Why god don't allow us to execute our free will?

Hare Krishna All,


All glories to srila prabhupada!

If krishna has given us free will then why dont he allow us

to execute it freely without  any side effects. If he loves

 us why don't he allow us to enjoy this material nature freely

without any restrictions and I know it is not for enjoyment

 but there are so many objects of enjoyment, in jail we dont

have any objects of enjoyment. If he loves us then why dont

 he remove our freewill and take us back to golok?  This material

world is full of miseries and we dont know when we will be released

out of this jail, why did krishna put us in this jail under the control

of such a strong jailor (durga devi)? Why everything is so complicated?


Servant of your servant.


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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Aakash pr

    Krishna Consciousness(KC) is very simple process, it is us who think and make it very complex. The evidence for Krishna giving us free will is you writing this question about Krishna. Had he not given you the free will, you would have never been able to ask this question in the first place. You said, we dont have any objects for enjoyment. But, in most of the developed nations, the prisoners are given all the facility to enjoy materially inside the jail. In India its not possible due to many constraints but still, there are many people who like the food and facilities given in Jail itself. This is the glory of material life. We just try to adjust to what we have and try to derive pleasure from that.

    The very reason we are in the material world is that we wanted to enjoy separate from Krishna. Your question ultimately is going back to the same point of being an enjoyer than a servant. With this attitude, it is JUST NOT POSSIBLE to go back to Goloka.

    Krishna promises in BG that once we go to Goloka Vrindavana (Spiritual world) we will not have to come back to this material world again. Now, just think on this line. If at our present state of mind which is impure with material contamination and wanting to enjoy all the (so called) pleasures, what will happen if we are sent to Goloka??? We will be making continues trip from Spiritual world to material world. HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj says in one lecture that we will fall down at every lava matra (1/12 th of a second). If this happens, then Krishna's statement in BG will be proved wrong!!!! So now u decide what you want. To prove Krishna right by following the process given by Srila Prabhupada and go back to Godhead and NEVER come back or prove Krishna wrong by forcing him to take u back and keep making the trips to material world???

    Hari bol!!!

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    we can for full enjoy when we take out this thick coat.

    at this time we are covered by this coat - material body. and all our senses are also covered because of that we can enjoy fully.

    simple truth.

    Soul is eternal servant of Krishna. It is nature is to serve to Him.

    But when the soul thinks that i want to be a God then Krishna has arrange something and creates this world and puts us into illusion so that we could feel ourselves as gods.

    What He can do? it is the only way - to put us into illusion that we are god.

    and by doing that He is fulfilling our own desire.

    and the time when we understand that we desired wrong thing and surrender to the desire of Krishna then only we will be freed.

    and attain our own position of a servant. and be fully happy.

    Your servant, 

  • Sudipta roy ji.... What a wonderful explanation...! Thank you very much. I am really happy.
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji.Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    "FISH CAN ONLY BE HAPPY AND ENJOY WHEN IT IS IN WATER". A soul entrapped in maya-the illusionary energy of Krishna is like a fish who once wanted to see how is life outside the water. But once out of water can a Fish enjoy independently ??? NOOOOOO. It will slowly become die one day. In the same manner as we are spirit soul our home is spiritual world where we don't suffer.

    We have free will that is why we can execute action according to our own desire without consulting Krishna who is seated in our heart as paramathma. Free will has given to us that is why we get fruits for our each action. Suppose there is no fruits generated of our action then there will be no happiness either.

    In the same manner if there is no sorrow how can we know what happiness is??

    If there is no darkness how can we feel what light is??


    If krishna has given us free will then why dont he allow us

    to execute it freely without  any side effects*/

    /*If he loves  us why don't he allow us to enjoy this material nature freely without any restrictions and I know it is not for enjoyment but there are so many objects of enjoyment, in jail we dont have any objects of enjoyment*/

    This material existence is of actions and reactions. This duality is there that is why we can't enjoy any object unlimitedly. This is made in such a way to make us perfect. Let consider a scenario

    Suppose there is a needy family of 8 members consisting of father and mother and their 6 children. The father is the only earning member of that family and he worked as a labour on daily basis. At the same time he has a desire to enjoy sex life unlimitedly and he visits prostitute on regular basis. In this way he spend all his earnings to fullfill his sex desire and thinks  "that what I earn it is for my enjoyment only , I should njoy with that money unlimitedly,I should not think about my wife and children". Then just think what will be the situation of the rest of the family members, they will die starving one day.

