What does unlimited mean part 2

I was also going through SB 4.9.10 and Nectar of Devotion- https://prabhupadabooks.com/nod/1/happiness_in_krsna_consciousness
I want to know when it is said that there is unlimited bliss and happiness and unlimited pleasure in krishna conciousness... what does it mean... does it mean that there is pleasure, bliss and happiness(all three) eternally in krishna conciousness or does it mean there is unlimited amount of bliss , pleasure and happiness(all three together) in krishna conciousness...(like 1second in any material pleasure gives 100units pleasure etc and 1 sec in pure krishna concious gives unlimited units of pleasure,bliss,happniess,love is this what is meant by unlimited amount??..) 
Or does it mean that both occur simultaneously....

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    SB 4.9.10 

    yā nirvṛtis tanu-bhṛtāṁ tava pāda-padma-
    dhyānād bhavaj-jana-kathā-śravaṇena vā syāt
    sā brahmaṇi sva-mahimany api nātha mā bhūt
    kiṁ tv antakāsi-lulitāt patatāṁ vimānāt

    My Lord, the transcendental bliss derived from meditating upon Your lotus feet or hearing about Your glories from pure devotees is so unlimited that it is far beyond the stage of brahmānanda, wherein one thinks himself merged in the impersonal Brahman as one with the Supreme. Since brahmānanda is also defeated by the transcendental bliss derived from devotional service, then what to speak of the temporary blissfulness of elevating oneself to the heavenly planets, which is ended by the separating sword of time? Although one may be elevated to the heavenly planets, he falls down in due course of time.

    In the above shloka there is comparison of brahmaananda and ananda in devotional service. The experience of ananda in bhakti by rendering devotional service to Krsna is unlimitedin comparison to brahmananda. 

    I am not sure if expereince can be accurately quantified in terms of measurable units. But they can definitely compared. The degree of sweetness in papaya, mango and honey is different, as anyone can expereince. Similarly the degree of ananda expereinced in bhakti is unlimited as compared to brahmananda or anything else. 

    Someone may say Brahmananda is not limited by time like material gratificaiton.But Ananda in bhakti is uncomparably higher, superieor than brahmananda in addition to being unending. The focus here is not to quantify the units of ananda expereinced in bhakti, because it is not possible to measure it like that. But focus is to give an indication that it is far superior, higher as compared to anything including brahmananda in addition to being unending. 

    Jiva is limited. Whether in conditioned state or liberated state. Jiva is limited as compared to Bhagavan Sri Krsna. But by rendering pure devotional service to Sri Krsna, jiva can attain highest transcendental ananda which is eternal and highest. This ananda is unlimited in comparison to brahmananda or material gratification. 

    The same is conveyed in the excerpt from Nectar of devotion. 

    the happiness derived from devotional service in Kṛṣṇa consciousness is so transcendental and so unlimited that no other happiness can be compared with it. It is said that even one drop of happiness in Kṛṣṇa consciousness stands beyond comparison with an ocean of happiness derived from any other activity.

    Hare Krsna

    • Please verfiy my conclusion prabhuji..

    • Sevak

      Hare Krsna 

      Does it mean that there is pleasure, bliss and happiness(all three) eternally in krishna conciousness ?

      Yes, Eternal happiness can be attained in Krsna consciousness. 

      Does it mean there is unlimited amount of bliss , pleasure and happiness(all three together) in krishna conciousness ?

      The references provided above do not convey this understanding. The references do not quanity the ananda in Krsna consciousness on an absolute basis, as it is not possible to do the same. They do convey that in comparison to brahmananda or material gratification, ananda in bhakti is far greater, superior and higher. 

      Hare Krsna

      • Conclusion - Ananda in bhakti/Pure KC is far greater , superior , higher than any other material gratification,brahmananda in addition to being unending...
        also prabhuji what is ananda exactly..? pleasure,  happiness or bliss? and is it that only ananda is there what about others? because i have read statements that there is something called perfection of sense gratification also in KC...

        • Hare Krsna Prabhu

          Pleasure is a symptom of happiness and pain is a symptom of distress. In this world you will find that happiness is the opposite of distress. Bliss is above happiness in the sense it has no opposite. Bliss is Ananda. Happiness is sukha and where there is happiness there is dukha, distress. I hope you understand!

          Hari Bol

      • Also prabhuji .. all the statements of scripures(BG , SB , CC etc..) are universally applicable right?

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