Hare Krishna,

Are you sure of what you are doing is what you wanted to do in your life? Do you really enjoy what you are doing or doing out of fear of something?

I have seen some people in Krishna consiousness or for that matter from any school of thoght that  after sometime of practise start to feel that they

are better than others and start to treat others as inferior. Outwards they show humbleness and softness etc but inside they are proud and arrogant

of their progress in spiritual path. Is there a simple way to connect to the lord instead of all these complexities?


Hari bol


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  • Hare Krishna,
    Aakash Prabhu ji,
    What a beautiful name.. Aakash.. is there any limit to it? Have you known anyone that can tie the Aakash ( the sky) in one small piece of rag?
    Yes we cannot!!!
    Similarly Lord is Infinitely blissful .. Can you behold HIm with your puny little senses?
    Yes we are not sure of this we can get to something or we will have that infinite bliss. But Love is only giving remember Not asking something in return .....!!!!
    We love to do service to Lord we love to make Him happy.. This is only the reason behind this bhakti movement. Not attaining any spiritual status or or any big position in goloka or getting moksha or anything..
    When there is nothing no expectations from ones side.. Then only that is true love!!!
    People are doing chanting for various reasons.. 1. some are doing to get rid of their sins.. 2. some are doing chanting for attaining permanant spot in Goloka.
    3. some are doing for show off of the number of rounds they are doing 4. some are doing for simply loving lord and enjoying the pleasure of serving Lord. They don't expect anything in return.... They are not sure if they are going to get hell, heaven or bhooloka or Goloka .. They just love to serve Lord..
    This 4th stage is very difficult to attain. Once you are on the path.. There is no expectations of any kind.
    U REmemeber the story when lord Krishna got a headache?
    He asked Narad muni to get the dust from a devotee .. Narad muni went to all places 3 worlds asked Brahma and Mahesh also to give their feet dust.. asked Rukmani Satyabhama also but all were afraid of giving the dust of their feet to be applied to the forehead of Lord...?? whY?? they felt They might get to hell if they do so.. But The simple gopikas didn't feel so they simply gave their dust of their feet .....immediately upon asking.. They felt that their going to hell is not so important.. If their dust will relieve the pain and suffering of Lord then it is worth it even if they have to got to Hell. This is called Love.
    To attain this state its is simple not a one step process.
    we are at the basic stage where we are fighting with our selves.. The day we get over our body, mind and intellect and false ego ...being to become compassionate and selfless then only we can see any real progress. Until then we are just going ahead trying to get over our egos. We keep failing nevermind.. It is always good to keep falling to get up and learn to raise up again. Becoz its our learning phase.
    The kid who never falls from his bike will never learn to cycle ever in his life that is a fact ..! fear of falling will never make him to raise above.
    Hare Krishna.
  • E-Counselor
    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    When I saw the headline itself, I knew its a question from you. After so many years, why are you still in doubt prabhuji?

    We may not be sure of what we are doing or what we want from life, but when we come across the answer, the reason for this human form of life, then we are convinced that this is the right thing to do. How? By the pleasure, bliss, anand that arises in our hearts. Like how you solve an algebra question in an exam - typically you will check the results with other examinees nearby. But if you get answer like x=1, y=1, z=1, you don't need to check - you know the answer is right. That same way, when we arrive at the right path, we just know it. And that faith increases by the day, depending on our sadhana and level of surrender.

    Like already mentioned - please identify your problem - is your problem that these so called humble people rub you the wrong way, or is it your perception that they are so called humble? Prabhuji, please understand that none of us are pure devotees. We are all on the path - sadhana marg. We are all learning. So while we know we should be humble, there are a lot of times, when the ego does play up. We still try to remember that we are to be humble and correct ourselves.
    I have always found it amazing that people expect perfection from everyone around them, but when it comes to themselves, they are very lenient. Actually, in spirituality, we should be doing the reverse. Be strict with your own sadhana and be very accepting of others.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
  • Two issues here.
    One - Are you bothered by the ones who are arrogant and proud or
    Two - Do you fear that you might become arrogant and proud when you improve vin your spiritual life?
    If it's the first one - the answer is easy. Why do you even want to bother. If you feel they show humble but arrogant inside, feel sorry for them pray to Krishna that they be shown the right path and better disconnect yourself from them. Their company is going to do you no good.
    If it's the second one- well I face it everyday. I know me. I get proud of and when I achieve something or when I feel I've got something that no one else has. The only way that I've seen being effective is to pray. Just pray to krishna. " Krishna, I am getting out of hand. I'm feeling proud. But I want to become humble. I want to conduct myself the way you want me to. But I'm not able to. Please help me. Please help me loose this arrogance. You are the controller of all my senses. Please have mercy upon me. Please control me to your whims". This works. Trust me
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