Even though this matter has been discussed earlier, i think this topic deserves a page/thread of its own.

After discussing this with IDT members, i came to know that the real karta is Krishna or His shakti maya/prakriti, but due to Krishna's illusory power, we the jivatmas instead think that we are the doers. 

Now, if its Krishna or His shakti maya/prakriti who's doing everything and if the soul itself isn't doing anything but simply powering the machine called body then isn't it Krishna or his shakti maya/prakriti who is to be blamed for everything? 

I mean, maya/prakriti produces pancha-mahabhutas, which in turn produces the mind and false ego.

So in my opinion its the Lord's shakti maya/prakriti who is to be blamed.

But Gayatri ji yesterday explained to me that its the false ego which is the culprit.

My question is, isn't false ego a product of maya/prakriti?

According to Gayatri ji, all the jivatmas in this universe, are equally gifted with mind and false-ego, from sinners like Hitler... to Saints like Haridas Thakura. Now what we do with this mind and false ego is up to us. And so it is our mind and false ego which is to be blamed. Not the Lord or His shakti maya/prakriti.

My question is, why gift us with a tool in the first place that is inclined towards evil? ... And more importantly a tool which is always under the spell of maya/prakriti's 3 gunas. Because of this spell we are always under the delusion of doership and always performing merits and incurring sins ... and therefore trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. In other words, why did Lord create his maya shakti to entrap the jivatmas in the cycle of reincarnation?

Would love to hear your views. Thank you. 

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                  • Don't get me wrong Punkech ji :) I like Krishna. Especially his quality of imparting knowledge is something which i really like.

                    The things i dislike are singing, dancing and his illusory energy Maya, which produces the product called false ego. Once created, it put this false ego under ignorance (that im the body, im rich etc.) If only this maya only had sattva properties, minus the rajo and tamo gunas then there wouln't have been so much misery.

                    • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji

                      Prabhu ji, lord Krishna is not that cheap! the tests given by maya are to check the determination of the devotee! even for a normal job we give an interview. but this is Krishna Prema! it's really great... we need to make sure our determination is up to par for this. why don't you question companies- "if you would give all of us jobs without taking interviews, we all could have been appointed easily!" ant about the singing and dancing part, krishna reciprocates with his devotees the way they want. you want to be on the path of gyan yoga, so go ahead! all the best! but there are many devotees who want to play with Krishna, dance with him and even make him their child! so obviously, krishna would reciprocate with them in the same way! what's wrong with that?

                      Hare Krishna!

                • Sevak

                  Hare Krsna 

                  Finally you admitted Bharat ji that Krishna has designed it this way.

                  Why Finally ?  I have accepted this from beginning. This whole material creation has been designed by Krsna. He is free to design it whichever He way He wants it. 

                  But you dare not question the Lord or his devotees on why he has designed it this way.

                  There is nothing daring  about this question. To most devotees it is a very irrelevant. I am in a prison house. I am least bothered about the plumbing & painting of the prison. I'm more interested in get out of the prison. Thankfully Srila Prabhupada and the acaryas have given is enough answers about returning back home back to godhead.

                  Hare Krsna


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