• One who cannot appreciate life, cannot love others also.

    Life is a gift of God. Your life as well. You and all others are part and parcel of God. Each of us are made up of only 5 elements is it not?

    How are you different from others. You see yourself as different from others that is why you see your are something else and others are someone else. If you remove this differences..."I'", "me" and "myself" concept. You will see everything thing, in this world materially made up only 5 basic elements including YOU!!!  You are not different then others. 

    Then If you see that you are soul also.. Every soul is part and parcel of the Super Soul.. Right?

    Every Living being non living thing also has Krishna in them. Krishna is seated in the heart of all.

    I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all the Vedas am I to be known; indeed I am the compiler of Vedanta, and I am the knower of the Vedas.( chapter 15, verse 15 BG)
    So basically, Your soul is qualitative same as every other soul and every one is qaulitatively same as Supersoul.
    The basic quality of Supersoul that we have also which we ....inherit is Sat Chit ananda.. We are having within ourselves a inbuilt mechanism of being happy. Krishna is the giver of all Bliss. As we are small sparks of the great Supreme personality
    ..being marginal energies we also have the ting of being in bliss..
    Once you know that you are non-different from every other being in this world. You try to see yourself in all beings... RIGHT?
    When you are able to Love yourself.. when you are able to see yourself in all beings.. Then only one can love others also.
    When you are seeing yourself in other beings you can never hurt anyone..!!!!! But only love them as yourself.
    One person says he loves a girl so much that he cannot live without her and would even kill her if she is with someone other than him..? or will commit suicide.
    THIS is never called loving oneself. .. He cannot even appreciate his own life.....How will he see HIMSELF IN OTHER BEINGS? HOW CAN HE LOVE OTHERS?  HE needs to KNOW ....understand that He is a soul and he is a part and parcel of the Supersoul and others also have been made of the same 5 elements as well as the same soul. How can he kill HIMSELF..?? ...who cannot appreciate the life itself.
    Everything is Krishna made by Krishna... Has Krishna.. if he is able to know this much....then he wont differentiate between him and others and would love all equally like he loves he now sees himself in all beings..

    Hare Krishna....!!!

    • Thank you so much mata ji for explaining so clearly. pamho!

      "When you are seeing yourself in other beings you can never hurt anyone..!!!!! But only love them as yourself."

      So much true. Can't agree more than this. 

      Haribol, agtsp.

  • Hmm Avi mata ji thanks you I appreciate you for taking time to reply.

    but then...

    "I guess the Krishna never anticipated there would be Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid’s and Instagram models walking around in the world today to make you feel bad about yourself." 

    I cannot agree to this.. Krishna never anticipated? how can you ever say that? Krishna is knower of  past present and future mata ji, and why would some one feel bad about oneself looking at models?

    Why should someone compare themselves to only glam girls? Can't we compare oneself to the great woman like Sati Savitri, Anasooya or Arundhathi or Tulasi maharani and feel bad about ourselves that we are not like these great woman? It is good to compare to these ladies and improve ourselves and grow spiritually.

    Only a materialistic person would compare themselves to such glam girls and feel bad about themselves.  

    Anyhow.. Thanks for the response. 

    Haribol. AGTSP.

  • Hare Krsna Avi mata ji, pamho, agtsp

    I am glad that you got the quotation right and it is from other belief system, but I am looking for how best this quotation could be applied in Krsna consciousness.  

    Your reply-- "This also causes trust issues as you are constantly in fear that you are not good enough and soon, your partner will realize this and leave you for someone better".

    I don't think Dalai Lama being such a great spiritual leader, would pass a statement simply referring to personality of a person and about fear of rejection by partner. Being conscious of ones own personality and feeling confident about personality so that others give respect to you and wouldn't dump you for someone  is just a material level understanding of this quotation. How is that applied to whole humanity?


  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    It would be better of the source of quote is known, like if it is from Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita or comment by politician or taken from TV advertisement. 

    Context is important in understanding. 

    Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krishna mataji your question is nice the  real meaning  is that the real  love is to love krishna and become ourselves as krishna conscious person and make our life perfect if we  are able to do that then our life becomes perfect  our aim of life is to become a pure devotee of lord Krishna then only we  can love others with pure heart first we have to become perfect in krishna consciousness that is the real love of oneself then we can love others with pure consciousness hare Krishna your servant Advaita dey

  • one should have love and respect towards oneself..only then you can love others..loving yourself is not selfishness..getting too much self-centric is not right, but one who cannot love his own can he loves others

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