What attracts YOU to KC (name at least two things)?

So an old sannyasi friend came to visit a few days ago and we went around the circle answering what two things attracted us to Krishna Consciousness?

It was very interesting to hear different replies and it made it all the more enjoyable to hear, so I was hoping we could get contributors here on IDT too :)

Here is my little response:

I think the musical aspect of Krsna Consciousness attracts me the most. There are so many different parts to the music, such as the rhythm, the singing, the dancing, the instruments, the sound vibrations, the beat, etc. Once you start chanting you find it impossible to stop and honestly you don't want to leave kirtana ever. It's blissful to join and always disappointing to stop... it's entertainment wrapped up into one lovely package. 

The second attraction for me is the wealth of knowledge out there. Prabhupada's books are amazing but they focus more on an analytic perspective, which itself is interesting. Beyond this are the secret pastimes of Krsna that you don't read in Srila Prabhupada's books (for obvious reasons - he was preaching to the western world), but in books of other acaryas. These Madhurya-leelas are extremely wonderful and immediately one can feel the hairs on their arms standing in joy! There is no knowledge that exists in the world that is on par with the knowledge in the Vedas to date, and whatever research science has found is also found in the Vedas. 

Now your turn :)

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  • Harē kr̥ṣṇa

    We in Odisha are taught about Vedas from our childhood/birth. The Bhagabata Gita As it is was the only readable english text for me when I was young. The holy name and the path of meditation was a huge source of inspiration and courage. I preferred silent chanting of the Harē kr̥ṣṇa mahamantra, and it enlightened me. AGTSP. Regular visit to Maahaadeb mandira was a advantage in increasing devotion. KC is the most simple and true means to achieve liberation from maya.

                                   Lately with inernet and devotional websites likes Krishna.com, vedababase.net, ekadashi-salagram.net, vedadev.ru/sbeng.php vigorous advancement in KC took place. With ekadashi fasting, chanting and visit to holy pilgrimage sites like hridwar, hrishikesh, Puri my life became sublime. 

                                   ISKCON temples provide spiritual resources and holy darshan of deities, have been a constant suppport in KC. 

                        Now several android apps have come up with spiritual chanting with counters. These are helpful. Iskcondesiretree.com is wonderful for audio, vdeo, news, chat and discussions with matters related to KC.

                        With darshan of Puri nabakalebara deities of Lord Shree Jagannaatha, Godddess Subhadraa and Lord Balabhadra on tv it is unnecesary to count the benefits of modern media in spirituality.

                        Prasadam, decoration and sadhu sanga is also the blessings of KC. Om Jaya Raadhaa Godinda Maadhaba.

    Krishna.com | All About Krishna
  • i like talking about god..it makes me happy...

  • Hare krsna.

    I just love the paintings on KC. They are simply amazing. So much of detailed work is there in those paintings.

    They have beautiful expressions, awesome color combination and equally admirable freshness. I just cant stop looking at them, whenever I come across any of those paintings. It gives such a serene feeling; along with this, it makes you feel that you are actually present when that particular incidence, which is depicted in the painting took place.

    Last but not least is, as we all know, picture is worth a thousand words; these paintings make us more aware of KC.

    The second one is the books; whether its a Krishna book, BG, or a book on Vedic science.

    They are the most precious and cherishable gifts given to us by Srila Prabhupada.
  • Hare Krishna

    I was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva from childhood being brought up in a very religious family.

    However it was KC people ( the vaishnavas) who attracted me towards Krishna.

    The one or 2 times I went to ISKCON, I use to think.. they repeat the same thing again and again, but how come they do it with so much charm and enthusiasm. They look so peaceful/egoless etc.

    I could see them how happy they are..

    I had heard Hare Krishna mantra before multiple times.

    But first time when I went for Sunday programming, after listening to this mantra from these devotees mouth, I suddenly started crying which was unstoppable. I couldn't stop until the end of kirtan.

    That day I realized this peace was what i was searching for .

    I never read BG seriously and never touched Bhagvatam until then.  So Krishna showed me the other way.

    I started watching only shree Krishna t.v serials and listening to Bhagvatam on T.V

    When I saw Krishna and sudama's leela and brigu muni's story, yashoda and Krishna's pastimes,his universal form in kurukshetra, I was amazed and concluded(to myself) that only Krishna can be Supreme God.

