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Dear devotes

                  i would like to ask a ques that why do iskcon devotess dont participate in affairs outside the circle as their are many problems outside like the islamic coons are the big headache for the people like the issue of love jihad is getting popular nowadays i am not against islam but their false followers who are spreading voilance in the country ....why do we give more importance to only brahmnical values..we need kshatriyas also to function the system well and also the other two groups .......even meera bai also dint allowed king maharana pratap to get completly renounced but to perform his duties along with his saintly charachter and also saint tukarm suggested king shivaji maharaj to perform his duty well dont giveup his duty i know we need to be passoinate for this and it may harm our spiritual life and our goal to reach home but as we are working for money to maintain our body and  to fulfil our neccessary needs then why cant we work lill bit to save people....till we are in this material body we should perform our duties.....isnt it

jai shri krishna


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  • Dear Sudesh Prabhuji,

    There is merit in your argument. I respect your opinion as it has basis in our scriptures. There are certain mundane portions in our scriptures that express the view that one should wholeheartedly perform one's material duty.

    However, let me explain you briefly the basic theme of ISKCON - founded by Srila Prabhupada. 

    ISKCON believes in continuously striving for Moksha. It does not believe in compromising the goal of Moksha in the pursuit of mundane religious duties (dharma), Material welfare (artha), and material desires (kama). In many mundane portions of our scriptures the goal or purushartha of 'Moksha' has been completely ignored and puts emphasise completely on dharma, artha and kama. For countless births we have been pursuing first three purusharths but we ignore Moksha. That is why ISKCON followers are advised to commit a 'spiritual suicide' by giving less importance to mundane duties and wholeheartedly pursue Moksha like Jad Bharat Maharaj. We have lost many opportunities since aeons. In this birth let us strive for Moksha. 

    Honestly speaking, in this Kali-yuga, many people have gone back to Godhead and many will go in future. Why ? This is because, in previous yugas, many spiritual aspirants did not care much for Goloka. They strived for Swarga, Brhmlok, or other heavenly realms. Whole credit of sending the jivas back to Golok goes to the great Vaishnavacharyas that appeared in this kali-yuga. Only they have taught people to give the goal of Moksha, a true priority. 

    Yes, ISKCON devotees generally don't participate in mundane discussions like 'love-jihad' or 'Islamic terrorism' or politics. Such talks are feasts of crows and vultures. Vaishnavas relish just the talks of Krishna and His divine avatars.There are many nationalists to solve these intricate political issues. But, it's certain that they will finally keep on taking births after births. This is because their ultimate goal is not Moksha. 

    Yes, Brahmanical spirit is allowed to grow within the ISKCON culture because it is far superior than the Kshatriya spirit. Many Kshatriyas by birth will deny that the brahmanical spirit is superior than the Kshatriya spirit but the fact is that the Brahmanical spirit helps us to elevate ourself from the mundane material miseries and the Kshatriya spirit entangles us deep in to the material miseries. True Brahmins are Sattvaguna predominant and true Kshatriyas are Rajogun predominant. Rajoguna burns the heart of jiva days and night whereas the Sattva guna coolens the jiva's heart and enlightens him. 

    The motto of ISKCON is not to make everyone a Brahmana or a Sadhu. The motto is to assimilate good Brahmanical values like dharma, Bhakti, gnan and vairagya etc in the lives of ordinary people. No one physically forces a kshatriya to become a Sadhu or a Vaishya to become a Brahmachari. Let me give you an example. Hrishikesh Mafatlal, an eminent industrialist and disciple of HDH Radhanath Swami Maharaj wanted to renounce everything and become a Sadhu. Maharaj said him not to do so but remain a Grihastha and set a good example by becoming an ideal industrialist. This would motivate many eminent industrialists like him to join ISKCON.  

    Performing duty is not forbidden in ISKCON but it is less emphasised. People are encouraged to worship God more and lead an austere life. Only such life will lead us back to Godhead.

    I hope that I was able to explain you the point.

    Hare Krishna!

    Veeral Gandhi 


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