Hare Krishna,

I have found conclusive answers for not eating onion , garlic and mushrooms but this one floors me.I end up giving the only reason which  I heard-'eating masoor dal is considered equivalent to eating meat'. Is this true? can someone plz provide a valid reason for this.

Thanks in advance

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      • Hare Krishna,
        I feel sometimes it is difficult for new comers to understand and digest all these things like how can a high protein rich can be a non veg food. I do not know about Masoor dal which was the original question posted by mataji but definitely Onion and Garlic is prohibited as these vegetables are in the mode of passion and ignorance respectively.
        Many new comers read these blogs and may feel it is very difficult to follow Krishna Counciousness. Actually KC is about controlling our senses and engaging them in Krishna's service. As Srila Prabhupada said sense control starts with control of food we eat. So ideally a devotee should eat only Krishna Prasadam and we cannot offer anything to Krishna which He does not like. So we should not offer anything which has Onion and garlic(all devotees know this). Firstly we should chant 16 rounds and read Prabhupada's books, do services in the temple as per our capacity and relish Krishna prasadam with joy. Automatically when devotee gradually advances in Krishna Counciousness he will not like to eat onion and garlic. it happens automatically.. so as mentioned in some post about fabricated stories .. i feel even if you do not believe in stories it is advisable to follow the footsteps of great acharyas and not induldge in mental concoctions about anything. May Prabhupada and Chaithanya Mahaprabhu be merciful to us..
        Hari Bol..
        • Hare Krishna

          The thing is someone wants to know the answer. So we have to tell as it is. So we are giving answers acording to Srila Prabhupada and his books (hopefully, though some do give their own opinion.) So the answer is Yes Srila Prabhupada did say Masor Dhal is meat in one verse in Chaitanya Charatamrita, which if you read this whole thread to this question, you will see the verse and what he says. And in the ISKCON temples they do not offer it to the Deities. But it is not mentioned anywhoere else. so that is the answer. Devotees can choose how they want to act on this answer. But we know certainly he said no union or garlic or mushroom.
          Thank you
          Nitai Gauranga!
          • Hare Krishna
            Many friend replied to me when i send your message in this topic by saying, over 90% Indians eat garlic, onion and masoor dal so would they have to give up this to pray Krishna because they already eating all of this since Krishna time???????? almost 100% except Hare Krishna movement followers they all eat massor dal so are we eating meat and how would the Hare Krishna movement going to tell of of this people that you all eating meat by eating masoor dal??????? Finally they says over 40% all Indians cannot read so what you read, they may not take it as it true and over 99% of all religious leaders and Pundits never tell 99% of Indians about this teaching?
            This is where conflict, disagreement, arguements and rest follows so i always says every single religion on our planet forbids something and something so here in this field you have chance to follow if you wish but never to say you must stop it. First learn to crawl, learn to walk, walk on one direction, if you think it is for you, adopt it, finally if you don't like it, you could always try to learn it again. In Srilaprebhupada speak he always said, you should not eat cow and giving reasons why not but he have said, about meat which could be seen on videos we have of him so he never said never do this.

            Hare Krishna
  • Well, I heard onion and garlic but now masoor dal? I have friends who are vegiterians and do eat onion and garlic because this is what they been eating and saying for many centuries this is what they eat and it is good for health and says, in summer such as in India and living in hot part of India being farmers and working away from home they have Chatni made of garlic and onion is the product remain intact for many days so safe to eat so now they saying is this is the reason Srilaprebhupada and his way of living and teaching never reached us????? Finally they says this is most poor Indians eat???
    • Hare Krishna!
      We are not interested in what most Indians do or most people do. We are interested in what Krishna wants.
      Others may not know their own scriptues very well. But we know what Srila Prabhupada said and it is very clear.
      People say a lot of things, but tha means nothing unless it is backed by Guru, Sadhu and Shastra.
      Thank you.
      Nitai Gauranga!
    • Haribol Keshav Pr,
      Dandavat Pranaam, All glories to Srila Prabhupad