    So , First vaishanavs (they are very simple/egoless/nice/true etc) and secondly, It was Krishna's Leela that attracted me towards KC.

    jai shree Krishna

    • Volunteer


      Thank You Alka Mataji for opening Your heart! Really Devotees are simple like child without any duplicity, so natural to yearn to be with such people!!!

      And thank You Radhe Prabhu for pasting such like discussion! It turned really good!

      Your servant,

  • his lotus feet attracts allot and his true friendship 

  • Hare Krisna 

    1> PRERANA LECTURE :I still remember the  first lecture i listened was OVERCOMMING FEAR  by HG GAURANGA DAS  prabhuji . In all Prerana lectures i like the  questions- answers session the most.

    2>BHAGAVAD GITA-AS IT IS :two years back ,causally i purchased this book and now reading BG has become part of my  daily routine , though i do not understand much .

    Its my pleasure to be a part of this discussions .

    looking forward for more replies.

    Hari Bol.

  • Hare Krishna,

    1)To be sincere i was more interested in tasty delicious Krishna Prasad and i would always meditate on prasad also which is still a magnet for me.

    2) Books of Srila Prabhupada which surely catches the attention of true seekers. The result Swamis like Radhanath Swami maharaj inspiring us to continue in our Bhakti no matter how hard the road is............

    3) One of the most important thing the Decoration of deity which i feel nobody can challenge of Iskcon because i personally feel they dress the Deities as if decorating their own body that they should look the best and as if this is the last time they would be allowed to dress the deities they put in everything that shows the Love For God which i dont find anywhere.

    All glories to Guru And Gauranga.Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai.

  • Hare Krsna
    When we were small we watched Mahabharata by B.R. Chopra on Doordarshan .In those days it was screened on just about the only channel just a few years after Ramananda Sagar's Ramayana. As with Lord Rama, so with Bhishmadeva, Karan and Arjuna. I was highly pleased when they would release their divine weapons, depicted to their best ability by the makers of these two serials.
    Krsna, a great puzzle entered my mind in my final days of college. I became so ecstatic that some thought I had become mad and took me to the psychiatrists who put me on medication. I went through a troublesome period because the doctors said they didn't know what was causing the problem but I knew in the heart of my hearts that only Bhagavad Gita could help since I had learned from one Yathartha Gita as I had managed to read a few chapters earlier.
    While I was in one such hospital with a book shop I asked the book seller that which was the most authentic version of the Gita and through that person I came across Bhagavad Gita As It Is. That is when I met Prabhupada. After some reading I would glance at his face at the back of the book. His conviction seemed unmistakable.
    Once I was riding my bike in south Delhi and I got lost. I saw this magnificent temple and I walked in. It was the Partha Sarthy mandir in New Delhi. That was my first visit to Iskcon. I met some devotees and some days later a few seniors from my college. I received further enlightenment through their association. That is how I came to hear of Srimad Bhagavatam, I started picking up on chanting the mahamantra at about the same time.
    I lacked sufficient experience to thoroughly understand the Srimad Bhagavatam, however with time and tide my understanding and patience has improved since then.
    If it is preordained and if there is faith in Krsna, then one can completely understand Godhead. That is my opinion no matter how fallen is this age.
    Om tat sat
  • Volunteer

    In the beginning i would never ever accept Krishna Consciousness if Devotee brought me first to the Temple. Noway! I was so much demoniac, of course still so. 

    So Krishna found another way of pacifying my fanaticism: Bhagavad Gita - knowledge. Perfect knowledge which i could connect with the reality. Book which could answer to all my questions.

    2nd is that Kirtan. After one and half year of practice for the first time i came to the Temple. And saw a Devotee  - young, high, fair man had harmonium in front of him and was sining Hare Krishna Maha Mantra with so much emotions, eyebrows moving here and there :D and making his face as like a child...

    so i thought "oh my God! See how these people are glorifying You. I am doing nothing..."

    So Kirtan!!!!

    All glories to Kirtan!!!!

    Now it is vise versa!

    First is Kirtan then only Book :D

    Your servant,  

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