Is this correct ?

Hare Krishna, dear devotees!!!

I was hearing a lecture on Bhagavatam in Astha channel. It revolved around the divine pastimes of RadhaKrishna. The swami said that Krishna in order to taste His own infinite beauty and sweetness expands Himself as Radharani because without maintaining a separate personality, it was not possible for Him to relish the beauty of His own attractive feautures. But our acharyas say, that Krishna in order to enjoy the Hladini Shakti, His pleaure giving potency  expands Himself as Radharani. So is the conclusion of the swami correct and authentic???

Your aspiring servant,

Gourab Saha.

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    Shivani, Bharat and Abhishek Prabhu,  plz xplain the similarity between two statements---Krishna desiring to enjoy His own beauty and Krishna desiring to enjoy Hladini Shakti.I would be pleased beacause the statements I feel are not producing the same sense.

  • me neither...

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    Hare Krishna!!! Thnkx a lot for ur advice!!

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    Hare Krishna!!! Actually the Swami was speaking about Raas-Lila when he revealed the fact. 

  • now question is

    Which verse of SB is this.. ...we are discussing about ?
    which mentions krishna is willing to enjoy his that's why he made this arrangement

  • Hare Krsna,

    Our acharyas tried to say a CIRCLE as ROUND but the swami said that it is a SQUARE with BENT EDGES, which makes a CIRCLE.

    Prabhuji, better you get convinced about some philosophy as soon as possible and listen to Bhagavatam from them only, because there are many philosophies and different guru systems revolving around in this age of Kaliyuga.

    Only difference is that we want to see everything from Krsna's point of view and others want to see it from their point of view and give confusing conclusions that is convincing. If it is not convincing to others, people might stop going to them and what is the means of their livelihood ?

    For this age, Srila Prabhupada has given us the ultimate truth As It Is, there is no concocted theory of "maybe" or "should be".

    Hare Krsna...

  • i didnt find any difference between both explanations prabhu ji

    hare krsna


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      Me neither

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