Who are mlecchas??

Hare Krishna,Please can someone let me know who are mlecchas as per scriptures and who can be termed as mlecchas in the current world....??Also I read that Maharashtri is one of the mleccha language from which modern day marathi emerged....I speak marathi does that mean even I come under mleccha category??HARIBOL!!!

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    Dear devotees Hare Krsna .  from the shastra we  know what a mleccha is.

    When requested by their father to accept Çunaùçepha as the eldest son, the elder fifty of the Madhucchandäs, the sons of Visvämitra, did not agree. Therefore Visvämitra, being angry, cursed them.

    "May all of you bad sons become mlecchas," he said, "being opposed to the principles of Vedic culture."

    In Vedic literature there are names like mleccha and yavana.

    The mlecchas are understood to be those who do not follow the Vedic principles.

    In former days, the mlecchas were fewer, and Visvämitra Muni cursed his sons to become mlecchas.

    But in the present age, Kali-yuga, there is no need of cursing, for people are automatically mlecchas.

    This is only the beginning of Kali-yuga, but at the end of Kali-yuga the entire population will consist of mlecchas because no one will follow the Vedic principles.

    At that time the incarnation Kalki will appear.

    Mleccha-nivaha-nidhane kalayasi kara-bälam. He will kill all the mlecchas indiscriminately with his sword.
    SB 9.16.34

  • @ Onkar ,

    A barbarian is an individual who is brutal, cruel, warlike, insensitive person and also un-civilised. Barbarian

    So not all foreigners are barbaric in nature .  Get your facts right  . And just bcoz some things are mentioned in the scriptures doesn't means we should blindly follow them . One should use their brain .

    As we all know , many later versions of the holy scriptures were edited and changed by some corrupt priests in order to fullfill their agendas . So make sure the books (vedas , puranas) your reading is the original un-edited one.

    Also you mentioned that one who doesn't belongs to the four varnas , is a lower categoric man .

    Buddha , an incarnation of Krishna the supreme , was against the caste system , even when he himself belonged to the kshatriya (warrior) caste .

    Check this out - Varna system

    • Here's another good link that defines the four varnas Four Varnas

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    mlechchas are those who eat meat. So anyone who eats that is called so no matter where he stays. 

    And i am not sure about Vedavyas's definition of "hindu".

    Because this word was created by Muslims. And it was not there 5000 thousand years ago.

    If some of Muslims are vegetarians so that means they are not mlechchas, if we call them so it is an offense.

    We are all foreigners here. So in Kali Yuga all are sudras and mlechchas or yavanas. 

    Aryans are very rare. And Aryan never looks downward to others. He is respectful to others and consider himself as a mlechcha and yavana not others. 

    And there was not name called as "India" but Bharata Varsha. And Bharata Varsha was called whole Earth planet not only present country - India.

    And the capital city was Hastinapur. 

    Mostly in the north part of Bharata Varsha there used to stay Rshis (North means present Russia and soviet union countries).


    • Totally agree with you Bhaktim mataji ,

      The word "Hindu" or the religion Hinduism was not there thousands of years ago , and yet Mr.Onkar says its mentioned in Veda vyasa, that non hindus were termed as mlecchas .

      I think Mr.Onkar needs to re-read the vedas (the original one) and not some later versions which were edited by some corrupt priests and im sure he will find no such words like hindu or hindi ocean :)

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    Senior Devotees told me that Bhavishya Purana was changed by some political people. in this way we do not accept it fully. we get knowledge from bona fide authority like Srila Prabhupada. why to be cheated reading changed books???
    no time.
    • HK mataji,

      thank you.

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

    i heard that people who eat cow meat are mlechhas. 

    in this way even in India if someone starts to eat cow meat he becomes mlechha.

    but on the contrary one should not think that Krishna's Devotees are mlechha just referring to their  previous life styles. it is an offense.

    Even dog eater can become a Brahmana even more a Vaishnava.

    mostly mlechha and yavana languages are English, Turkish ...but Krishna understands all the languages. So our devotion does not depend on whether we speak in Sanskrit or in English the main thing is our sincerity  to undesrtand Krishna properly.

    As like small kid can not properly pronounce words but even though for a mother it is a great pleasure to hear his voice.

    Your servant, 

    • Haribol Mataji,

      Forgive me if I hav offended....
      I read this in commentary on bhavishya purana.....

      Almost everybody became mleccha due to kali prabhaav....All the varnas were effected.....

      Should I read bhavishya puran in first place ???

      Kindly elighten me....

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