Hare Krishna all devotees, and blessed souls. Few days ago I saw the allmighty Krishna in my dream. It was so beautiful,even after one month I could remember each and every part of it just like I saw a movie. usually people forget dream,but the dream that I saw,I hardly could forget. I need your help to understand what could be the significance of this dream. I know surely Krishna wanted to communicate something, but Im not that learned.

The Dream:

Few days ago I was sleeping and almost got up from bed seeing Lord Krishna in my dream.The time could be between 4:30 to 5:30 am.I need your help to interpret the meaning of this dream. I saw me, and my mom went to a temple of the allmighty Krishna. We were holding apples in our hand to offer the same to Krishna. There are few other apples placed in a different container just near us(which felt like that it belong to the temple). Few moments later the pujari comes to collect the apples. But but both me and my mom astonished to see that the apples which we are holding are missing from our hand. Mom asked me if Lord Krishna took them personally.. I told mom its not possible in this world. Then we see that there is one apple at the side of the floor and it was looking like the apple which we were holding. I asked the Pujari if that belong to us....the pujari confirms that it belong to them and from their pot and its not our apple. Both mom and me were confused. The dream continues as I see the poojari comes to us to offer pushpanjali/flowers/grains. He offers it to mom. Mom picks up her pallu to collect the pushpanjali, but the pujari insists that he will offer it in my mom's hand. But mom says no and theough the pujari offers the pushpanjali flowers to mom, his look was some what irritated. After some time I see that mom felt headache and I helped her to stand. This was the end of the dream..........this is the second time I saw Krishna in my dream.
I read Bhagwad Gita most of the time and do the japamala some times. Kindly let me know what is the meaning of this dream.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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  • I have a guess. I am currently learning how to receive. For example if you have a friend that friend enjoys giving and receiving. Giving someone something is actually the best part of our relationship with Krishna, however if we feel like what we have to offer is not adequate it makes it challenging to receive from the one we love so much. Your mother in the dream came to offer apples and had none yet she was still being given gifts. Because she arrived at the temple. God does not really need anything from us except love. And since all things we see feel and taste in the physical world are temporary and so much less real then the spiritual expanse right under our noses, a piece of fruit is just a symbol of our affection for Krishna. Your mother received affection and put up walls and then received a headache. (this is an analysis of the dream please take this with a grain of salt) Krishna wants our love and affection. The offerings are designed to educate us on how to operate in a more Krishna serving way. Our actions shape our internals and who we are within. We want our service to be absolutely perfect in every way however that will never be possible because we are not Krishna. Krishna graciously enters into us. He is the origin. Any perfect things we do are perfect because God has become pleased with our genuine effort and has entered into our hearts. Giving apples are just the training. We can only offer our best to Krishna, with whatever resources we have and nothing more. Because pure love is what makes any offering we have the means to offer, (with our limited capacities as mortal people who are not God), acceptable to our greatest friend Krishna. Krishna is infinity, and if you attach any small number to infinity it goes along up from that low number from which it had started. So if you arrive at temple next week missing your apples try singing a song to him from your heart instead. Thank you for sharing your dream!

    ~Bille Lyn
    • Hare Krishna mataji 🙏🙏

      Thank-you 🙏🙏

  • very nice prabhu ji....

    as we have mann ..one is concious and other sub concious .. we have only 2 % control on concious mind and rest 98 % controlled by super soul.... but in sub concious mind there are impressions of our past ,present desires which comes from concious mind .... so if you desire for krishna then the impression of krishna desires are on sub concious mind ..so super soul check your desire and by this you got a dream in which krishna is there.....this is good sign ....it helps you in advancement,.... THATS WHY HRISHIKESH is also the name of lord he knows the desires...

    • Hare Krishna prabhuji 🙏🙏

      Thank-you 🙏🙏

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    I would just say you are very lucky to see Lord Krishna in your dream.

    One of the devotee from ISKCON once told me that if you see God in dream , consider that as real communication from him.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

      My sincere apology for not replying earlier. I have again saw a dream related to Krishna.

      Last night I saw an unusual dream. Im not an advanced devotee and having hard time following 4 regulative principles.  I chant to my best of abilities.

      Last night at midnight around 3:30-4 am In my sleep I saw some one calling me and saying'Lets go and see lord Krishna's Rasa Lila'. I don't know who said that. But in my sleep it was so real i just woke up.

      To my limited knowledge I read SB from page by page since the beginning, and as it has been mentioned by H.H. Prabhupada one with lack of knowledge should never try to understand Rasa Lila(10 Canto) I never put an effort even in my subconscious level to understand Rasa Lila, neither I do have any intention to understand this most confidential part till the time I will be pure.

      But I still wonder when I woke up after this incidence, why some one will ask me to see the supreme father's most confidential act when I'm so impure.

      Hare Krishna.

      Your Servant.

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