Where are the demons in this material world ?

As you all know at the time of Lord Krisna, there were dangerous demons  that used to live on this planet earth. Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of GodHead started killing demons when He was just a baby. Physically also, they had extra-ordinary features.

My question is, in this Kali-yuga, where are the demons ? Where is the Kali demon ? Lord Kali will be killing Kali demon and usher in Satyuga after 4,27,000 years.

Hare Krishna.

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  • I have personally met (developed a strange friendship even which i recently ended) with a half demon who shapeshifted in front of my eyes many times and with mystical powers. I am still being chased in dreams by her (she was born as both gender features) since i gave up her association. So demons can indeed be very real but pose as normal humans. Be ware.

    • almost all human leaders and authorities in kali yuga are more or less demons in human forms, 

      but when god kalki come ,they all will be cleared from this this planet.

  • Volunteer

    oh one of those  demons is I am :)))

    can You see Prabhu, even a mother in this age can kill her baby in her own womb! So isn't she a demon?

    Or sons killing their own mothers?

    Was not Hitler a demon like Ravana?So mostly we face to demons in this age rather than to sages unfortunately.

    Your servant,

    • im sure we are not demons, despite all our sinful activities and mistakes because influence of kali yuga.

      one of greatness and glories of spiritual persons is to be self critical and soft in the heart.

      usually in kali yuga ,so called religious people are not self critical at all,

      thinking they are perfect ,even good advice to them seeing as offence.

  • Devotee Dean, what I meant to ask was does Kali have a material body similar to other demons during Lord Krishnas period ? Is he hiding somewhere and meditating so as to cast his bad influence on all people in this yuga ? As mentioned in bhagvatam canto 1, he lives in those 4 places but then why is he not visible to our material eyes ?
    • http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/features/08-13/features2911.htm
    • Subhash, kindly give me a reference to any scriptures which support your above statement
      • Dean Prabhu has already quoted from Bhagavatam , right?

    • Devotee Dean, to tell you the truth, I did not read the shlokas with full attention. I simply missed out 1 place where Kali resides. Gold.

      Kalki purana describes Kali as a demon and his physical description is also given which is why I asked the question.
    • There you go. Expecting some BIG demon like figure with two BIG front teeth, one BIG head and two horns with a BIG club with skeletons in his/her neck etc. Trying to find this one? Sorry, but please don't take everything literally.

      We are all Kali-purushas. We are the demons in this Kali-yuga. We live for sense pleasures, to fulfill our selfish desires. Eating and having sex being the main motives for survival. Performing the duties for the sake of reputation and wealth. Going to the extent of killing others for money. We are the ones with all those demoniac qualities. Because of ignorance, we are not able to see these demoniac qualities.

      Please open your eyes. We are the kali-purushas. You will find them everywhere in this kali-yuga. So, please stop expecting some Demon like figure :)



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