What is Mayawad???

Hare Krishna to all prabhujis and matajis,

dandawats  _/\_

We daily goes through the term Mayawad and Mayawadis in lectures and books of srila Prabhupada and other Gurus. What I understand is Mayawadis are impersonalists .But don't know what is Mayawad actually?

Please somebody explain What is mayawad actually ? and

Why Mayawadis are so-called?

What is their theory?

your servant

Ashish Sharma

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  • Hare Krishna,

    you will not often find a person that call themselves a mayavadi it is a term the devotees use to describe a philosophy.

    I believe it is even more confused than the Buddhist philosophy of voidisim that has already been described.

    Mayavadis think that when Sri Krishna appeared even though he was an avatar he was a human being like you or me in the sense and that he was under the influence of maya in that he had to take birth and that he was living in a body of flesh. The devotees explain that by saying this then they are indirectly saying that Maya is more powerful than Krishna therefore they are a Maya vadi or you worship maya as the supreme. Devotees make it clear that Krishna is the Supreme and that we are his eternal servants.

    Another example if a foolish person believes that he is worshiping Krishna in order to remember his true Identity as Krishna. Such a fool is indirectly saying that, if you are great and you have now forgotten yourself. Then what is it that has caused you to forget? That is maya. so if you are great and you have forgotten then maya is greater than you.

    You see we explain it like this because it makes it very clear and quick to destroy the philosophy. I am trying to say that if you find a teacher of mayavadi philosophy they will not talk about all of these things they will tell you things like, 'the self is one' or as the devotees have already mentioned I am 'brahman' or 'aham bhamasmi'.

    The reason I am explaining all this is because if you look around the world at what many representatives of the philosophy of India are teaching many people are getting mislead and becoming under the impression that this is what everyone in India believes and that is why you will look in the dictionary and find that they claim Kirshna is an incarnation of vishnu or many other thinkings which cause a great deal of confusion.

    I can say it very simply like this. If you are trying to serve Krishna but deep down in your heart you believe that you are going to become Krishna. Then it will be impossible for you to have any genuine love in your heart. You will be in the most unfortunate position of being envious of Krishna. This is the qualification to end up in the material world.

    this is a great offence and it is said that such persons, even though they may seem to practice krishna conciousness they are in the darkest of ignorance this philosophy has been compared to trying to beat the deity with a stick and it is not good to even touch a book that has been written by a mayavadi.
    Prabhupada spent a lot of time speaking about mayavadi philosophy because he knew how dangerous it is and he had a duty to protect us from the temptation to serve our own false ego.

    Shri Shankaracharaya is the most famous teacher of mayavadi philosophy even though he was not a mayavadi but rather an incarnation of siva. and he was very powerfull he defeated the bhuddist philosophy in India and it was then Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who defeated his philosophy by introducing the philosophy of simultaneous oneness and difference with god.  

    I hope some of this makes sense to you prabhu I just wrote what I could because it is a nice question hopefully some more learned devotes can elaborate further.

  • Volunteer

    Mayawadies are the one who want to become one with god. They worship Lord to become lord. a Devotee worships Lord to become servant of servant of servant of Lord.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Here Devotees gave very nice answers and also Mayavadis are those who think that everything is "maya".

    This world is maya, me You all of us are maya - illusion.

     In this way God is also maya. Exists only Supreme Brahman emptiness.

    And as they desire by the mercy of Krishna they get what they want merging into the body of Krishna which is Brahman- the light - Brahmajyoti.

    As like this:


    And after being there for some time again come back to this world. Because soul's nature is to have relationship. Soul does not like to be alone and impersonal. 

    Your servant, 


    • lol....

      hari bol!!

    • They believe in "Aham Brahmasmi" as well.

      • hare krishna prabhu

        we Vaishnavas believe in "Aham Brahmasmi" too. It is vedic injunction. But we mean differently.

        They believe that Since God is also Brahman and we jivas are also brahman so both are same.

        But we believe that since Complete whole Krishna is Brahman so His part and parcel Jeevas are also Brahman matter. But we are infinitesimally minute and Krishna is Ultimate. He is complete whole.

        Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gives Achinta Bheda Abheda meaning we are similar to God as well as dissimilar to God.

        your servant

        Ashish Sharma

        • Volunteer

          we are same in quality but not in quantity. Srila Prabhupada gives example of fire and a spark in the fire. Qualitatively both fire and the spark are same but quantitatively they are not. A spark is just an insignificant part of fire. Similarly, Lord is unlimited ocean and we are just a tiny drop in it.

  • hari bolji,

      mayavadhis are saying krishna is just a form of formless god.they are not interested in chanting lords  names.just perform meditation and dreamt that they got liberated..but that is fake..a mayavadhi have to take 100 janmas to get devotion in feet of lord krishna

  • Please Accept My Humble Obeisances

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, Sri Gurudev & Gauranga.

    Hare Krsna

    Mayavadis are impersonalists, meaning they do not believe God has a form.

    Lord Krishna came with 2 arms, 2 legs, and 1 supreme Head.

    He has a form. The foolish impersonalists just believe in God's energy, but say He has no form. That is them limiting His power.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Hari Bol

    Your Fallen Servant,

    Bhakta David

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