    Now In the same way if all we want to enjoy unlimitedly here then all the anarthas i.e -1) lust, kama; 2) anger, krodha; 3) greed, lobha; 4) illusion, moha; 5) pride, mada; 6) envy, matsarya manifests in our heart and we become selfish and insane person.Such a person doesn't think about others. The person who has unlimited desire to enjoy the material world he become a person without compassion,love for all beings,mercy,right judgement and all other good qualities. Is this kind of person any society want?  NOOOOOO.

    That is why Krishna puts a limit to our enjoyment thus we can gradually elevate ourself from animal instinct to godly nature like Krishna himself.

    /*If he loves us then why dont he remove our freewill and take us back to golok? */

    If there is no freewill what is the meaning of Independence. Try to understand we spirit soul are of same nature as Krishna but in munite quantity so as he is supreme independent we are independent also and Krishna is not Hitler that He would play with our minute independence.

    "Suppose a Father don't want to separate his son from family but the son doesn't want to stay with his father. The helpless good Father will first try to convince his child to not leave him but if still the child don't want to hear his father and want to live separetly then as a mercyful father he agrees with his son's demand beacuse He loves him. His heart will break by the separation but still out of love he keeps his son's decision and stay apart from him."

    In the same way Krishna want to take us along with him in Goloka that is why he comes and speaks bhagavd gita and so many vedic literatures but we rascal don't want to stay with him. Suppose we don't want to go Goloka and Krishna forcefully want to keep us there then will we be happy ???


    /*This material world is full of miseries and we dont know when we will be released out of this jail, why did krishna put us in this jail under the control of such a strong jailor (durga devi)? Why everything is so complicated?*/

    Miseries is created when we don't live our live according to instructions of scriptures."KRISHNA DIDN"T PUT US IN JAIL WE WANTED TO BE IN JAIL" Like a criminal does crime to go to jail not the state which drag good people in jail. Now if the Criminal says why my life is miserable then it is silly. If criminal is not in jail then he will make situation worse further for others and himself. So jail is for improving our moral character.

    "MATERIAL LIFE IS ITSELF NOT MISERABLE. WE MAKE IT MISERABLE BY OUR BAD DEEDS ONLY". ~ withour learning driving we will face accident only. Situation of ours is like that we don't know how to lead blissful happy life but we are expert in blaming God when our lust is not fullfilled. "IT IS LIKE A KILLER QUESTIONING COUNTRY LAW THAT HE SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR KILLING INNOCENT AND LET HIM CONTINUE HIS KILLING"


    Your aspiring servant

    Hari bol

    • Hare Krishna Sudipta prabhuji

      As usual superb explanation!!!. How many rounds of chanting you do?  :) you have a crystal clear mind.

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna Mataji.Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada


        Your aspiring servant

        Hari Bol

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna,prabhuji!!! We ourselves are responsible for our own plight,falsely identifying ourselves with our bodies. The jail is there but Krishna has also given us the processes to get ourselves released---

    1. HEARING (sravanam)
    Maharaja Pariksit(the last seven days of his life, he constantly heard the Srimad Bhagavatam).

    2. CHANTING (kirtanam) 
    Sukadeva Goswami(spoke the Bhagavatam to Maharaja Pariksit)

    3. REMEMBERING( visnu smaranam)
    Prahlada Maharaja(never forgot Krsna despite constant tortures from his father- Hiranyakashipu)

    4. SERVING THE LORD'S LOTUS FEET (pada sevanam)
    Laxmi, the Goddess of Fortune, is always engaged in serving the lotus feet of the Lord.

    5. DEITY-WORSHIP (arcanam)
    Maharaja Prthu used all of his royal possessions in order to offer them in pure devotion to the Lord.

    6.PRAYING (vandanam)
    Akura offered prayers to Krsna when he was traveling to Vrndavana in order to see Krsna.

    7. EXECUTING ORDERS (dasyam)
    Hanuman, the intimate servant of Ramacandra executed all of Sri Ramacandra's orders despite all kinds of difficulties.

    8. SERVING AS A FRIEND (sakhyam)
    Arjuna was so close to Krsna, that the Lord offered Himself to become his chariot driver and serve Arjuna and his brothers in various ways.

    9. COMPLETE SURRENDER (atma nivedanam)
    Bali Maharaja gave Sri Vamanadeva his entire kingdom, his possessions as well as his own body, although his own spiritual master was against it.

    Emabark on these devotional processes, go back to Godhead and be free!!! There is nothing to be so depressed.

  • Chanting is not complicated that is why it is the way out or the way in as some might say. It all depends on the extent you dedicate yourself in this process.  

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