What karma makes us reincarnate as trees?

In Gita As it is, there are a few pages with pictures and one of those pictures shows that some of us become trees due to our bad karmas, but it is not mentioned clearly (either in pictures or in written form) what kind of karma makes us trees in the next birth. 

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  • Hare Krishna Anirudh Prabhu,

    Those who expose their bodies for getting praises for their body. Those who take pride in their youth and insult others who are ugly are bound to become trees 

    As we all know from the storie of Damodar leela how the Kubera kumaras' the Nalakubera and Manigriva  were cursed by Narad muni.

    See, even a mad man exposes his body, even a yogi roams naked in the streets who has got enlightened ( Like Jain teerthankaras) who have lost attachment to their bodies they are not wrong. They are not exposing their bodies to get some pleasure from people praising their bodies.  They wont be born as trees they would rather get mukti.

    But those who feel pride of their youth and in that intoxication of beauty and vanity insult others are going to become trees in next birth

    Even a prostitute can be a devotee, if she sees her body is waste bag and is of no use and she even thought totally polluted in her physical body aspect if her mind resides in Krishna if she loses the body consciousness she is KC.

    Example is a Vyabhicharini Pingala who is described in SB in canto 11.chap.8

    The prostitute Pingala was all the while waited for a perfect lover but all those who came only seeked her body and never cared to understand her. She got solace and comfort when she felt Krishna is the only perfect lover who wont leave her ever as compared to all the coustmers she would receive daily and though she was totally polluted in her physcial body her mind was fixed on Krishna always thus she attained Krishna's abode.

    The conciouness of the person matters. Look at the trees what do you understand when you see a tree-- Though they have life in them they are not able to express themselves or show it.

    Narada muni gave a right curse which is a blessing in disguise to teach them a lesson.  Now that they became trees all that they got was to stand naked expose their bodies. Artists praising the beauty of the trees..but they cannot react to the praises.. People taking shelter under a tree eating the fruits of the trees,hitting the tree with stones at times to get the fruits, many ants and insects making the tree their homes, many birds making their nests in that trees. This is how they became useful to all and they didn't react at all against anyone who tried to hit them or cut their branches. They paid for their sin of insulting a vaishnava and got a chance also to get liberated at the hands of Lord after 10,000 years serving so many people, animals and ecosystem like this.

    So the kubera sons learnt a lesson that this BODY should be used either for Higher puposes like gaining Krishna prema or it should be used for the service of others. If the body is used to selfish pleasures then it will surely get wasted. Fools are those who take pride in the body which is just a outer covering and in always changing birth after birth. That which is not premanant at all what is there to take pride in it

    These actors or actresses who expose their body for money sake or name fame sake they can become trees if their consciousness is like this of the trees. If the same actress or actor who for others sake exposes but still internally is seeing that his or her body is useless junk and just does it for the sake of living but internally having perfect knowledge about the soul and how transient is this body. He or she is not going to get a tree body.

    Hare Krishna

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    • We enter this world from our mother's wombs as naked infants. In my opinion, it is our natural state. I don't see anything wrong in it. For many ascetics, wearing clothes is a sign of comfort and worldliness. This is the reason why you'll see many saadhus roaming completely naked. I dont think Lord is going to curse them for that. Ishwar is not that cruel ... Even Adam and Eve were naked in the beginning. And for that God didn't curse them.That's how God created them and wanted them to be. But the sense of shame crept in, when they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. Then they became aware of their nakedness and so covered themselves. Before the consumption of the fruit, even when they were naked, they were innocent like children.

      Suppose today i give up all my posessions including money, house and even clothes and live a life of a vanaprastha, and at the same time meditate on the lord while remaining naked, will God curse me for that? I doubt it.

      • Sevak

        Hare Krsna 

        I don't see anything wrong in it.

        This is a personal choice of perception

        Even Adam and Eve were naked in the beginning. And for that God didn't curse them.

        It is not the act but the inclination, tendency, desire stuated in the subtle body that is the factor. 

        Srila Shukadev Goswami presented Srimad Bhagavatam to Parikshit Maharaj. Srila Shukadev Goswami was not wearing clothes. But his consciousness was so high that he would not differentiate between genders. He would see only soul not the body. Such personalities are far above bodily consciousness. They do not have sinful tendencies of enjoying forbidden sex. 

        Adam and Eve were naked buyt they were not enjoying forbidden sex, they did not even think of it.

        Suppose today i give up all my posessions including money, house and even clothes and live a life of a vanaprastha, and at the same time meditate on the lord while remaining naked, will God curse me for that?

        As mentioned previously it is not the act but the subtle body that decides. 

        Hare Krsna

        • Hello Bharat prabhu, i don't think any of us have reached the mental state that is completely free of wordly and sexual desires. But those of us who are seeking God, are certainly trying to purify themseves. Now if i roam naked in the wildreness chanting Lord's name but at the same time if there remains desires of sexual perversion stored in my subtle body, then definitely i'm fooling myself. So yes the desires stored in our subtle body should either be pure (like desire to see God) ... or one should be totally devoid of desires.

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    The next body of a jiva is provided by material nature base don subtle body. Subtle body contains tendencies, inclinations and deep rooted desires of Jiva. The following is an incident from Srimad Bhagavatam.

    These two young men, Nalakūvara and Maṇigrīva, are by fortune the sons of the great demigod Kuvera, but because of false prestige and madness after drinking liquor, they are so fallen that they are naked but cannot understand that they are. Therefore, because they are living like trees (for trees are naked but are not conscious), these two young men should receive the bodies of trees. This will be proper punishment. Nonetheless, after they become trees and until they are released, by my mercy they will have remembrance of their past sinful activities. Moreover, by my special favor, after the expiry of one hundred years by the measurement of the demigods, they will be able to see the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vāsudeva, face to face, and thus revive their real position as devotees.( SB 10.10.20-22)

    Narada Muni curses Nalakūvara and Maṇigrīva who were naked and did not even cover themselves in presence of exalted persons. Such tendencies to remain naked, publicly and not reacting/responding to presence of great personalities resulted in their birth as trees. In this event it was due to curse, but we can understand that these are the same tendencies that result in such birth. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Hmm so all those who reveal their private body parts to the public including strippers at night clubs and even those who practice nude sunbathing in sea beaches are bound to be born as trees in their next births?

      • Sevak

        Hare Krsna 

        Unless they are free from sexual tendencies and bodily concept of life they could get. Their cases are very similar to Nalakuvara and Manigriva. 

        Hare Krsna

      • its the consciousness you have at time of death.

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