I went to a psychic fair today and got a psychic reading. The woman said that I was a witch in my former lives and was probably one of the witches who got killed during the "witch hunt years". She also said she got a message from my father who told her to tell me that his dog is with him. Is this possibly true? I am thinking that my Dad is busy now in a new body and new life now and would not be able to communicate with me. What do you think?

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  • Dear Pandora,

    If you turn around the pages of Hindu scriptures such as Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagvatam, Srimad Bhagvat Gita, you will get to learn about several Hindu seers who could tell looking from a person's face what they were in their past lives. Even today there are few 'siddhas' in India (siddhas means, someone who has mastered some 'siddhi' or mystic powers) who can read the face and tell your past, present or future. Thus, psychic reading is not untrustworthy. We can not reject all psychics as fake.

    But you need to be cautious about many fake psychics. For many it has become a profession and try to make money out of this venture or some have a liking for public attention.

    I personally feel that you should not trust that psychic, who met you in a 'psychic fair'.

    Hare Krishna from Harshikesh Bhattacharya ! 

    • Hare Krishna Harshikesh Bhattacharya

                I agree with you. I think she did have some psychic ability as she did describe my mother pretty good.

      I am sure my Dad and his dog are together in their new lives together as they were extremely close. However, his dog ate a lot of Maha-Prasadam and I am thinking the dog may have taken a human birth. I really think my parents and their dog are alive and well and together again in their new lives. But  It was a fun experience to go to the psychic fair but I think she may have just told me things she thought I needed to hear. Thanks

      • "...his dog ate a lot of Maha-Prasadam and I am thinking the dog may have taken a human birth."

        : D Could be  Ha ! Ha !

        Dear Pandora Mataji,

        As regards that psychic, I have heard many a times that many people have been told by psychics that they had been witch in their former lives and they were killed during the "witch hunt years". These 'psychics' have also been alleged to talk in general terms to gain the trust of their clients.  So, you should take their talks with a pinch of salt. 

        In India, there are many 'psychics' who take undue advantage of people's problems or curiosity and dupe them financially. But, at the same time there are also few genuine psychics who can read your face like a book. So, one should tread the path cautiously.

        The true devotees of Krishna always accept their life as it comes. Even if they face miseries of life, they accept it as an act by Krishna and do not lament thinking that whatever Krishna does, does for our betterment and in this way they always remain happy. Such devotees never visit astrologers, psychics, fortune-tellers or black magicians. 

        This is the position of true Krishna devotees.

        Hare Krishna !

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