Last month, I specifically asked my job if I could have the Appearance Day of Lord Chaitanya off.

When I checked the computer to see if my request had been granted by my job, my request had "mysteriously disappeared" off the computer. Now it is Friday and I have contacted my boss trying to get a "yes or no answer". My boss hasn't returned my call yet. So I guess I will go to the Temple tomorrow and miss out on the Appearance Day of Lord Chaitanya on Sunday? I don't know. I am praying for a miracle.

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  • No miracle for me. Now I have an   "emergency toothache" so will be going to the dentist instead of the Temple tomorrow. I have to learn to accept my fate in life and not be angry about it.

    • Why is that Lord Krishna always playing jokes on me???  I just right now got a phone call from my boss on a Saturday night at 8:50pm at night telling me that yes I could have tomorrow night off!!!!! So in addition to going to the Morning program I will be able to go to the evening program too!!!!!! Thank you Lord Krishna!!!

      • Because He likes you dearly!!!

        • Hare Krishna Meera. Yes, Lord Krishna knew I needed to be at the Temple and he made "last minute arrangements" to make sure I didn't miss it. It was just what I needed!! It was total bliss all morning and all evening! I have definitely noticed a "new change" in me in regards to becoming more serious about  Krishna Consciousness

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