due to my insignificant vision,intellegence i am not able to decide what things we should look for . is kundli is important to see before marriage? do we need to consider mangal(marc) effect on life of devotee ?

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  • In my humble opinion, a devotee is best advised to get married to another devotee. Of course this is no guarantee for a happy married life ever after. But, that is not the goal of devotees either. As they serve the Lord together, there are bound to be differences, as no 2 souls are same. However, depending on the sincereity of the parties, they advance in KC and get rapidly purified of the material contaminations. Besides, the wonderful attitude of accepting every thing as mercy of krtishna will ensure that they stay together always.
    Astrology is only for people who are looking for the bullock cart process of dharma, artha kama and moksha. The devotee on the aeroplane of Krishna Prem needs no such crutches.

    Hrae Krishna!
  • hare Krishna, Jab full surrender kar diya to kundali is not more than a piece of paper.Lord Krishna personally takes charges of his devotees life.( Krishna himself has proved so many times).It is only our Beolved nandlal that can become charioteer of his devotee. Jai Jai radhey shyam sundar ki...........:)
  • Hare Krishna,

    Recently came across one article ( link below ) on grihasta life. I scrim though it quickly and found it interesting. Just thought if it helps whoever reads it. This was compiled under the instructions of senior disciples.

  • hare krishna, i think the surrender to God by both the partners is much necessary condition bcoz if both the person have spiritual awakening then no problem will occur with them, and they both can enlighten each other by dedicating them to God.
    • Radhe Radhe,
      Nice thoughts.

      Take care.
  • Volunteer
    If the man doesn't know how to manage his ojas shakti properly the likelihood of divorce increases.
    • haribol,
      prabhuji wat is ojas shakti.
    • hare krishna, very nice thoughts and a good answer to those belive in janamkundle rather than karamkundli
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