• Dear prabhu ji you asked which krishna names to chant chaitanya mahaprabhu said -" namnam akari bahudha nija sarva saktis tatrapita niyamitah smarne na kalah etadsi tava kripa bhagwan mamapi durdaivam idrsam ihajani nnanugraha"- 1siksastaka- oh lord you have hundreds of names like kriahna , govind , vaasudev, etc your names have all your energy there is no fixed time to chant these names can be chanted any time anywhere please bestow your kind mercy on me so that I may start chanting your names. I hope you got your aanswer you may chant whatever name you like along with mahamantra
  • Om namo bhagwate vasudevaya is a holy mantra and was chanted by dhruv ji maharaj and shri narad ji maharaj so if you feel more attrracted to this mantra you should not hesitate chanting this maha mantra iis effective but chanting om namo bhagwate vasudevaya is usefull too it is said one who recitea this mantra for 7 nights attains his desires our desire is krishna so we can attain krishna. Sure you can chant this along with maha mantra
  • Hari dasa thakura talked INTELLIGENTLY before Kazi so that he wouldn't be offended from his current belief . He talked in such a way that Kazi wont become angry and punish him.

    Holy names of Lord Krishna are AUTHORIZED in SCRIPTURES and are not MANUFACTURED by anyone as anyone wishes.

  • Jai Prabhus!

    This has been a great conversation.

    I think we have to remember for a minute who Sri Krsna is..

    Sri Krsna is a Person.  He is not a vagary; not a concept; not a manufacture of alternate mantras.

    If we want to go to His house, we knock on His door with Service and the Mahamantra;

    and He opens the door to Goloka (or Gokula).

    Our goal is to meet THIS Person by chanting HIS name.

    We are not looking for calculations for liberation.. this is impersonalism (nirvisesha).

    We do not look for God in another "energy" and then try to discern from that, 'who is god'.

    One may want to see the President... so that person first locates a continent, then which state he resides, then looks it up in the map book, then tries various roadways and highways which wander and wind towards the goal.

    OR, you look up his number in the phonebook, and call him directly.

    For those who cannot let go of the calculations through other mantras to find GOD, they can go to Beliefnet - Hinduism forums .. Hinduism, Hare Krishnas, Shaivism, V...

    I do not say this in anger or distaste, but IDT is Krishna-centric on purpose.  To discuss something so general that it leaves the IDT focus..... better to go to Beliefnet.  I was on that sight for many years and there are some great discussions to be had on subjects other than Sri Krsna.

    I know that here on IDT, we are talking to new devotees who do not need to be too distracted from Shrila Prabhupada's teachings.  So this discussion has been fun, but really, we are focused on Sri Krishna only.


  • Hare Krsna

    You all want to transgress the Scriptures which are Apauruseya, spoken by Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna himself. Read slokas properly. This is not VOTING where any set of RASCALS can decide anything to chant.


    hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare;
    hare rama hare rama, rama rama hare hare.

    shodashaitani namani, dvatrimshad varnakani hi;
    kalau yuge maha-mantrah, sammato jivatarane. (I)

    “This mantra comprising of sixteen words or thirty-two syllables is known as the maha-mantra in Kali-yuga and is the only capable means through which the living entities can be delivered in Kali-yuga.

    varjayitva tu namaitad, durjanaih parikalpitam;
    chandobaddham susiddhanta, viruddham nabhyaset padam. (II)

    “One should never neglect or give up the chanting of this maha-mantra and take to other so-called purificatory processes which are invented by fools and miscreants. One should not engage even in chanting other metrical compostions of the names of God that are against the pure conclusions of the scriptures.

    tarakam brahma-namaitad, brahmana gurunadina;
    kalisantaranadyasu shruti-svadhigatam hareh. (III)

    “Lord Brahma and other highly advanced spiritual masters have called this maha-mantra as ‘taraka-brahma-nama’ which means this transcendental mantra is the deliverer of one and all. This mantra has been glorified in srutis like the Kali-santarana Upanishad (given below) and also by Lord Hari Himself.

    praptam shri brahma-shishyena, shri naradena dhimata;
    namaitad-uttamam shrauta-paramparyena brahmanah.(IV)

    “After receiving through aural reception, this topmost of all mantras from their father Lord Brahma, Shri Narada and Brahma’s other sons and disciples chanted it, achieved perfection and taught it to their own disciples in the parampara system.

    utshrjyaitan-maha-mantram, ye tvanyat kalpitam padam;
    mahanameti gayanti, te shastra-guru langhanah. (V)

    “Abandoning this maha-mantra, those who recite verses or poems or songs (full of even the principal names of Lord Krishna) which have been manufactured through someone’s imagination, certainly transgress the instructions of the scriptures and the bona-fide spiritual masters.

    tattva-virodha-sanpriktam, tadrisham daurjanam matam;
    sarvatha pariharyam syadatma-hitarthina sada. (VI)

    “Those who are interested in their real self-interest should never accept in any form whatsoever, these concocted mantras or verses which are against the philosophical conclusions of the scriptures and which may contain subtle deviations from the Vedic knowledge.

    And more than this SRILA PRABHUPADA, ACHARYA in the disciplic succession has taught us this mantra which is pefectly quoted in scriptures.

  • yes prabhu i know all mantras are same in power n are accepted by krsna, but im trying to say that when someone takes initiation he will have to accept the given mantra by his guru,acharya.For example gaudiyas will accpet hare krsna hare rama n srivaishnavas will be given om namoh narayanaya mantra.The devotee who has asked this question follows gaudiya sampradaya so it is important for him that when he will take initiation the mantra that will be given to him will be hare krsna hare rama.i mean he will have to adopt n develop a liking for this particular mantra being a gaudiya just as other sampradayas have to chant their specific mantras given by their guru during initiation even if they can prefer another mantra.

    • Respected Prabhuji, Hare Krsna & danadavat

      May I request you to kindly inform the source on which basis it has been certified that  "all mantras are same in power"?

      your servant

      • will try to give u later but Srila prabhupada said all names of the lord can be chanted n can give liberation.For gaudiyas hare krsna hare rama is MAHAMANTRA but for other 3 sampradayas they have other mantras n they are for them the greatest it means that in whatever mantra there is the lord name it is effective n can n must be chanted n will give all good.Hare Krsna.

  • Very good reply given by all devotees.However if u r planning to follow a sampradaya in the future u will need to accept a specific mantra.

  • Respected Devotees & Dear Prabhujis, Hare Krsna!

    We have been told time & again that in this age of Kali, there is on other means to get out of this mess of maya other than chanting "Hare Krsna Mahamantra" very attentively. This has been specifically mentioned in Srimad Bhagvatam & Chaitanya Charitamrit and practiced by our Respected Acharyas. If we can't follow & try other methods, getting same results are not sure.

    My dear friends, It is always better to follow a established & proven path without any doubt. We are not such a capable personality to analysis all this.

    your servant

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