      Your question is not invalid but plz understand that whatever we are doing for ages need not necessarily be correct.It is difficult to change our way of life but not impossible at all-albeit it becomes very easy once your faith in Krishna Consciousness increases. Also onion and garlic may be good for physical health but definitely not good for the mind since they invoke mode of passion and ignorance( i am not an expert in this subject but seems ayurveda recommends them as medicene only ).
      All said and done also remember that if your friends are reluctant to give up onion and garlic-its fine- dnt ever insist on it.Just ask them to chant.That is most important- other things will automatically follow.It is desirable but not manadatory for everyone to give up onion,garlic to follow Prabhupada's movement BUT once you decide to commit yourself and connect to the parampara it is naturally mandatory to follow the rules laid down by the great Acharyas in the parampara.
      Srila Prabhupada was extraordinarily compassionate towards all the suffering souls in this material world.Out of his compassion he simplified the process of Bhakti beyond imagination and literally came begging to ask people to take up this process.If people dnt take to his teachings bcoz of onion and garlic-it is their great misfortune.We can pray for them

      Hope this helps you

      Hari Haribol
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      • Hare Krishna Mataji

        If people dnt take to his teachings bcoz of onion and garlic-it is their great misfortune.We can pray for them. Sometime we lack understanding when we visit friends who are eating onion and garlic and never to forget masoor dal as well, they eat and you are invited, would we say sorry i cannot eat so cook separate or would we say no thank you, or would we say we have our own food? This is where big discussion take place, one with knowledge could to answer such crowd would win, but one with limited knowledge, definitely loose out. Well, one Prebhuji at Temple said to me who have the knowledge and know it through adopting Srilaprebhupada way of life said to me, it is just like from year 1 at school to age 16 who wants to pass GCSE exam would have to go through so many years of hard work, to reach your goal in passing the exam, in this field of 'Bhakti' one has to adop way of life and adop after taking initiation because than you have taken way of life so start the proccess then follow it up to pass exam in this field of Bhakti. So i explain it is just like a child beginning to learn to write 'A' he or she would make only mess not knowing how, once it become practice you know how to write 'A'. Now days many argue about parampara specially young because if parampara was pure and perfect then why so much going on? The easy answer to this could be, people looking for easy life and not bothering to know unknown and this unknown route lead one lost soul to unknown direction so this is where Srilaprebhupada at the age of 69 decided to find the known route for us so i say at list first, try to know, then walk and if you find this is right for you, learn to chant first with smile, adopt it, practice it, if you like it follow it, finally if you think this is not for you, at list you tried it so one day you may return so never give up hope. Hare Krishna
  • Hare krishana
    Because this is not written in Bhagwat Gita. So I think that is a false Story. Which says in hindi MANGHDANT KTHA. We have to not eat the onion or garlic because after eating it smells from out mouth that was not liked by other persons who are listning to us. So carrots is vegatable and mansoor dal is also a vegetables. We must no eat only meat. But onion and garlic are also vegitable. These are very good for out health Aurveda Science says this.
    Hare krishan to every one.
    • Actually Suraj ji,
      The main reason we don't eat those things is because Krishna does not eat them. We are not just vegetarians, but we are Krishnatarians as Srila Prabhupada states. Monkeys and cows are vegetarians, we are not just vegetarians. We only eat what Krishna eats. He will not prefer that Dhal as it came from a sacrafice of a cow. But it is not a sin to eat that red dhal or carrot as Srila Prabhupada did not forbid those. But he did say no Union and no Garlic and no Mushroom as it grows from mold which is unclean. Krishna does not eat unclean things. If we can avoid the red dhal then that is better.
      Thank you
      Nitai Gauranga!
      • Hare Krishan,
        jaysri radhe rani ji, I am laughing on this comment. you write here monkies and cows are also vegetarian. It means that you are saying me monkey because i am vagetarian, and my wife is cow because she is also vegetarian.

        Hare krishan hare krishan krishana krishan hare hare !
        Hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare !!

        I am sending you this mahamantra is more powerful and more touching our souls listen two times. And send it to your friends or relative.
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