who done the other half ?


Kerala a land called God's own Country., Peoples are leading a hectic life

mechanically going to nearby temples and pray for themselves.

They have a strong belief that if you done a half the other will take care by 

the GOD itself.

How temples are significant to these peoples ?

anish ms

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    There are a lot of Christians in Kerala. One reason is that St. Thomas was there two thousand years ago. How he got there is an interesting story. After Jesus returned from the resurrection he sent all his disciples to preach the gospel all around the world. They were all enthusiastic and inspired to do that service. All of them except for one that is. As usual "Doubting Thomas" was dragging his heels and hanging back. He was always like that. However, one day there was a big merchant talking with Jesus. He was from Persia (today we say Iran) and suddenly Jesus had an idea. This merchant had big caravans with strings of camels and he traveled back and forth across the, then known, world. Jesus said to him, "I have a slave I'd like to sell you. His name is Thomas." The merchant was a bit skeptical because as far as he knew Jesus was without any possessions and he found it hard to believe he owned anything, least of all a slave. So when Jesus was doing something else the merchant called Thomas over and asked him, "Thomas, who is this Jesus Christ to you anyway?" Thomas immediately folded his hands in front of his chest and said very reverentially, "He is my Lord and Master." With that all his doubts were set aside and the merchant said to Jesus, "OK, I'll buy your slave, Thomas, how much do you want for him?" Jesus immediately answered, "Twenty-three shekels." That price was acceptable. Jesus then called Thomas over and said, "Thomas, you're going on a long journey with this man to India. Here you'll need these." And he gave Thomas the twenty-three shekels. So it is that Thomas ended up in Kerala. He was very successful and even today 18% of that state is Christian. One morning when St. Thomas was on his knees saying his prayers someone came up behind him and chopped off his head. It was never found and is still referred to as a lost relic. So it is that Christianity had its start in India two thousand years before anyone in America had even heard of it.
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    That's where St. Thomas ended up after Lord Jesus Christ sold him into slavery.
    • Pranam,
      Hare Krishna,
      I could 'nt understand the meaning with St.Thomas related with Lord Jesus Christ
      expecting a replay.

      anish ms
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