what will be the answer

Hare Krishna!there is very much increase in suicides.So i want to know that when a person do suicide is it the Krishna's wish or is it that person's wish?Every body says that a person who do this become an insect or become a ghost.and if it is Krishna's wish then why a person would become an insect or anything else except a human?

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  • depression is the reason of people going for suicide the reason for there depression is they arn't happy.Why  arn"t they happy? Answer is they don't know what the happiness is .Whey they don't know what the happiness is ?

    Answer is we all !If we have acted more activliy we could have save them all.As know by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada we know why this dhukhaliya(suffering material world)is and how the spiritual world is(where eternal happiness exist).

    Know after reading this statistics please organies more sankirtans and book distribution.Let Save them all.

    There are lot's of consumers but Suppliers are inactive.

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      Anyone suffering from depression should take up street Sankirtana. It does not matter what mood you start out with. One will always end Sankirtana with BLISS! (Purana-amruta-aswadhanam)
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    One and a half million people are crushed to death in motor vehicles every year. We also foul the air we need to breathe and are poisoning our water and destroying the soil everywhere on this planet. Suicide is a way of life. Unfortunately some people become so discouraged that they take their lives. Because of the prevailing mood and atmosphere, however, this is less and less surprising.
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      Sarvopama dasa Prabhu,

      What will be fate of a person who commits suicide for not growing in Krishna Consciousness? Do they still become a ghost just like the materialist?

      I forgot the name of the devotee, who plans to kill himself by falling under the wheels of Jagannath Rath in Puri.

    • hare krishna prabhuji..

      i completely agree with ur comment..


  • Hare Krishna,

    forgive me if i say anything wrong..But according to me, its our wish that leads us to destruction(suicide)..Krishna gives us what we deserve..Things that occur good or bad on u are Krishna's wish and good or bad occurs from u are selves wish..suicide is bad thing to commit sooo how that can be Krishna's wish??? if incase its his wish then there is no harm in taking it positively as he is definitely goin to make us learn..

    forgive me if i have done any mistake..


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    Everyone is predestined to take so many births before leaving the body.

    If someone tries to leave the body before its time, they will pay for it in the form of a ghost etc.

    One pays the price due to karma. Suicide is bad karma and the consequense is bad also. No suicide is not Krishna's wish.

    When Krishna takes someone's life, then they are liberated. Meaning, who ever dies from Krishna (for what ever reason), will not have rebirth. (although there are exceptions where the demons took 3 births, even though killed by Krishna)


  • This material body was given by our parents; our soul has its duty to God, so who are we to decide the time to leave this body.

    The human body is the most valuable of the species cause only with the human form can one inquire about God, if we don't even do that, then we're no better then animals cause they also eat,sleep,mate and defend [hitopanishad]
  • No one should do atmahatya (suicide). He must do atmachintan (think for why are you going to suicide from heart).
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