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Radhe Krishna👏I am a college student. And I stay in hostle. 2 months back i was gifted Ladoo Gopal. In hostle it is not possible to eat satwik food. Sometimes (very rare) i eat non veg. Can i offer bhog to Ladoo gopal With out washing my head. Is only bathing is sufficient or Should I wash my head before offering bhog or touching Ladoo gopal. If you can humbly answer my question by giving some of your time it will be very much helpful for me. Thank you. Radhe Krishna❤

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  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna

    For deities which are at hostel/home (Prana Prathistha has not been done) offering can be made even if a devotee has not taken head bath. But offering cannot be done without bathing.

    It is understandable that in hostels satwik food may not be available. But eating non-veg has to be completely given up. The principle is that Sri Krsna only accepts offering made with love. All living entities are Krsna's children. If a person eats non-veg then that person participates in killing. Killing is the exact opposite of love. We cannot have love for Krsna if we are killing Krsna's children.

    Hare Krsna
  • Hare Krishna,
    As Ashish prabhu pointed it is very good to chose Veggie food then eating dead food ( non veggie). Try to minimize it slowly. If you not able to get in hostel that day try to find some fruits and milk and keep in stock some alamonds, nuts, dates. Try to reduce the craving for non veggie food slowly.
    Secondly, Offering Bhog to Laddu gopal. ~~smiles~~ you see him as God or a small baby?
    If a baby is hungry what will the mother do? will she wait to take bath ( headbath) and then give food or give him instantly simply by washing hands?
    well, If you are seeing Lord as God Then there are so many rituals to offer HIM in a proper way the naivedya with tulasi leaf.
    simply chant mahamantra and offer him by washing hands if u see HIM as your own.

    You need to take bath then only touch Him.
    But again minimum basic cleanliness is must.. even for touching kids we don't want to spread germs to babies right.
    Whenever you feel hunger you must feel oh my baby little laddu gopal is also hungry let me also feed HIM, basic cleanliness is must. Krishna sees your prema and bhava with which you are serving HIM rather then rituals.
    laddu gopal is one deity which needs lots of care just as a baby on board now you have to be a caring person to that baby. Let me know how well you are caring for the little one.
    I have seen devotees who feed laddu gopal wipe his mouth with a clean cloth and also fan him make him sleep and wake him up, dress him and even put on warm clothing in winters.
    It is cute to see devotees love for Lord. esp. Laddu gopal.
    Hare Krishna.
  • Hare Krishna Hare Rama..
    4 regulative principles- No meat eating(Maas, machli, anda), No illicit sex, No intoxication, No Gambling.. Please follow them !!
    Vegetarian food is available everywhere atleast in india, there is no need to eat nonveg as human body is designed to eat , chew n digest vegetarian food easily in compare to carnivorous animals which are made to eat meat. Only because people have taste for meat they are eating it, not that it's anyway good for health it's actually harmful for health . Our body is compared to a graveyard if we eat meat products and so many viruses are spreading nowadays that's fact due to eating meat which not meant for human..
    If we are eating meat it is sin as some innocent animal is killed due to our taste and we lost one good characteristic i.e merciful and we can't grow spiritually. So need to eat sattvik or Rajasik food .
    We always take food prasadam once offered to Krishna with love . I just chant Hare Krishna mahamantra and offered food without bath, only wash hands before offering if doing lunch or dinner because mostly took bath only in morning so if it's morning time I took bath , then offer breakfast food to Krishna..
    • Thank you so much Ashish Prabhu ji. Slowly I am giving my carving for nonveg.
      • Ok.. haribol!! 

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