Some of my friends family and co workers are totally against Krishna Conciousness teachings. I don't know why. My friend Bob used to be a Baptist church priest and I think he thinks Krishna is a different God and he thinks Krishna Conciousness is a cult. He kept telling me to read certain verse in the Bible and also parts in the bible where it says you can eat meat which I disagree with. He also kept telling me that i hope I am right with being in KC. Sometimes when I try to explain that KC isn't bad or is not a cult they still don't believe me. My friend bob was trying to steer me away from Krishna the other day My mother is totally against KC for some reason and so is my grandmother on my dad's side.. But eveyone else in my family is fine with it. Last week practically every single one of my co workers argued with me about why people do and should eat meat. That really got on my nerves. I told them that I didn't want to discuss it anymore since they were all arguing and I simply said that I believe what I believe and i'm STAYING a strict vegetarian whether they like it or not. Sometimes I don't know what to do in situations like this. :(

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  • Hare Krishan radhe rani ji
    This is world. every body has right to say any thing. But we know what we are doing. Hindu Culture is oldest. And our Ramayan And Shri Mad Bhagwat Geet is superiour Holy Books full of Reality. If you are keep on as Lord Krishana says in Geeta Then you do good. Lord Krishan says you Be my Devotee Because I am God. To remove the doubts from Arjun that krishan is lord then krishan Appears As VISHVAROOP VEERAT SWAROOP. This is the gaurantee that only krishana is lord.
    Hare krisshan radhe rani ji. And also Laxmi and Laxmai pati live there where a Cleaness of every thing. We must be Vageratian if we want to welcom lord krishan (laxhmi pati)...........Hare krishana hare krishana....................
  • I think some people are so against it, because inside their sub-conscious, they know it is correct. Admitting this would be too much of a challenge to their inner desire for materialism. Lord Krishna is in all of us, so in actual fact, we know the truth, we just have forgotten. Sometimes it isn't as innocent as having forgotten though, but is actual resistance.
    You have handled things so well Bhaktin Becky and I am so proud of you. You state your case, but if the ignorant soul continues to argue, you press it no futrther. Srila Prabhupada told us this and it looks like you have handled it in this way. Bravo for you!!!
  • hare krishna dandavat praman
    all glories to guru and guranga
    im an insignificant person to help u, plz forgive me if i commit any offence
    im also facing the same problem -- the only thing to do is be the best son for ur parents ,be the best of friends 4 ur friends il wil make them realise that ur best and different from others, dnt ever tel them the philosopy of iskon, dnt compel them to follow iskon rules . just giv them prasad and if u can run the mahamantra machine at hom mahamantra wil show its magic so they wil hear mantra and slowly becom favrable .
    hatre krishna
    sory if hav done any mistak
    pray 4 me
    hare krishna
  • Well this apparently happens in the life of most of devotees..... Most of the times other family members/friends are not favourable to our Krishna Consciousness activities.
    In such situations it is imperative for us to be patient and lead the life in our way and not to discuss on philosphical/Krishna Consciousness subjects with them.

    This is d modern age of Kaliyuga, so we have no choice but to be sincere and diligently handle this aspect of spiritual life. In this age maya can interfere in our spiritual life in any subtle manner to drift our consciousness. Further, if we are being assigned some material duties then we should perform those duties to utmost sincerity so that no one can question on our spiritual life. This is d way I could counteract it in my life. Yes its true situations and circumstances for every devotees varies to some extent. This is my personal realisations may not be feasible for everyone's life. Thank u
    • Hare Krishna BhaktinBecky,
      It is unfortunate that sometimes our family members and friends are unable to understand Krishna counciousness or not willling to understand due to their beliefs build up during their lifetime. No one wants to accept change easily even if it is for their good. Sometimes parents are scared that if one goes in to KC seriously he/she may leave the family and become a sanayasi. Parents do not want their children to go away due to any reason.
      But i think there is a way to please them too. We should do our duties towards them with sincerity thinking that this is Krishna's orders. We should not tell them big big verses for everything because they may not be at the level to understand KC. We should try to convince them with love and not arguments. Arguments cannot convince others but love can easily do. Tell them if they love you then they should understand your feelings as well.
      Please do not try to convince others about KC unless you are fully convinced from your within. Gradually they will develop love for Supreme Lord as well.
  • prabhuji read more abt shrila prabhupada kc journey u definately get lots of inspiration.
    all the devotess blessing r with u
    hare krishna
    radha krishna bless u
    • Bhaktine Becky, You try your best to grow stronger and stronger by reading books and associating with senior devotees, as you grow strong, your co workers and family members will feel weak in front of you. you preach to them just by being very good to them. when people dont like to hear us, we have to be nice to them thats all. gradually they will admire us and then will try to follow us. But to be good to those who argue with us will be a challenge. therefore we need to read and chant and associate more and more. with that strength we can be good to those are bad to us also. Wish you all the best.
  • You are very brave and wonderfully special bhaktin becky,to even attempt to find out about krishna!Your co-workers will find it as a ''threat '' to their continuation of ''their eating of innocent animals''!So don't worry,because i have been a follower of Krishna conciousness for thirty odd years!My farther threw me out of my home initially ....however after many years and lots of preaching through prasadam they will eventually start to appreciate!My farther passed away recently and had the best krishna concious ceremony you can imagine!...Always get the shelter of older devotees.....good luck bhaktine Becky.....Krishna conciousness is the real deal!
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