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Hare Krishna PAMHO AGTSP
Dear vaishnavas we are group of devotees from Gujarat we have 150 indigenous pure breed cow. Who grazing only natural grass .
We are manufacturing ghee by Vedic method as following..
First we boil the milk on the cow dung cakes and wood stove. When it became cool
we add little curd in it. Next day morning it will be a complete curd. Now it is ready to churn.
This churning process is done with two people by wooden motor {MANTHANI} in mud pot. When churning process is completed we get butter. Then we boil this butter in iron pot on the cow dung cakes and wood stove. This is the process of the real ghee.
Now you can calculate price of real ghee by your self.
1 liter milk –Rs.25
From 28 liters milk we get 1 liter ghee
Total cost of milk is Rs.700/-
Employees payment Rs.100/-
Packing, labeling, transporting, profit of manufacturer and profit of reseller and government taxes are separate.
Then what will be the Price of pure and real ghee ?????????

Please reply with your feedback at or

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Telling ain't selling, asking is. You Gujaratis are the best.

Buy Pure Desi Cow Ghee @ VedicGiftShop

Pure Desi Cow Ghee (clarified butter) prepared by vedic method from the milk obtained from indigenous breed of Gir cows. Desi ghee is suitable for,

● daily cooking

● offering in Yagna sacrifices or other religious purpose

● as a medicine to treat various debilitating diseases

● fit to be used in panchkarma therapy

● as nasal drops for improving sinusitis and eyesight.

Pure Desi Cow Ghee is made of cow’s pure & fresh milk using the traditional standards, the cows are kept in a stress free environment. They are given fodder & concentrate produce of our own farmlands along with clean water to keep them in healthy state.

thank you prabhu please pray for me that i can success in harinama{ vepar} business also.
Hare krishna,
very nice calculations prabhu.really we should use pure ghee if someone affords it.
i think you can atleast keep margin of atleast 20% of total cost so it becomes 960 INR.
one thing i want to share it is very difficult for poor people to use ghee as their salaries are very less but this is different issue.

Hare krishna thank you nilesh prabhu. For replying true price.
Prabhu my aim not earning money throw selling ghee but i have to maintain my family.
in our business we are three partner 50% profit goes to direct goseva 25% goes to preaching program we doing here in our near place and reaming 25% for my family maintaining .
but i have interest to preach cows real glory. I
inspired from H.H. Bhaktirasamirita swami when i was bramchari in iskcon vrindavn goshala that time he really turned towards gomataseva.
So aim trying my beast.

please accept my humble obeisances Ghanashyam Prabhu,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

It is so nice that You are trying Your best to give life to brahmanical culture. And i am sure that You are doing it not for money but as service.

Please, do not be offended or upset but i would like to tell my calculation.

When one makes 1 kg ghee out of 28 litres of milk does it mean that after taking the ghee other part is waste? No. It means the price for ghee might be decreased. 

Because for half kg ghee 500 Rs is very costly. Even karmis make that cheaper. 

For example, in my village we buy one kg ghee for 150 - 200 Rs, directly from village women who have their own cows. Plus in our country there is winter for 3-4 month and that is the time no grass grows. So they feed cows with dry grass which they bought in summer. And one liter of milk is less than 15-10 Rs. Again saying it is directly from village. I do not say that in city markets milk is so cheap. There it costs as like in India 30 Rs.

So would like to know from where and how You calculate the price of milk? In India grass is full year round. 

Please could clarify this, please!

Because many Devotees live simple life, they do not work for money so they do not have much money. And they eat also simple food. Is there any possibility to consider such like customers?! For example in Mayapur i bought very nice black ghee for 90 Rs 250 grams...

Thank You!

Your servant, 


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