• hare krishna pranhu. can u tell me spiritually what is the difference b/w masterbatoin and sex.. i mean to say the effect of both are same or what? hk

  • hare krishna pranhu. can u tell me spiritually what is the difference b/w masterbatoin and sex.. i mean to say the effect of both are same or what? hk

  • hare krishna pranhu. can u tell me spiritually what is the difference b/w masterbatoin and sex.. i mean to say the effect of both are same or what? hk

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    Hare Krsn Mahir.   thank you for your inquires.

    Marriage is recommended for all who have material desire so that they make some gradual progress by dovetailing these desires in the service of the Lord.

    Chanting the Names of God is always good and if one continues to chant the offenses in chanting will be gradually cleared.

    Ceto darpana marjanam.  All the dust accumulated in the heart will be cleansed away.

    But if there are other strong desires for karma, jnana or yoga in the heart they will slow down our progress or we may not get the result,    love of God    very soon.  It may take some life times.

    So indeed there is a reaction to everything we do, think and desire even.

    At the same time Krsna knows what you are crying in your heart.

    Sometimes a devotee is forced to sinful acts by his previous habits and suffers, but he is not like the non devotees.    He feels ashamed and repents.  

    Yet despite this weakness he never gives up his determination to chant the Holy Names.

    Seeing this Lord Krsna who is Dina Bandhu gradually takes away everything so that devotee only has the shelter pf Krsna's Lotus Feet.

    This is His mercy on such a devotee.

    He may bestow this type of mercy on a devotee who has no material desires also.

    In this way the devotee feels complete dependence on the Lord and surrenders.

    So Mahir you may be on the path of Love for God and still have material desires

    but you must now struggle with them and beg the Lord to save you.

    ayi nanda tauja kinkaram   Oh son of maharaja Nanda I am Your eternal servitor but somehow I have fallen into this ocean of birth and death.   Now please pick me up from this ocean of birth and death and make me as a speck of dust at Your Lotus Feet.

    • The effect of sex life is comparable to the actions of bamboos who dry up the pond they're living in. Similarly, sex life dries up the devotion within our heart.  

      As it is, the soul is resting on five kinds of air, from the grossest to the most subtle. Hence, indulging in sex life engrosses, as a result, the soul in the grossest forms of air. This is why classical singers refrain from sex life for some days before performing a recital, so that their voice may be able to move more freely within a broader and higher spectrum. 

      BG 2.17, Purport:

      In the Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad (3.1.9) the measurement of the atomic spirit soul is further explained:

      eṣo 'ṇur ātmā cetasā veditavyo
      yasmin prāṇaḥ pañcadhā saṁviveśa
      prāṇaiś cittaṁ sarvam otaṁ prajānāṁ
      yasmin viśuddhe vibhavaty eṣa ātmā

      "The soul is atomic in size and can be perceived by perfect intelligence. This atomic soul is floating in the five kinds of air (prāṇa, apāna, vyāna, samāna and udāna), is situated within the heart, and spreads its influence all over the body of the embodied living entities. When the soul is purified from the contamination of the five kinds of material air, its spiritual influence is exhibited."

      Besides, one drop of semen equals hundred drops of blood. Hence, one can easily understand that men become weaker if they do not keep their semen, which then transforms into ojas and nutures the finer tissues of the brain and nourish both intelligence, memory and vitality (tejas). Similarly, athletes are advised to refrain from sex life for some time before taking part to a competition.

