Hare Krishna,

I have found conclusive answers for not eating onion , garlic and mushrooms but this one floors me.I end up giving the only reason which  I heard-'eating masoor dal is considered equivalent to eating meat'. Is this true? can someone plz provide a valid reason for this.

Thanks in advance

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  • Masoor dal in Tamsic that is true ba cause it is maintion in scripture
    Because masoor dal eating is equivalent to cow eating
    That is come from one story that is about masoor dal that is one time from one Bramhana unknowingly one cow is killed ( because of lot of time I not remember the name of that bramhna)
    At a time of death the cow blood is dropped on earth from that blood masoor plant is grow
    Because of that masoor having high protein and it is equivalent to gohatya
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    Nothing to do with protein. Red dal or Masoor dal is tamasic in nature. It relates to planet mars.
  • Hare krishna.

    i don`t know how this news will act to devotee after all i am writing , in oder to maintain spiritual life  we have to be very simple mood and food create mood. If you take heavy protein food your mind will not be able to consider humbleness quality becoz of thats  devotees  are say  not to eat it .In spiritual life we have to accept order and is an process to go up. 

  • Hare Krishna !
    During my time serving `Srila Prabhupada in India and the Far East , during His Vapu -Lila period ,...I never heard any more than this about masoori dahl - " It is too high in protein -equivalent to meat ,causing agitation and pushing on the senses ;and , is therefore shunned by Vaishnavas and Brahmacharis. -S.P.. Obviously ,it is not equivalent in Sin to killing an animal.
    Your servant ,
    Sevananda das
    • Hare Krishna Prebhuji


      Yes i myself wonder about this topic but finally i came to know, you may eat if you working hard all day long and no other food is there except this dal and it is cheap for poor person because it is not killing any animal.


      Hare Krishna

    • Hare krishna to All,

      It has been a very wonderful experience reading this thread. :)
      I could see many devotee's efforts in understnding Srila Prabhupada and inturn Krishna.
      My vote --" for not to be anything against SrilaPrabupada's words".
      He is the most intelligent person on this plant Earth (Atleast I believe so..)..

      In all such situations where a devotee thinks whether to DO it or NOT DO IT...
      SrilaPrabupada gave one simple solution... "In case of doubt , simply dont do it"

      and when we try to understnd this simple advice ,we can find the huge importance.
      In this example" Where we should eat Urad Dal or not."

      we follow SrilPrabhuapda and dont eat it as we doubt if it is advisble to eat it or not.

      CASE:By Absolute Truth , We can eat it.
      Still Krishna and Srilaprabhhupada are happy as we did not eat Urad Dal for only reason that we didnt want to go against them.

      CASE:By Asolute truth, We cannot eat it.
      Krishna and SrilaPrabhupada are happy , as we understood and followed their instructions.

      Whether to eat Urad dal is not a problem , just to b in Krishna CONC is the most important thing.

      NOTE:Above statements are written from my own understnding after reading SrilaPrabhupada's books.

      Hare krsna !!!!
  • Haribol dear devotees,
    Dandavat Pranaam,AGTSP

    I guess most of us are on the same track but with a few differences in opinion.we have been saying the same thing but in a different manner.The initial question was reg. masoor dal and the discussion has deviated to other things but all constructive discussion is always welcome.I wld like to summarise my thoughts based on the opinions and discussion in this thread:

    Vaishnavas are prasadeatarians.We eat only what Krishna eats.The simple idea is to keep Krishna in the centre of our life.So why do somethng which Krishna does not like?

    Bonafide acharyas are the representatives of Krishna.Their words are never to be taken for granted.If they have prescribed a way of life for us to go back to Godhead we better follow it without speculating or giving our own opinions.

    Reg. new people being scared of taking up bhakti coz of these restrictions:
    As i said previously our intention is not to change the dietary habbits of people but to spread Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's mercy.Once a person is attracted to Krishna everythng else follows.Everyone agrees to this.
    But it is obvious that you cannot keep the dietary restrictions hidden for long.What has worked for me is not to unduly stress on what CAN't be eaten.If anyone asks tell that we have decided to dedicate our life to Krishna & we only eat prasad.99% of Hindus are aware that food offered to God cannot have onion & garlic in it.

    Never insist on them to giveup onion & garlic or masoor dal etc. Do not despice others bcoz they eat onion garlic or even meat etc.BUT plz be strict with yourself without appearing fanatical abt it.Finally everyone has a right to choose their way of life-u can try to make ur friends devotees without changing ur vaishnava lifestyle or compromising on the instructions of Acharyas.If you are unable to change others-it is still fine-pray for them-prayers of devotees have great effect

    and also abt 100% ppl eatng onion & garlic and so how we can ask them to give up: again we dnt ask them to give up anythng-just ask them to chant.I feel it is very nice to be worried about changing the ways of the entire world -if Krishna desires it will happen.Krishna sent Srila Prabhupada to the country of meat-eaters and from there Prabhupada established ISKCON with all these rules and regulations.If people whose staple diet is meat (read Beef) can change their lives why cant we Indians do it? Loving attitude of devotees along with the Maha-Mantra can do wonders.Just have faith in Krishna.If nothing else works for ur friends,relatives etc.thank Krishna for showing you the path back to Godhead.As Krishna has said in Bhagvad Gita Chpter 7.TEXT 19

    bahunam janmanam ante
    jnanavan mam prapadyate
    vasudevah sarvam iti
    sa mahatma su-durlabhah

    After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare.

    Rejoice-Krishna's mercy is on you-just continue to please Him no matter what the world says.

    Finally coming back to the original topic of masoor dal-I avoid it coz I have been told so by senior Vaishnavas.Also I am not going to venture abt giving reasons to avoid it.It has made no diffrence in my lifestyle since it is not even a staple diet-all the more easier for me to give up :).

    With this I pull out of this discussion.Plz forgive me if I offended anyone -did not intend any offence.

    • Awesome answer!
      Okay I think we covered it all now! I hope devotees and aspiring devotees read this thread to get all the answers, as it is all here.
      Hare Krishna
  • Hare krishana all of my spritiual friends,
    Hare i am giving my presence that we are fighting that to stop eating the masoor daal because it is equal to eat meat. But NO body know in the Air we daily eats a millions of trillion of live becterias which we can not sees with this two eyes.
    Making an arguement on only vegetables is doing waste of pricious time. We must have to do arguments on with the belongings to shri krisana shri mad Bagwat Geeta and on the Bhaktas of Krishana. I avoid my self from this unuseful argument. Hari Hari Bol...
    • It is not necessarily arguemnts in a negative way if one is trying to undestand what is best for ones devoteional service. One wants to try to do best and please Krishna in the best way possible. So they need to enquire and discuss. But someproplr give their own opinions instead of reverting to Shastra. The fact is Srila Prabhupada did say hat Masoor dhal is meat on one verse in Chaitanya Charatamrita. But, that is the only place ever seen that we know of where he mentions it. So I understand it is not a big deal. In another place when a devotee mentions there are carrots being grown on the New Vrendavan farm including many other vegetables, Srila Prabhuada said very good. So We can see that is not a sin to take carrots.
      But is important that the new devotes come to know why we do and do not eat certain things so they can go forward to please Krishna.
      The main thing is to always think of Krishna and never forget Krishna and try to please Him.
      Nitai Gauranga!
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