Hare Krishna ,

If there exist a wife ,whose husband is against Krishna Conciousness ,

or he hinders growth in KC ,

What must a Wife do , Should she support her husband as sciptures say , women must oblige her husband , or she should be Krsna Concious , and pay whatever the cost is ?

Because Krishna is above all things !!

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  • Hari Om !! my pranAms to Bhagawan and Bhagavathas !!

    Similarly, what is the advice in the case where the husband is Krishna-Conscious and the wife is not?

    Sri Radha-Krishna Sharanamaham prapadhyE,


    • hare Krishna Srijon prabhuji

      It's a nice topic. http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/profiles/blogs/when-the-husband-is-...

      It's also very informative and true as per satyug,treta and dwapar yug . But tell me how practical is it for kalyug.

      "Sati dharma" is true if we can follow with heart "dilse". otherwise just doing something to please husband and mentally thinking bad about it, is not sati dharma.

      Does'nt things and philosophies change with time and circumstances.

      Even Lord Krishna incarnates as different forms and teaches slightly different philosophies as per time (yug) and kalyug based on the level of the intelligence of that yug.

      eg Lord Krishna asked Shiva to spread the philosophy of ignorance.(needed for demons)

      eg Lord Krishna incarnates as Buddha in kalyug and teaches non-voilence.

      eg Lord Krishna himself sent Sankarcharya to teach mayavadi philosophy ,to prevent sunyavad (needed in those circumstances)

      eg Lord Krishna incarnates as purushottam and fights against bad rulers/kshtriyas(needed for that time)

      The gist is even Lord Krishna changes/manipulates things suitable and understandable  for that yug or for people with less intelligence.

      As per Bhahvad gita we should perform our duties, which I totally agree with.

      But what while performing those duties we become the victim of material things.

      for eg if husband wants us to go for movie , we will go but do you thing for that 3 hours in movie time, we will be able to chant "hare krishna"  -> answer is NO

      if husband wants us to go for party , will we be able to be krishna conscious in that party. Answer is NO

      we are also entangled in that material life..

      I am myself not sure how to follow Krishna's quote fully "we should perform our duties" .

      But I think one should follow in a way so we are able to manipulate things in this kalyug correctly.

      • Hare Krishna Mathaji..

        In the same blog, the below words are there

        And Srila Prabhupada told her: “Remember those Deities that we worshiped when we were children?” He said, “I have them here, I’ll give them to... You worship Them, Radha-Govinda, and you keep praying to Them, and They’ll help you.” He didn’t advise her to divorce her husband, or to complain to various women’s ministries about him, etc. Rather for material problem he gave a spiritual solution.

        So, we will need to do things as part of our duty (it is Kaliyuga), which may be out of KC, but pray to Krishna and he will help us..
        -Your servant
        • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

          Please forgive me for my offensive words.

          I just feel that one should perform her/his duties to fulfill the basic needs of that relationship.That's it. And that is how the non-attachment part comes in a relationship.

          Serving meat/alcohol when a wife doesn't want to serve that is not sati dharma.

          We should in fact try to change them with love and care rather then serving demonic things.

          This above link http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/profiles/blogs/when-the-husband-is-... to me looked like teaching more of "Male dominating society for KC" then "International society for KC"

          Devotees even say that a girls hould be married before her puberty. That could be right in satyug when puberty use to be 17/18 yrs and now in kalyug it's only 9 years, how can that be right for kalyug.

          Anyway, apologies for my rude words. But these things just deteriorates my faith in ISKCON.

          Hare Krishna.

          • Sevak

            Hare Krishna Mata Ji. PAMHO. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

            Sorry for some of the wrong information on the blog. Please forgive me. Actually, this was a opinion of another devotee. I just posted the article on the basis of her opinion. But after I looked at some of the strictures about this topic, I found that many of her concepts were wrong. Such as this verse in this connection, the Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, 15.265, clearly states, “When a husband is fallen, one’s relationship with him must be given up.”

            Now I have changed the whole blog and it is written from a more advanced devotee who knows more about his subject matter. So please re-read the blog and please if possible forgive me.


            Your Servant.

            Hari Bol! 

            • Hare Krishna Srijon Prabhuji.

              This article perfectly makes sense. Thank you for re-checking this article again.

              I like these quotes very much

              "the Vedas say that all acts must be performed according to ‘desa, kala, patra’—time, place and circumstance. "

              "your husband as the representative of Krishna".

              "Lord Shiva can drink an ocean of poison, but we cannot, and so we should not try to copy "

              Hare Krishna and thank you

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