• Hare Krishna and thank you Parag for such an elaborate response. I appreciate your response and could not agree more. If I may add, I think that, when interpreted individually, the teachings of BG may be difficult to understand correctly. The best way to interpret this statement of 'women being less intelligent' is to put it into our material (human) context. Today we can clearly see that on material plane of intelligence bodies with male parts are no more and no less intelligent than bodies with female parts... Having chosen Krishna consciousness, again both women and men can be equally intelligent.

    So how come then BG stresses this difference? Well, Krishna believe it or not, Krishna is so supreme that he is the only male (higher class) and all of us are lower class (female). Note: this has nothing to do with modern (human) definition of male and female. (Krishna is the only purusha or enjoyer and we are all simply prakriti energy...)

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    All Glories to Srila Prabhupad!
  • well explained prabhu

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    As much as i know there is only one MAN (PARAM PURUSH) and that is our "Kanha" rest all demigods ,goddesses,souls are women  so therefore all are less intelligent and the only intelligent one is  OUR KRISHNA.So BHAGWATAM IS NOT indicating particularly women (women i.e. Homo sapiens sapiens female species) but to entire soul community as less intelligent in other words KRISHNA=MAN ,SOULS=WOMEN so souls are less intelligent and KRISHNA is alone intelligent . 

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    I understand that at first reading such strong statements in the sastras do bewilder us. But sastras have the duty to present things things as it is without giving consideration of being diplomatic. Further, lets also understand that such statements are not all that the sastras say about women. They give proper respect to them too. A very wonderful illustration is SB 10.23.14 (the pastime of Brahman patnis) which reads as follows:

    [Lord Kṛṣṇa said:] Tell the wives of the brāhmaṇas that I have come here with Lord Saṅkarṣaṇa. They will certainly give you all the food you want, for they are most affectionate toward Me and, indeed, with their intelligence reside in Me alone.

    In the purport to this verse HDGSP says: 

    "...They would not heed their husbands’ prohibitions, since they resided within the Lord through their transcendental intelligence."

    So we can see that both Lord Krsna and his pure devotee SP have trust in the intelligence of women, when it comes to devotional service.

    This pastime is very relevant to your question because it shows the comparative intelligence of brahmanas and their wives, in connection with Krsna. While the brahmanas were quite intelligent in worldly sense and performed vedic sacrifices with complex mantras, their uneducated wives performed simple devotional service to krsna with their intelligence. We all know then whose service pleased Krsna.

    One of our sanyasis while commenting on this pastime mentioned that the intelligence of women when purified is far more better than men. In the same lecture he mentioned that however, women need protection because of their natural innocence and lack of physical strength as compared to men.  

    Also, please take time to go through this version also:


    Why are women considered less intelligent?
    To hear the answer, please click here This is an unedited transcript Answer: When Srila Prabhupada is referring to women as less intelligent that is…
  • hare krishna prabhuji.... i'm quoting from what i read lately

    God is the energetic and His devotees are His energy. Hara represents the perfection of the Lord’s energy, technically known as hladini-shakti; God’s pleasure potency.

    When praying to God, it is important to address His devotees because that we are striving to become devotees ourselves. Devotees like Radhrani, Sita, Hanuman, Prahlada, etc. are our role models because they represent perfection in life. We can never be the energetic; that title is reserved for God. In fact, one of the reasons for our being in this material world is our desire to try to be God. We falsely believe that if we meditate enough, or accumulate enough riches, that we can one day become the strongest, wisest, most beautiful, or most famous. This actually can never be achieved because these perfections are reserved for God, whose is also known as Bhagavan, meaning one who possesses all fortunes. The great devotees are the trail blazers who have shown us how to achieve perfection in life. By uttering “Hare”, we pray to God’s energy to help us become pure devotees as well.


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  • Hare Krishna

     Jivatmas are Spiritual Energy of Krishna

    Krsna's the energetic and we are the energy...He is the enjoyer we're to be enjoyed

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    • Hare Krsna! prabhuji dandavat

      We all jeevatma or living beings are all shakti(part & parcel of Krishna) & HE is shaktiman and our one and only one purpose in this & each life is to serve HIM only.

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    Because we are prabhuji, thats why. When we accept the authority of the scriptures, we have to accept the full authority. We cannot pick and choose what suits us. Like how human beings are described as the most intelligent class, highest form of life on earth - in that also there is a division, women are lower yoni than men.

    Having said that, the good news is that the soul can progress and attain the highest goal of love of Godhead even in this woman yoni. So there is no loss. Women are supposed to be subservient to men and are supposed to serve men. Constantly doing this and being in the background ensures that the false ego gets a good beating all the time, again very good for spiritual progress.

    What is the loss prabhuji. The soul has taken human form of life, still has taken the inferior female form - everything is based on karma. So in this birth, we can do such karma (sadhana) that we dont have to take birth again at all - no male, no female.


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    • Dear devotee, inspite of what you have said, why is it that women are good at studies, are sincere in their office work, cook delicious meals & look after the house ? Please note that I am not questioning our scriptures here. I just want to know how they are less intelligent class.
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