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Jul 19
Milind Pande replied to Siddhartha's discussion Which marriage rituals are legal?
"Marriage is a promise to live together. Care and share with each other and progress on spiritual path.
Actual marriage is very short process, but then to make it more interesting rituals are added. Like you can see in IPL. The cricket sport is playe…"
May 15
Milind Pande replied to Sachin Jedhe's discussion What are ways by which we can make our marriage life succesful - materially and spiritually ?
"Thanks for asking this question.
We should become "Grihastha" and not "Grihamedi". This means we should put all our dependent i.e. Wife, Children etc. in the service of Shri Radha Krishna. Stop TV and other mondane musics in house and chant together…"
May 14
Milind Pande replied to nischalinn's discussion spiritual name of a baby boy
"A : Anish
S : Shyam
P : Pulasya
The name of my son is also Anish.
May 14
Milind Pande replied to Anurag Sangal's discussion To start with - at a minimum, what to offer to Lord daily?
"Hare Krishna, Prabhuji, Dandavat Pranam,
Whatever you have wrote about yourself honestly, itself prooves that you are a good vaishnav. Having the feeling of guilt itself shows that the process of purification is started. I request you for whatever m…"
May 14
Milind Pande replied to Milind Pande's discussion Damodar Ashtakam.
"Thanks a lot for all your concerns."
May 14
Milind Pande replied to PRAVIN PAGAR's discussion Are We do sinful activity daliy ?
"Killing is killing and it has the reaction. It is sinful.
But if you are killing for KRISHNA's service, like you cut vegitables for preparing Bhoga for Krishna, the SIN is nullified immediately when you offer it to Krishna.
KRISHNA clearly says if s…"
May 14
Milind Pande commented on Deepa Easwaran's photo
"Wow !! Very nice picture. It immediately reminds you of KRISHNA !! Haribol."
May 14
Milind Pande replied to Sanjay Bailur's discussion Haribol
"Hare Krishna,
Krishna created the best things in this world also, but we human beings have diluted it.
The language is also not exception to this. You may see that even in India, HINDI language have various flavours and tones. Hindi spoke in Mumbai…"
May 14
Milind Pande commented on Shalabh Gupta's blog post Its time to learn Spiritual ABCD
"Can you please give me detail notes OR Presentation on this topic.
Haribol - Your Servent - Milind Pande"
May 14
Milind Pande replied to Raj Krishna's discussion Arjuna's Marriage
"I like the reply from H.G. Sudipta Roy.
Thanks a lot prabhuji for enlightning us on this.
Hare Krishna - Milind Pande
May 14
Milind Pande replied to Mittali Garg's discussion Japa Beads
"Normally not.
When you wear something, it becomes your ornament and Japa Mala is not an ornament, but it is a media which connects us to Lord through all guru parampara. Something connected to lord is worshipable and we should reduce it's importance…"
May 14
Milind Pande commented on KAPIL Goel's blog post Nirjala Ekadashi
"Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story of Nirjala Ekadashi."
May 14
Milind Pande commented on Vishnudas's photo
"I was just thinking that where it must have been picturised. The background looks like golden lanka. What is your comments ?"
May 14
Milind Pande commented on shanti yadav's blog post Catuh-sloki Bhagavat Gita
"Hare Krishna, Can you please elaborate more on this. It sounds very interesting. Thanks - Milind Pande"
May 14
Milind Pande commented on Mohini Madhavi dd Maral Alymova's blog post When the Kids are Vegetarian
"Very much heart touching incidence. It gives a good inspiration. Thanks"
May 14