Why god exists?

Hare krishnaPAMHO. all glories to srila prabhupada.I can understand that god is the cause of all causes. Everything emanates from him. But this question always disturbs me ''why does he exists?'' . If i've asked anything wrong please correct me.

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  • hare krsna prabhuji,

    I have also faced this question while preaching ,the answer which I give to people is:- "Because there has to be always a supreme authority required on above us, in order to guide ,protect, help, judge the past misdeeds and deeds, to show us the right way to us come to him etc". our existence itself proves His existence, because we have intelligent so He is the source of our intelligence.He is required to be present in order to award the pious people comfort & result of pioty and to punish the impious people. He is required to show which way is correct and what is wrong. He is required to show what is science and what is nescience. He only is required to show us, what is real beauty which is eternal and everlasting and what temporary worldly beauty is !

    Hope that I answered your question.

  • Hari Bol

    Jai Swami Prabhupada

    Please accept my Pranams

    Prabhu ji! Your question is purely illogical. If God is cause of all causes, then what is the doubt?

    Don't forget that this material world is existing on his material energy and spiritual world on spiritual potency, we souls by marginal potency.

    He is even in hearts of atheists. He distributes his mercy to everyone but atheists are reluctant to accept it or aspirants are cheated by pseudo religionists.

    Since, God is the ultimate cause, so, he must exist as we are existing because his maintaining us all.

    Jai Srila Prabhupada

    Please visit these websites. They may be helpful.





    Hoping that your question is answered.

  • Hare Krishna

    God exists because He is absolute truth and truth can only be absolute if it exists forever. He is eternal and there is no beginning and end of Him. He is sat-cit-ananda i.e. a personality of eternal, knowledge and blissful existence. He must exist forever . When nothing existed ,before any other existence,still Krishna existed and when everything will be finished still He only exists.

    your servant


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