• Hare Krsna,

    The insect is a living thing, and for someone practicing Krsna Consciousness, the mentality should be not to cause harm to any organism, regardless of size


  • Of course, kill them all.........

    I don't know why God create "mosquitos,spiders and others some dangerous insects" ?

    As we clean house, we find that after some day again spiders come and make their webs all around the corners in any room of a house or in a temple or in a school......................and so on........

    and when these spiders & mosquitos bite, we suffer differet-2 type of infections which can even cause death

    So, it's better to kill them.

    I almost everyday kill mosquito whenever i found near to me & also kill spiders sometimes.
    Currently, this is summer season,in which mosquitos love to be in the house bcoz of A.C. and cooler and most importantly,new born spiders,in summer season, are very hungry....

    but fortunately, i chant mahamantra or sometimes remember God due to which these insects become unable to bite or sometimes accidentaly killled by my hand or leg or any organ of my body..................and
    this really happens, and seeing this i thank to God that you save me from insects...

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      Amazing answer, "kill them all..."

      Who are we to do so? We are also exploiting nature and other resources... what nature does to us?

      Best solution is to KILL THIS SHORT OF CRIMINAL OR HARMING MENTALITY!!! Then no more trouble....

      Hare Krishna

    • I was at a hotel swimming pool in Florida. I saw a "cockroach" in the swimming pool. I thought to myself:" Poor  little guy is drowning in the pool". So I did try to "rescue him". However, to my total amazement, he just swam away!!! I had no idea that Florida  cockroaches could swim!!!

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    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    Ideally no. Try putting some repellant cream, on sleeping under mosquito net. We generally avoid the chemical repellants like All Out also. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • hare krishna ..and thankyou for but my question is (if a coackroach walking in my kitchen so what should i do ? kill them? ..if i will not kill coakroach so he leave his poison on utensil(glass ,plate etc..) and if i will drink water by poison glass so i will have a desease (food poison )..this is my question..hare krsna

      • If you keep it clean enough, they won't come at first place.

        • Hare Krishna ..Thankyou For giving me anwer of my question.

  • SB 5.26.17By the arrangement of the Supreme Lord, low-grade living beings like bugs and mosquitoes suck the blood of human beings and other animals. Such insignificant creatures are unaware that their bites are painful to the human being. However, first-class human beings — brāhmaṇas, kṣatriyas and vaiśyas — are developed in consciousness, and therefore they know how painful it is to be killed. A human being endowed with knowledge certainly commits sin if he kills or torments insignificant creatures, who have no discrimination. The Supreme Lord punishes such a man by putting him into the hell known as Andhakūpa, where he is attacked by all the birds and beasts, reptiles, mosquitoes, lice, worms, flies, and any other creatures he tormented during his life. They attack him from all sides, robbing him of the pleasure of sleep. Unable to rest, he constantly wanders about in the darkness. Thus in Andhakūpa his suffering is just like that of a creature in the lower species.

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