What to do with old ISKCON calendars?

Hare Krishna!


  I need a suggestion. I have been buying ISKCON calendars each year from the previous 4-5 years. Each year the old calendar is replaced by the new one and the I keep the old one in my cupboard not really knowing what to do with them. 

 Can someone please suggest me that what can be done with with the old calendars?  They have beautiful Deity pictures in them so I cant sell them with the old newspapers to a Kabadiwala. But it is not practical to store the old calendar each year as I hardly ever open them again. 

  I would be highly grateful if someone can suggest me that what is the best thing to do which these previous year calendars..





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  • Sevak

    Best use of Old Calendars



    y s in Devotional service



    • I framed all the deity pictures from the old calendars and gifted them to my relatives in my sister's marriage. All of them were very happy to receive such beautiful photos of Lord and I was happy doing this menial serive to Lord.

      Thanks a lot Prabhujis and Matajis once again for their valable ideas.


      • You've done great job making the marriage itself and its guests more spiritual!
        It is a good example for all of us! Thank you for this experience. 
  • @Bhaktin Shobana Mataji
    Kids cant find their way on their own to candy shops they must be accompanied by someone and so was I.

  • @Bhaktin Shobana

    look behind.I'm a baby in that very same shop...so I will will start crying and u will hav to hand over all of them to me.


  • Hare Krishna!


    I fully agree with the other replies even I was thinking of doing the same.

    And one more thing, note that by nicely cropping only the picture portion of the calender you will be getting

    BIGGER pictures with a much CHEAPER price.

    A standard size BBT published picture will atleast cost us Rs 20. But you get the same size pic from the calender at just the cost of Rs 8/-. And a much bigger pic at the cost of only Rs 15/-, though the quality of paper used for calender is not good but even then it is the best at the price and for this purpose.

    Hope you got my point.

    Jai Jagannath

  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    I was being designing Calendars for Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple
    for last 7 years till 2009. Now it is being designed by H G Shyam Govind Prabhu.

    You can Collect All Pictures from Calendars without Dates,
    and send them to Holy Dham of Mayapur, Vrindavan & Barsana
    give them to Dham vasis.

    Give them to devotees of Bhaktivedanta Hospital (Spiritual Care)
    who go to Barsana Eye Camp every 3 months.

    They will give you blessing.
    Also you can order New Calendar Design for 2010.

    y s in Devotional Service


    P: 022-28457945

    M: 9224 258250


  • Thanks a lot Siddharth Prabhu, Ashish Prabhu and H.G Sarvopama Dasa Prabhuji for ur kind suggestions. I will cut the diety pictures from the calendar, frame them, and gift them to my friends and relatives...


  • Volunteer
    Cut them all out, frame them and put them on a table along with books and sell them. Chanting the maha mantra while doing this will attract many purchasers and guarantee great success.
    • Brilliant idea Prabhuji. Thanks for sharing!


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