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Hare Krishna....Pranam everyone....I have read and heard that a fortunate soul that remembers the lotus feet of the Lord, attains the Vaikuntha lokas or Goloka and never return to this material world. A devotee of Lord Ram goes to Ayothya....a devotee of lord Nrshimha goes to Nrshimha loka.....a devotee of Vasudev Krishna (Krishna in the form of a king in Dwarka) goes to Dwarka....a devotee of Gopal (baby Krishna) goes to Mathura....and a devotee of Radha Krishna attains Goloka Vrindavan. Fine.But how about the devotees of Lord Jagannath? He is svayam Shyamsundar of Vrindavan but physically he appears like Vasudev Krishna of Dwarka (Krishna as a king).....

Kindly explain.....


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    Hare Krsna Mahir prabhu,   undoubtedly Srila Prabhupada knows all these things but why did he speak like this? 

    Sometimes Srila Prabhupada was asked about something he had said and he would reply that he never said (that).

    At one time he also asked that the letters etc being personal should not be published.

    So to reconcile these apparent contradictions and follow the shastra  we must consider an explanation that may have not been given in detail at that time.

    I can offer such as an explanation that  the lilas of Lord Ramachandra and Lord Nrsimhadeva in Their avatar descent are different than in the spiritual sky and therefore you will not see (Them) there.

    Like Lord Rama and Sita devi  living as renunciates in the forest or Lord Nrsimhadeva loudly roaring with anger killing the demons.

    Similarly  Krsna lila in goloka, Krsna does not grow as a baby to a young child.

    Such pastime exist eternally only in the gokul of the material universes and mother Yasodha is expanding herself along with Krsna there to love Him as her baby again and again for all eternity.

    Simultaneously They are there in Goloka and not there.

  • As a servant of Lord Jagannatha I like to believe that we will attain an eternal ratha yatra harinam-sankirtan rainbow gathering like atmosphere, everyone singing and dancing, listening to classes and lilas around the campfires, visiting with family, friends and well-wishers, stopping to take rest, prasadam, swimming in the holy tirthas and enjoying the company and association of our loved ones all while worshiping their Lordships. Just thinking about this causes to want to hurry up and get there! Jaya Lord Jagannath! Jaya Lord Balabhadra! Jaya to the most Glorious Lady Subhadra!

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    Dear Mahir,  Hare Krsna.

      Thanks  for looking this up.

      You will find a nicely detailed  description of the eternal Ayodhaya in Brhad Bhagavatamrta by Srila Samatana Goswami.       Starts 2.4.250.

      It is higher than vaikuntha because sakhya rasa is there.

    In vaikuntha there is only 2 rasas.

        So there is simultaneously the Ayodhaya in the material world and in the Spiritual world and Gopa Kumar saw Hanuman in both places.

    Pralhada addresses Lord Nrsimhadav; My dear Lord, You are always transcendentally situated on the other side of the river of death.  SB 7.9.41 . This is in vaikuntha of the spiritual sky.

    Prahlad is also nitya siddha like Hanuman so he also eternally and simultaneously exists in both earthly and vaikuntha pastimes of the Lord.

    This I also heard from my shiksa guru who gave quotations from Nrsimha purana.

    He could read sanskrit but I cannot.

    You may possibly get it in a Hindi translation.

    I am still very curious about the form of Jagannath is only in the material world.

    This I cannot find so please let me know where this is quoted from in that book you saw.

    Also Srila Sanatana Goswami in Brhad Bhagavatamrta descrbes Puri as being in the Goloka planet and the deity is eternally there.

    So far non of these statements about Nrsimhadeva and Lord Rama are from any books.

  • hare krishna..pranam..i thank all the devotees for taking your precious time to reply me,thus clearing my doubts......Maral mataji and Jagadatma prabhu, thanks a lot for your beautiful explanation and quotations....and Mihir prabhu,you are right.....the content of books have to be checked before they are printed and claim that you are a new devotee but your humility and humbleness shows that you are really a matured vaishnava...this is why we love iskcon desire tree..... the devotees are truly desire trees who can cut of any doubts or ignorance in our heart....


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    Lord Krishna Chaitanya used to see in Lord Jagannath Shyamasundar Krishna. So He was the worshiper of Lord Jagannath.

    Lord Jagannath's Form is Krishna Shyamasundar only it is His mood where He is in extreme ecstasy by hearing about Vrajabasis.

    But if Lord appeared in this Form - His Form is eternal. Srila Prabhupada once told that even for pure Muslims Krishna might be having a spiritual world. Form of Allah, and many other Names.

    So we cannot say that Lord Jagannath does not have His own planet. We have to confirm this. In the reality Jagannatha Puri is eternal dham! Oh yes! It is eternal dham. So Lord will reside in eternal dham forever!

    Dhams are never destroyed. Mathura, Dwaraka, Puri, Vrindava are never destroyed.

    We know that Paramatma form is spiritual but He is not always with us. When we suppose go back to spiritual world Paramatma won't be with us but only Shyamasundar who is within the atom like soul-us.

    Your servant,  

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      Dear devotees,   The devotees of Lord Jagannath are of all rasas and lilas because he is the Lord of all the universes both material and spiritual.  

      Whatever form one desires to see he sees that form in Lord Jagannath and feels great separation from the Lord.

      By the grace of Jagannath a devotee can achieve even braja in Goloka of the spiritual world.

      And in the Goloka planet there is a section a Jagannath Puri also where the Lord resides eternally in the form of a wooden deity.  So Jagannath's planet is Goloka.

      This is described in Brhad Bhagavatamrta part 2 of Sanatana Goswami and Skanda purana.

      Bhaktin Maral is also correct in saying Puri dhama on the earth is  eternal along with Vrndavana and Mayapur. 

      This is mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in CC that these 3 places Puri, Vrndavan and Mayapur are identical.

      In Brahma samhita purports of Bhaktisidhanta sarasvati it is mentioned that all the forms of the Lord including and not limited to Lord Nrsmha dev Vamana dev Hayagriva and Hamsa etc are all manifested on Their own planets with Their devotees in Vaikuntha eternally.

      I cannot find this book Mahir says he saw yet.      Hare Krsna

      P.S.  please get these books and read them yourselves.

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        Thank You His Grace Jagadatma Prabhu for this truth!

        And hope Mihir Prabhu did not get upset, it is our nature that sometimes we make mistakes, isn't it?!

        Your servant, 

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    Concerning Prahlada Maharaja's present place of resident is his previous place Sutala Loka or some other. Because he asked for a benediction to reside there until all demons get salvation and go back home. Maybe after the end of Lord Brahma's life he will go to one of Vaikuntha Planets.

    But Bali Maharaja won't go to spiritual world in his next life but will stay back to serve to Lord as a 8th Manu.

    It is in Srimad Bhagavatam.

    Your servant, 

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    This was wonderful Prabhu! Dandavats!

    It does make sense that worshipers of Lord Jagannath go to Goloka, because Lord Jagannath himself is immersed in the pastimes of Vrindavan!

    All Glories to Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladava, and Lady Subhadra!!

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