Hare Krishna,As the New Year's begun, I just wanted to get inspiration from the Devotees on this site by knowing what Krishna-Conscious Resolutions they have made for this year.My resolution is get more sincere with my chanting. And yours...?:)HaribolYour eternal servant,eternal muser

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    I have a huge list:

    * Sincere Chanting

    * Go back to reading Srila Prabhupada's books and actually try to make an effort to understand it rather than gloss over it.

    * Learn how to sing bhajans and kirtanas

    * Learn how to play the harmonium and the kartals (mrdanga will have to wait until I can learn from others)

    * Practice preaching / book distribution

    * Spend a lot more time on IDT!

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    Gonna go out on Harinama Sankirtana more.
  • Haribol Prabhuji,

    Dandavats-wish you a wonderful Krishna Conscious New Year.

    This year had a very auspicious beginning-1st day of the year had the opportunity to meet H.H.Radhanath Maharaj and then Sri Sri Kishore Kishori Ji.Maharaj gave everyone 'Drops of Nectar' a compilation of his necterean quotes.One of the quotes mentioned-never to judge another devotee...And this became my resolution for this year :)
    Ofcourse in order to achieve this my heart has to be pure-which is possible only through chanting. So i am back to basics-striving to chant more sincerely..
    Humbly request you to pray for me.Prayers of devotees can do wonders..
    Do read this book (if you haven't read already)

    Hari Hari
    • Hare Krishna Mataji!

      A very VERY Krishna Conscious New Year to you and your family as well!!

      I will definitely try and get the book you have mentioned.

      I request all the Devotees on this website to put one VERY important resolution at the very top of their list of resolutions:

      Pray for this fallen soul called the eternal muser and make him your servant!

      Thanks again

      your eternal muser
    • Sorry -the name of the book is 'Nectar Drops' (kaliyuga memory :)
  • hare krishna,

    my reso will be to improve my chanting & sadhana. & also i wanted to start preaching & participate in the SP transcendental book distribution programs...& start bhakti vrksa prog at home...pls pray for me ... thank you......
  • my resolution is to do sincere chanting, devote my time in book reading and hearing which i am nt able to do properly earlier and to regulate my life more spiritually...
    one more resolution i took s that i will complete bhagwad gita this yr!!! this resolution is inspired from sumbody else's resolution though...
    plz bless me so that m able to do that..
    hare krsna!!!
    • hari bol i'll pray for ur resolution
      • thanku... i'l pray for ur!!!:)
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