      Srila Prabhupada further explains: “Wasting semen is also illicit sex.” (SB 7.12, Introduction)

      “The faculty to discharge semen is the cause of death. Therefore, yogis and transcendentalists who want to live for greater spans of life voluntarily restrain themselves from discharging semen. The more one can restrain the discharge of semen, the more one can be aloof from the problem of death. There are many yogis living up to three hundred or seven hundred years by this process, and in the Bhagavatam it is clearly stated that discharging semen is the cause of horrible death. The more one is addicted to sexual enjoyment, the more susceptible he is to a quick death.” (SB 3.26.57)

      “Everyone should be taught to be very careful not to discharge semen unnecessarily. This is very important for all human beings.” (SB 7.11.8-12)

      Srila Prabhupada said, “If one can just retain his semen up to age twenty-five, the brain becomes so fertile for spiritual realization.” Then, looking around and seeing all the depressed faces, he continued, “But if you just chant Hare Krsna, everything will be alright anyway.” (Quoted by Bhurijana dasa)

      For more information on this topic, I advise you to read the book written by Srila Bhaktivikasa Swami on Brahmacarya in Krishna Consciousness.

      Puskaraksa das Vanacari

  • Yes Prabhu.. there is a way to escape from it... You have to truly repent for ur mistake.. Then vow to krishna that you will not commit the sin again and you will resist it no matter what happens and whatever thought arises... Don't engage with ppl who are very materialistic and engage in sinful sense gratification acts... Get up early in the morning.. Chant 16 rounds of hare krishna mantra minimum daily without fail.. Read Prabhupad's book minimum 1hour daily... Take satvic foods after offering to Krishna and no onion, garlic, mushroom and no non veg foods too.. Pray to Tulasi-devi, Radha, Nityananda, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to forgive u and ask them to recommend to krishna to forgive u n bless u... Strictly follow the regulative principles and follow prbhupad's teachings.. Never be without chanting minimum 16 rounds... In this way u can get forgiveness.. If not then difficult..

  • Hare Krishna Rahul Prabhu !!

    Best answer !! All my doubts got cleared !!

    Thanks to Mihir prabhu for the question !!

    Dandvat pranaam to all

    your servant

  • Yes it is wrong Prabhu.. Its an act of sense gratification and its a very big sin!!! When u perfom such acts u will lose ur spiritual energy and become weak n dull. You can never develop bhakthi and u will never get love of krishna!!! There is a punishment for this particular sense gratification act... In hell u will be made to live and eat only sperms and nothing else. Beware of ur sin and its punishment!!! And I also saw ur new discussion about being fond of women.. Just know that it is maya who is trying to trap u and hinder ur progress in Krishna Consciousness!!! We would have committed millions of sins and continue to commit sin everyday in one way or the other knowingly or unknowingly...  If u want to escape from it and to get rid of this material body and this miserable material world..?? Then u must get Krishna's love.. U can get only if u r firm and steady!!! U should have control over urself and engage all ur thoughts only in chanting and reading prabhupad's books... chant wenever u r not doing ur studies so that u will be occupied by god's thought always and dirt will be automatically removed by god's grace!!!

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    Hare Krsna devotees,  This is a very serious question.

    It comes up at the stage of anartha nivrtti.

    At this stage one gives up all necessary things and devotes all his time and energy for spiritual life.

    So sex life is of no use for anything at this stage.

    This is the stage of renunciation froma all sense gratification, sannyasa.

    Generally such renounced persons leave family life altogether.

    They will transcend all bodily deignations and attain  pure devotional service above the modes of material nature.

    Those of us who have some material desires get married and slowly advance to that state but those who are free from all material desire advance very quickly and will achieve love of God.

      so until you are no longer interested in sense gratification ie sex you will advance verry slowly.

     This sex desire is a big obstacle to your attainment of the spiritual platform.


  • hare krishna mihir prabhu,rahul prabhu

    Thanks for bringing up this discussion ,and mihir prabhu has given us some startling facts about loss of semen and how it affects body and the path to self realization ,reading this one will think before indulging in sex again .one should develop ojas shakthi the prime example of this is sri  Bheeshma in mahabharath a staunch bramacharya who has never indulged in sex throught his life ,he was the fiercest warrior on the side of kauravas .

    Dandavat pranams to all

    Bhanu kiran

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