What to ask of God/Krishna?

In my journey in learning about Krishna Consciousness I am starting to realise how devotees actually talk to God.

In my observation they do not appear to ask God for anything, only to be his humble servant.

In other religions one may pray to God to help a family member, or to help one get out of a difficult time, perhaps even pray for rain but I do not see this among devotees.

Is this a fair assumption?

Do devotees converse with God the same way I may talk to a dear friend? What should devotees ask of God/Krishna if anything at all?

Thanks in advance.

Hare Krishna!

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            • Thank you Suhas Patil.

              Yes this is true.

              Thank you for your kind words. Don't worry as no harm is done. We are all entitled to our opinions.

              May God bless you also.

              Hare Krishna

            • E-Counselor

              Do you realise that if he wanted to ask for health and wealth, he neednt have come to this forum to ask. He is asking a genuine spiritual question. The answer should be as per scriptures and/or acharyas. It should be an informed answer, not by a neophyte to another person who is humble enough to call himself neophyte. 

              • That is very kind of you. Yes indeed it was a genuine spiritual question :)

              • Why he neednt come to this forum. A person comes here by will of god and i have given him a greatest well wishes which unfortunately you couldn't read or you didnt understand 

        • hmm ... we can't say who is a neophyte, we don;t know their level & how much devotion they have done in past lives,... some people join new and very quickly take sanyasa also .... btw KC is possible even without good health or good wealth .. even if one is not a sanyasi

          pamho. hare krishna 

          • Well said Das anu das prabhu. I appreciate you reply.

            Hare Krishna.

            • As you can see the one who has asked this question has kept his name as "neophyte" thats why i said and the type of questions he asked. Now lets not get into some petty arguments on health and wealth . I have heard that many sanyasis have ended up getting married 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    We are sadhakas - I dont qualify to call myself a devotee at all. In our sadhana, our teachings, we are taught how to relate to Krsna. Mam janmani janmani bhavatad bhaktir ahaituki tvayi - pls grant me Your unalloyed devotion life after life. 

    When we study Srimad Bhagawatam and the life of great acharyas, we find that these great souls only asked for devotion. Devotion can also be categorised - it could be mixed devotion, it could be pure devotion, it could be pure unalloyed devotion. It is this pure unalloyed devotion (bhaktir ahaituki) that we aim for. There are so many trials and tribulations in the life of devotees, but they demonstrate with their life how to put Krsna in the centre, how to circumvent the problems and fix the mind on Krsna. That is what we aim for. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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