• No one can escape the Karmic reaction. The reactions may not be visible but will definitely come.

    We pray that they change their violent path and take to God consciousness and spread Lord's mercy rather then terror.

    Let us also learn a lesson that there is danger at every step in this material world and we should try to go back home back to Godhead by being Krishna conscious always.

    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      What a great answer from ISKCON desire tree network Prabhuji/Mataji for even a fool such as me.. An answer which fully satisfied a fool such as me..



      p.s. To Tushar Prabhuji, Karmic reaction(a reaction/punishment which is unfathomable by us) only comes from God not from the Government..

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        Hare Krsna Tushar prabhu,    From Srimad Bhagavatam 5th canto we hear that hell is a fact.     There is discription of the various hells that a sinful person is sent to receive the result of so many sinful activities.  We should read and not doubt the shastras. For whatever sins a man performs he will surely get equiverlent  punishment in hell.    And the act of suicide that is  common amongst terrorists is a great sin.     Killing inocent people even by the goverment like police and soldiers. will result in going to hell. Criminals of any kind face hell.   If a person does not try to improove their character in this life,  who is envious of others and gives pain even to low forms of life what to speak of humans will enter into hell.     Yamaraja and his asstants take all human being to Pitrloka and there it is decided.   We must do our best to improove and help others improove or we may fall into hell.     Hare Krsna.
    • Hare Krishna Prabhus & Matas ., Thanks for your reply .,

      This is true and we hope they change their Violent path., but my question is what Punishment for them (Terrorist) who kills and injured people ., Because people  hope  Justice from GOD not from Goverment..:)


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