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        Is that why women produce 1.5 million bastards (children out of wedlock) in USA every year, like street dogs? In America, women are often referred to as bitches, a derogatory for female dog, unlike our Indian culture where we are taught to treat women as mother, why we call women "mataji", even though younger to us.

        Looks like you are thinking cow eating mallechas as exalted human beings just because they have some money.

        It looks like your faith is in the news and not scriptures who's source is Lord Vishnu Himself.

        Anyone who disrespects a pure devotee is bound to go to hell. Please discuss this with your father or your husband, if married, perhaps he can save you from going to hell.

        Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.5.9

        śriyā vibhūtyābhijanena vidyayā

        tyāgena rūpeṇa balena karmaṇā

        jāta-smayenāndha-dhiyaḥ saheśvarān

        sato 'vamanyanti hari-priyān khalāḥ


        śriyā — by their opulence (wealth, etc.); vibhūtyā — special abilities; abhijanena — aristocratic heritage; vidyayā — education; tyāgena — renunciation; rūpeṇa — beauty; balena — strength; karmaṇā — performance of Vedic rituals; jāta — which is born; smayena — by such pride; andha — blinded; dhiyaḥ — whose intelligence; saha-īśvarān — along with the Supreme Lord Himself; sataḥ — the saintly devotees; avamanyanti — they disrespect; hari-priyān — who are very dear to Lord Hari; khalāḥ — cruel persons.


        The intelligence of cruel-minded persons is blinded by false pride based on great wealth, opulence, prestigious family connections, education, renunciation, personal beauty, physical strength and successful performance of Vedic rituals. Being intoxicated with this false pride, such cruel persons blaspheme the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His devotees.


        The attractive qualities exhibited by the conditioned soul originally belong to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the reservoir of all attractive qualities. The moonshine is actually the reflected effulgence of the sun. Similarly, the living entity reflects for a brief time a particular quantity of the Lord's opulences. Not knowing this, atheistic persons become intoxicated by such reflected opulences, and thus blinded, they condemn themselves more and more by criticizing the Lord and His devotees. They are unable to understand how they have become abominable, and it is difficult to prevent them from going to hell.

        • The way you express yourself does come across as words of a fanatic and will most probably have no effect upon the listener. Simply quoting scripture using it as a stick to beat someone is not really the vaisnava approach. My advice is to take some association of a mature vaisnava.

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          Jaya Gopal das

  • Thanks for asking this question.

    We should become "Grihastha" and not "Grihamedi". This means we should put all our dependent i.e. Wife, Children etc. in the service of Shri Radha Krishna. Stop TV and other mondane musics in house and chant together, dance together in front of Deity / Photo of God by doing Kritan.

    Offer all the cooked food to God first then take it as Prasadam. Donate atleast 10% of your income to temple of Shri Radha Krishna this will definitely make you successful - materially and spiritually.




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    please accept my humble obeisances Sachin Prabhuji, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!


    When we are newly married we still respect each other very nicely. Because of that things go nicely. Respect means while wishing to act in some way first we think if it is good for the other side. So we live considering other parties wills prior to our own. This means respect. 

    And we respect each other also be afraid of loosing such like association. But when got married that fear goes away and we lose our appreciation of what we have. We forget the value of who we have. 

    But when we think that my wife/husband belongs to Krishna then we will always respect a person.

    respect goes away when we start to see faults which were hidden before marriage. So sometimes hate also comes up. But that time one should try again to forgive faults and start to respect.

    Disrespect means we wear dirty or not proper cloth being at home, the ways of how we eat food, how we speak, or sometimes wife who before used to take care of her body now stops that or husband does that and becomes fat or something like that is also disrespect...

    How to live proper family life is a whole art especially for women which should be heard only by women....

    So materially each couple does his/her own duty:

    Husband protects homes from outside woman from inside. It means husband takes care of financial things, physical protection...wife being at home helps husband cooking for him, washing for him, being a good friend for him, taking care of children.

    But if husband sends wife to go out and do job then for sure even if wife is chaste she has to come in contact with other man. She has to talk to them. So seeing it husband himself will become jealous so fights start to appear. 

    Because of that better if wife remains at home and if she has extra time than do some service at the Temple where strong Vaishnava etiquette is followed.

    and when wife starts to earn more than husband then husband starts to feel himself as useless so he looses desire to earn money which he was doing for his family. When he stops to perform his own duties then wife looses her respect to him, so she starts to over rule over him. Because it is unnatural for him under a rulership of a wife he feels dissatisfaction in life. So he starts to drink...So here we see that wife starts it herself by taking the position of her husband. is a whole science...

    For spiritual life for example if they stay near by the Temple then every morning they can go together to Mangala Arati then in the evenings invite Devotees to home and do kirtans read books, honor Prasadam.

    Or if Temple is far then one can install a Deity at home and do mangala arati at home and wife and husband sits together and chant the Holy Names by helping each other if other party falls asleep....

    enthusing each other seeing each other as a servant of Krishna - part and parcel - soul.


    And when children appear then they can also join their parents. Many Devotee families come to the Temple, even 3-4 kids are also attending mangala arati and chanting the Holy Names.


    But we should always remember that 4 regulative principles are must along with 16 rounds. In order to gain strength for following 4 regulative principles we have to read. Knowledge is like a sharp sword which cuts the covering ignorance which is covering our natural desires - desire to please Krishna and His Devotees.


    Your servant,  

    • thanks for sharing ur views

      .. ur answers always useful and knowledgeable hare krishna  

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  • Hare Krishna

    Probably by having faith.

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      Faith in yourself or your husband or in the scriptures... or newpapers, television, or faith in yourself?!?!?!

      Can you please explain what you mean?

      Hare Krishna

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