just like a tip of an iceberg of this Kaliyuga when it reaches its peak krishna will appear as kalki,then there will be no preaching only killing, today we are able to practice sadhana and take the association of Krishnas name which is krishna himself.when kaliyuga advances then devotees will be pushed into forests and caves away from demons from the society , Until then presently Mother nature is itself more than capable to punish the miscreants witth its powers like hurricanes, earthquakes,Floods, Famine etc

    Hope i answered your Question

    Hare Krishna

  • Volunteer

    Krishna appears as Himself only once in a day of Brahma. For 125 years in 4 billion years.

    His appearance is very rare. In that way, we are really lucky to have been born on the same planet, where Krishna appeared... considering there are a millions of planets in this material universe (creation of Brahma) that we are in.

    His expansions do appear in every Yuga. In Kali, Lord will appear at the end of Kali Yuga, when dharma is at its worst. However, Lord can appear anytime He wants for His Devotee. For example, Lord appeared many times for Prahlad, even before He appeared as Lord Narasimha to the whole world.

    (By the way, we are not Devotees. We are sadhakas. For lack of words in English language, we glorify ourselves, by addressing ourselves, by the word Devotee. Devotee means pure Devotee, who's example is Prabhupada, Jesus Christ, etc)

    Btw. Krishna is not our servant. Therefore, we should not ask a question, like why doesnt He come and do this and that for us.

    No offense taken. Just for explanation purpose, I am using the above words.

    Unfortunately, everything in the material world is controlled by control freaks. That includes within Krishna conscious circle of sadhakas or otherwise. These control freaks just disturb those that want to practice Bhakti. 

    We just need to understand that ISKCON or other organization is like a hospital and we are all here to get cured. Some of us are interested in getting cured. Some just want to take control of the hospital, beds, clean towels and toilets. Unfortunately, taking control of things at the hospital is not going to cure them.

    We just need to keep our goal in mind, which is to Love Krishna. Keep our mind on the instruction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu's Shiksastaka prayers.

    As we do more and more Sankirtana, we will be purified and keep thinking less of those who give us trouble.

    We will eventually become humbler than a blade of grass and more tolerant than a tree as we do more and more congregational chanting/Krishna Sankirtana.

    When you do become a Devotee, you will be in communication with the Lord and Devatas/Demi Gods will be surrounding you and serving you at every opportunity.

  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna
    It is a logical question.
    Lord Krsna when He appeared as Lord Chaitanya distributed Holy Names of Krsna or Hare Krsna mahamantra.
    This mahamantra is Krsna Himself. It is capable of protecting and awarding Krsna consciousness, freedom from all troubles and spiritual bliss.
    Anyone who takes complete shelter of holy name is as protected as Prahlad. So our efforts should be to increase our practice of Krsna consciousness and spread it
    Hare Krsna
  • Only rubbish !!!!

    your  putting  up this question is also exposing your mind set !!!

    Do not expect from krishna , he already has done so much !!!

    You want a guarantee of defense and security in return of your worship !!!

    Krishna is not sitting there as an insurance agent but he gives us or showers on us much more that  we can ask for !!!!!

    In bhakti death occurs prior to gaining !!!!!

    Hare Krishna !!!!!

    • Hare Krishna Atul Prabhu Ji,


      Please follow Srila Prabhupada's teachings, Mahaprabhu's teachings..
      DO NOT escape from any questions which is related to Krishna. Please be modest.

      We have to face many queries from different people, If we do not give them the answers they will misunderstand Krishna.

      What did you find "rubbish" in my question..what is bad about the question? WHERE IS YOUR ANSWER ?

      Do you really follow lectures, Do you go for preaching? I doubt.

      Why did not you reply that Krishna is always present, omnipresent, even today in His Holy Name. Why have you replied that way in such a open forum..

      Please look at you reply once more..Is that a Vaishnava etiquette? Is that taught by our Acharyas in replying to whom who is trying to find some answers related to Krishna..

      Does someone follow the same way that you have replied with someone when someone goes for preaching for Krishna? Is that a good practice?

      Please think twice..

      Please forgive me if i appear impolite. Please forgive me if it really hurts you..

      Hari Bol..

      • Read about Bodhidharma , the Buddhist monk ,
        Bodhidharma replied to a Tibetan king when the king asked for the mercy and blessings of god for all the good work , the holy deeds performed by him (the Tibetan King)..............zzzzzzzzz???????!!!!!!

        As i conclude ,

        When the 'I' disappears then the eye opens !!!!!
        In Bhakti death occurs or arrives prior to gaining !!!!!

        Kindly notice : this forum is very time consuming  , i have   lots of other  work also  !!!!!

        • Hare Krishna,


          I understand.. Thank you Prabhu...

          To me this forum is Sadhu Sanga (Devotee Assosciation)..

          Please forgive me..

          Your insignificant servant..

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