Hare krishna,



             i understand krishna cares and respects female devotees more.

             becuase all intimate services like cooking for him,dressing for him,making garland for him,bathing him ....... all services realted to him they only do.they can play with chldrens in home,they can read books , chant anytime.they can do everyhting directly for krishna, even they get appreciation from everyone i am not jealous but want to confirm.

             please comment i think most of us are agree with me.in scriptures also krishna gives importance to his female devotees like mother yashoda, elderly gopis, kunti maharani,mother ahilya,gopis,Draupadi,kubja ......




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    • Hare Krsna,
      Linda Susan Galve, gender has no place on the spiritual platform, we are gopis to His Lordship Sri Krsna
    • hare krsna
      what i mean in relation to the original discussion presented by nilesh bhimaji pawar , is who is to say... in this life u might be a woman, but what in the next and what of the many in the past? and what in the case of individuals whose bodies are male but not mentally? should this original discussion be rephrased differently...? to cover all variations on this maya platform?? Concerning Sri Krsna, is it not irrelevant to state what a woman can do or not do, and the same for men who are krsna consciouss? and im not talking about sense gratification, im talking about pure bhakti... what does it matter if i perform the womanly functions such as cooking, etc. as long as i am doing to please Gopala?
      • Volunteer
        Of course you're absolutely right. The first consideration in all things is service to Sri Krishna. It's just very important for men to know that random indiscriminate discharge of semen is a diservice to the entire Vaishnava community. This is not a very popular point but it is nevertheless crucial.
        • well its only unpopular for men whose heart and brain rest on their genitalia, and i agree it is highly important for "men" to understand that. i enclose it in quotation marks because (and i dont if im right to believe) a celibate krsna conscious person, should be at the point of seeing every living thing with equal vision including himself/herself, and therefor identify himself/herself as a servant/devotee above all other identites.
  • Haribol!
    This is a very good answer, that's where I was trying to get at.
  • hari bol
    perfect answer, thanks a lot.
  • Hare krishna,

    from your comments i understood subject is beyond my capacity. i accept what you say.

    Trying to be servant,
  • "I am equal to all" is for in general all.but krishna is partial to his devotees many times krishna has proved this e.g. krishna can break vow for his devotees, he always supported pandavas,devotees and demigods.

    eternally women are gifted to remain more close to krishna e.g. gopis are the best devotees.
    as you said "men are engaged in more difficult tasks" i think the task which is more intimate to god is difficult task.
    men need to go under celibacy , grhstha,nanachari and sanyasa training but women don't need to go under training. women have better sense control.
    women practically work more hours than men.she is the one who gets up first in morning and she is the last one goes to sleep.

    I am just trying to discuss i don't want to hurt, pls forgive.
  • One must not call ourselves, male or female. Of course if you are born, yes, you may have either a male or female body and that is what Krsna gave us, but your soul isnt male or female. You are not this body remember! =) Under Krsna we are all his and us saying we are male or female is like us associating with the ego. (I'am the body.) When we are not. We are all souls and must associate and be concerned with perfecting the soul proper and not whether females are valued more or that there are certain duties a man or woman must do. Krsna is Krsna! He loves us all so much and will never say he likes females the best because to him we are all SOULS. A man can do the same. Men can also play with children at home,cook for our Lord, making garlands...please be happy knowing that you two can do these wonderful services to the Lord.
    • Hare Krishna Bhakin Jenny,
      Srila Prabhupada describes that all souls are Femanine by nature in the Spiritual sense. Meaning we are the enjoied not the enjoyer. Krishna is the only enjoier. But that does not mean we may not have a male form or an anamil for or what ever. We all have differant forms in the Spriitual world depending on our position there.
      But we are all femanine by nature "Enjoied by Krishna".
      Thank you!
      Jaya Sri Krishna!
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