who is best

world is good.....India is better.......srikrishna is best............because krishna choose indias holy and fertilte soil for birth.......we r proud to be an indian.......we teaches spirituality to whole world......

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  •  in the past ,globally speaking, the most demons and uncivilized  humans were living in the western part of the world,

     celestials and religious humans on eastern .

    in kali yuga  that difference is every day  less and less, starting about 5000 years ago.

    in present time of age kali ,they are almost equal.

    so you dont have to be proud of being indian or any other qualification, because its very temporary.

    • india is act like a guru of all religion.....because it is anciant and first birth place of religion....so we must be proud about them.....arabinda says india win all over the world not by power but by spirituality....swami vivekananda stated our religion in 1893 in chikago america like world famous religion......and prabhupad give krishna mantra to vagabond hippy of america......so i say india is the founder.....of religion.........they r not almost equal...we have a power to teach them what is religion....

      • i hope somebody dominates over the world. Sheesh, its about time. Spirituality. Science, we just need dominion. Like the U.S has done over must countries...u know, such severe peace has followed in its wake....Nationality is like racism. You r all above that. Every religion, every tradition, every dogma and nonsense opinion has tried to dominate. Its in your texts....i mean its literally right there, said and done. All these religious view points are correct...at the end...AT THE END. When you find the savior, if you find the savior, and you stop at that you will embody dogma. Find the teachings not the being. The truth is, religion means you are still seeking yourself, but religion is in so much in need and purposeful. It is neither good nor evil and both. It is never "you" vs "them". The founder of religion is not india, the founder of religion is the founder itself which resides in all beings. There is nothing here but the founder. What more is there? God is one, not there is one God. This is the distinction. And then eliminate you and him mentality....you are left with "you will achieve me"

        Prance around in weirdness and love...<3

        • nationality come by birth not by recism... i not try to prove we are the best...other are poor fellow or handicaft...i discous the real fact that we teach other religion...for these perpose people from many contry come at the mayapur iskcon it is holy birth place of chaitanya.....this feelings on heart of devotee came hare from abroad and iskcon teach them and open their eyes....in INDIA.we teach other spirituality not by force only by love......we dont think our contry means river,tree,mountain,pond,and ground wethink it is our mother......but we obey all the great heart like KRISHNA, jishu ,buddha,mahabir,nanak,kabir,allah all pure soul of god.

          • we must ned to fill we r son of of krishna this believe give us freedom

  • Volunteer

    the word 'proud' is only spoiling that Vedic culture.

    No need to be proud of something.

    One day we are a human being in India another day something else in some other place.

    So life is too short to spend it for a pride.

    We are not Indians, Americans or Russian. And  any land belong to us. Nor India nor Russia.

    We are here temporarily so why to be proud of something???

    Only little bit unintelligent person will be proud of temporary designations.

    Main goal of life is to love Krishna.

    Anyone, even a dog can chant Hare Krishna and go back to Godhead.

    • E-Counselor

      True. Why be proud to be a Indian - that is just bodily designation. If at all, it is more responsiility on the sou to conduct one's life in such a manner that the opportunity of being born in Krsna's chosen land is utilised to the fullest in pleasing Krsna every single minute.

      We have to get over the bodily consciousness of Indian, American or high or low birth. We have to use our intelligence and resources in serving Krsna. Then and only then our life has any meaning.


      Your servant,


    • Very Nice Mataji

  • Yes, taking an Indian birth is a good thing. Good karma from a previous lifetime. However, Krishna Consciousness is for the whole world-not just India.There are great ISKCON preachers from all races and all different countries. We Americans are  also very lucky. Our wonderful friends from India, come and visit us in the USA and then they decide to move here to the USA to help us out.

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