What is jambudwipa, bhu-mandala ?

Me and my friend were discussing the other day about planetary positions and stuff. It's him actually who introduced me to these topics and said hindus knew all about planetary realms before modern astronomers discovered them. He was explaning to me that asia was known as Jambudwipa before and bhu-mandala is the orbit of the earth around sun. Is this true?

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  • Hare Krsna Deborah Mataji!
    It is not possible to reconcile the Modern model of the universe with the Vedic model because in the modern model there are many unanswered questions whereas the Vedic model leaves no scope for unanswered questions!
    Also the frame of reference is different in both the models. In the modern model the sun is the frame of reference whereas in the Vedic model it is the earth.
    • Hare Krsna Mataji!
      I'm seriously amazed at your interest and knowledge of cosmology!
      There are more things I can learn from you then tell you!
      Vedic cosmology doesn't rely on experimentation, observation and inference unlike modern science which is completely dependent on these methods.
      We just need to accept what is given in the Vedas. That is sufficient for us!
      The modern scientific method is full of four defects which are:
      1) The scientist or astronomer is invariably illusioned.
      2) He has imperfect senses. For example he cannot see beyond the Loka aloka mountains which some say corresponds to the region between Mars and Jupiter and which has an asteroid belt. Or our senses are imperfect because we cannot see beyond the stars.
      3) One is sure to commit mistakes. There are so many theories that have been proven wrong.
      4) One has a tendency to cheat others. This is again in wake of so many false theories.
      In view of the above four defects inherent in every conditioned soul, it is better to accept the Vedic conclusion, which is apauresya, not of human origin!
      Hari Bol!
    • Thanks for replying. Ok, let's just say i want to study this Puranic model , on what the ancients believed in and won"t compare it with the scientific model. So, will anyone help this outsider who only wishes to study the cosmological views of this culture.
      Can you or someone else tell me how the sun moves around bhu-mandala? Like how far does it's orbital path stretches out?
      In one of the web articles Prabhupada commented that the Sun moves over to each and every dweepas of bhu mandala one by one , but Bhagavatam states that the Sun's last orbital path is till the Manasottara mountain that is located on the 7th dweepa (Pushkara). What about Kanchanabhumi that lies below the 7th dweepa. Does the Sun revolves around it too?

      Wish more people would join this discussion.

  • Is there anyone here who"s well versed in vedic cosmology? I need some serious discussion about these topics. Someone who would explain to me about these various varshas, dvipas, our position etc.
    I already know about the 7 upper and 7 lower realms. But there are many more things i would like to discuss.

    My friend says the vishnu purana and bhagavad purana is full of it, but i'm very new to these topics. Would be lovely if someone explains to me in detail. Thnx.

  • Savah, clearaty, understanding peace
    More Sava w/ more happyness & grattatude. Eventually Reconciliation with "the Head God & Love is allowed to (re) accuser.
    Fact 1# for one reasion-or-anoither We broke it off with The One God that matters most/(above all). Fact no one for many many Kulpas know Who He was not even Hi's name. All souls left greeving & Craying in utter darkness & disability in service.
    Fact #2. SrilaPrahbupadda appeared on the planet & as a compassionte concerned Guru took-up the Vishnavahs SelfLessness in explaining The Highest & absolutes regarding all Spirituality absolutely and in full. Fact #3 Wikked Souls with alternate & alternative ambitions such as "serving their Die-hard "False Egos & Pride or i.e. sinses or being otherwise bewilderd or obliged to Myah. Not recognizing or acknowledging the rearaty of this Oppertunity to Reconcile with GOD HimSelf & thus Hi's Creation. Ore to aquier the skills needed to shead one's self of the negatives such as the virulent vishusness of impersonal Nature & this /it's environment. By implementing the (all-attractive) all perfect all knowing, all powerful & all pervating Supreem Being's influences, Through diminstrating before those still foolish enough to think that they will Lodgistically understand their way into a situation of liboration or God's Dar'shon/or associations. Or i.e. become the *Controler* on some level of Hi's Creation(s) (
    Going Home in heart mind & though servive, & not brain power is the path God is addiGuruDava.
    By all means prepare your heart to invite Him in. & let Him demonstrate for you personally that He is all we see or ever will see indeed He is all that is Knowable. Direct perception is a/the faith that is never lost. Besids that
    God's Love-(alone) is accually Love. So any other path is just Ho-N ! Anyway ?
    One night stands but Krishna never forgets you as an individual or your services and or the correct-status of your relatiinship/i.e. you/us as a personalitys.
    Only Krishna is 100% GOD & Only (HH) Srila Prahbupodda Accualy cared enough about us to Shear Him As He is'' ji Sri Sri Abi Char'ah'NarrahVrinda ji 4
    It is DONE* SON
  • Thnx Bharat. I checked the video you suggested. It's very nice but it's a completely different interpretation of the universe than the one we all have been taught at schools. Has anyone tried solving the puzzle yet, by comparing this vedic model with the scientific model... like which one is which..... like where's the solar system here, where's the galaxy, where's the earth and other planets etc.?

