Radha Rasamayi DD and Shaalini Saravanan are now friends
Apr 29, 2020
Shaalini Saravanan replied to Jontidas108's discussion ghosts
"Yes. Srila prabhupad once in a lecture said that he had to stay in a bungalow and there was a ghost there. He started chanting the hare Krishna mahamantra and the ghost left the building. Srila prabhupad accepts the existence of ghosts and also says…"
Nov 24, 2019
Shaalini Saravanan replied to parag popat's discussion Please to get in Vaikunth
"Srila prabhupad says if one is not able to complete his Krishna consciousness in this life, then in the next life he is given a chance to continue his bhakti and duty by taking birth in a high aristocratic family or a brahminical family. Any…"
Nov 24, 2019
Shaalini Saravanan replied to aakash menon's discussion What made you leave your choice and personal interest for something which you are not sure off?
"Two issues here.
One - Are you bothered by the ones who are arrogant and proud or
Two - Do you fear that you might become arrogant and proud when you improve vin your spiritual life?
If it's the first one - the answer is easy. Why do you even want…"
Nov 24, 2019