    It speaks of an island in the middle called jambudwipa. Around it lies other islands. Sounds very much like our solar system don't you think? :=) Like how the sun stays in the middle and other planets circle around it.
    It also speaks of a mountain called loka loka on the edge of bhu-mandala. The rays of sun reaches till this mountain and beyond loka loka it remains dark. Could it be that they're giving the description of a galaxy here as galaxies always remain lit with cluster of stars and galaxies float in outer space which is dark.
    So is bhu-mandala galaxy or solar system? ..... To be honest i'm a little confused. Can anyone help me out here. Thnx.

    • Sevak

      Hare Krsna

      Like where's the solar system here, where's the galaxy, where's the earth and other planets etc.?

      This video describes the structure of universe as given in vedic scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam, Brahma Samhita etc. The description given in vedic scriptures is different from the solar system that schools have taught for past 50 years or so. There are only limited parallels that can be between the two. 

      This video makes an attempt to draw parallel showing position of sun and moon towards end with respect to earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0ZGUhsz628

      Our planet is part of Jambudvipa. Jambudvipa is at center. Sun & Moon other planets revolve above Jambudvipa. 

      Has anyone tried solving the puzzle yet ?

      The solar system model is quite different from description given in vedic scriptures. Ultimately we as individuals have to choose where to put our faith  and what to believe in.

       On one side there are many ever-changing scientific theories formulated by mortals having four defects namely 

      1. Imperfect senses 2. Subjected to come under illusion 3. Fallacy of committing mistakes 4. Propensity to cheat others

      On other side we have the privilege of the absolute wisdom that has stood the test of time and most importantly provided by Krishna in form of vedic scriptures.

      Could it be that they're giving the description of a galaxy

      It is hard to say. the description in the video upto brahma loka is of one universe. Galaxies as referred in school textbooks are within the universe. 

      Hare Krsna

      • Hare Krishna Prabhuji! Dandvat!!!!!

        Your answers always remain absolutely correct as per the Vedic Standard.  It shows how much knowledge do you carry with you and your sincereness towards devotional service.

        Very Correct and Upto the point reply.

        Your Servant

        Bhuwan Dutt Bawari 

        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          Thank you for your appreciation.

          I need blessings of all devotees so that I can serve Guru & Krsna sincerely and practice KC seriously.

          YS Bharat

      • Yeah, you're right... we'll never see the full picture of the cosmos with our limited senses. But  we can always try, can"t we? :=) The thing you said in the end about galaxies being inside the universe reminds me of the flat earth theory. This theory states, all stars, luminaries, 7 planets, sun and moon are inside a glass dome like structure also called firmament. The vedic model also speaks of an universal shell. I wonder if both of these are same. I guess we"ll never know for sure. There"s a rumour that none of the launched rockets managed to get past the Van Allen Radiation Belt and they never made it to outer space.

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